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BWatch or /b/watch, as it should be called (not to be confused with Baywatch) is a program developed by an Australian programmer calling himself Insanemal. It allows a user to key in a URL and, once the settings are configured, the program will go through the thread, saving all the images in it.

As of June 2007, /b/watch is at version v2.2, but version 3.0 is expected any day now. The features of /b/watch compared to just saving the images yourself are:

  • Ability to Watch threads until their death,
  • Renaming of images (Can keep numerals as with normal 4chan images, or in sets, such as 00001-00027.jpg)
  • Posting filter compatability (Download strictly either posts with a certain text added, or lacking it)
  • Filtering of sage posts (In 2 stages)

The supposed features for v3.0 are:

  • Ability to search for RapidShare links (And hopefully other servers)
  • Improvements to the filter engine
  • Ability to work on other boards
  • Ability to rename images back to the name they were posted with

In reality, if this program doesn't work for you then it's 99% likely to be a fault on your end. Any support questions can be thrown at the support email posted below.

Further Links

  • [1] - latest version of bwatch
  • [2] - bwatch with source

Please do not alter these links.

Chan Thread Watch

In December 2007 !MNc99 added a new tool to his website, known as Chan Thread Watch. It can be found at It boasts many features common to that of /b/watch, but is considered a different tool. CTW saves thread HTML and images with emphasis on getting the data (HTTPS support, multi-board support), however /b/watch focuses on the end result (Sage protection, XChan filtering, etc. etc.). CTW is generally easier to use and supports more boards.

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