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Bump, Bamp, bmpfhh, "Bump Up My Post" or FUCKINGLOOKATMYTHREAD0120aRHGHHHGH111!!11!1!! is a term used when replying to a chan thread and the only objective is to keep said thread alive and kicking on the first page so it can scratch at the eyes of all you dirty lurkers. Bumping is a favorite device of attention whores particularly used when their post has failed to get the lulz they think they deserve, or, for once in their pathetic newfag lives, managed to get some lulz but no one noticed. Prepare for a series of sock puppets to continue bump the thread until they have received the affirmation they are seeking or become an hero. You should always SAGESAGESAGESAGESAGESAGESAGESAGESAGESAGESAGESAGE. Bumping is nearly always some fucking samefag shamelessly screaming for everyone to look at his brilliant post, but if you must gain attention due to the fact that you need moar of the dirty subject matter at hand, for fucksake don't say bump, it is a term filled to the brim with cancerous cancer.

Bumping should only really considered a decent plan of action if it is CP and relevant to your interests or when you bump a thread that is at least 15 years old, on a relevant topic, originally posted by yourself, for great justice.

Give it 15 years before you bump your post

Bump Girl

Because there are NO FUCKING EXCEPTIONS. Go on, fap to her, your mom did.

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