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Masochistic-Wolfie is a wonderful singer, artist, and photographer. her art is wonderful and should be greatly expected. She doesn't care for comments about how to improve her art because she never really puts a lot of time and effort into her pictures. She does not care about everything looking perfect because the point of her art is to be funny.


Bsklgn, Her faggot whiteknight intent on defending lolcow "integrity" over visiting his dying brother.

Sometime last Thursday, Masochistic-Wolfie's whiteknight Bsklgn (Powerword Tyler Daniel Martin) wrote a journal about how his brother was rushed into hospital following an overdose an hero attempt. Our plucky young hero decided that rather than remain at his gravely ill brother's hospital bedside he would devote his time to preserving MW's integrity and honour, by vandalising her ED article with the gem above.

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MW whiteknight baw journal.jpg
My brother's dying from a near fatal an hero attempt, but Wolfie needs my help, damnit!11

It's a conspiracy!

See you in 2 weeks, nigger!
Does Vampy know you bone your whiteknights in exchange for E favours?

When called out for his faggotry on his dA profile, he would reply and then hastily DELETE FUCKING EVERYTHING before anybody on his page could get wind of the conversation. Good job EDiots are used to this kind of asshattery and always take screencaps! Because he was only able to fuck around with the article for a grand total of 3 minutes with his initial shit quote edit, he tried to pass the buck and say that another dA user must have a vendetta against him! Of course! Some butthurt dA user was overseeing your whiteknighting this entire time and created an account with a username identical to yours specifically to fuck around with MW's article!

Besides sounding like the plot from some shitty drama, this was still a plausible if highly unlikely theory. That is until after he was called out on dA when he began frantically spamming unfunny edits about faggots being a bundle of sticks and eventually just headbutting the keyboard on the article's edit page like a Down's Syndrome baby when his edits were reverted again. Not only this, but he paid particular attention to getting the url to his dA account removed from MW's page. Lol, chivalry's dead.

Once his ED usertalk page was pain series’d and he was b& for 2 weeks, he began furiously backpedalling. He initially named a specific user who was impersonating him on ED and then revoked it immediately. He stated that he believed it was Samkara trying to make him look like a dumbass because he claims Wolfie had apparently ragequit the internets FOREVAR and she was targeting him as a new source of lulz. Since MW continues to hide comments on her page, hasn’t announced leaving dA forevar in a ridiculous and overly dramatic fashion and deactivated her account, this is probably bollocks.

Lulzy evidence to the contrary

Bsklgn is a retarded bawbaby who is harbouring under the misconception that EDiots were born yesterday. Let’s present some facts which suggest he is indeed the very same, butthurt, unfunny faghole that attempted to vandalise MW’s article:

  • When backed into a corner about his douchebaggery, he’ll activate grammar nazi mode and nitpick at any vernacular his opposition has used to claim what they’re saying is not a word. When executing this technique, he will cite as a source for AL TRU WURDZ- Much like he did when he tried to refer to faggots as “a bundle of sticks” on MW’s article. Funnily enough, when he was pwned on dA he said the exact same fucking thing when he was called out for being the gigantic faggot that he is.
  • He has the mentality of a 12 year old boy. If you check over his contributions, they have the distinct air of immature little butthurt bitch about them.
  • According to his dA info, he uses the exact same username for ABSOLUTELY FUCKING EVERYTHING.
  • First he held some random girl he doesn’t like responsible, now he doesn’t.
  • He claims the vandalism under his dA username was part of an elaborate and deliberate character assassination, yet whoever vandalised MW’s article was shitting their pants desperately trying to remove the url to Bsklgn’s dA userpage.

Also, cocks


He forgot to hide this comment back when he was still on speaking terms with Samkara, but when he's not crusading for a furry axewound, he enjoys a nice, big, juicy cock from time to time.

Dispelling the myths of those ding, dang, dirty trolls

In the lulzy spirit of giving Bsklgn the right to a far trial, here are some caps of Bsklgn dispelling the myths of this article.

Douche or not, you be the judge.


Bsklgn's gallery of fail About missing Pics

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How Bsklgn sees himself.
The stark reality.

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You may notice an odd pattern with his usernames. It'll be either Bsklgn, WiccanCrow, or CrowofLight.

AIM: Bsklgn
E-mail: [email protected]


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