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He's always had the right idea.
Boomstick desu.
Enjoy your Shotgun mouthwash.
"Oh sorry, I can't hear over the sound of your faggotry."

Widely regarded as a God among men and legend to teenage fanbois everywhere, Bruce Campbell's flawless intonation, facial expressions, and sheer awesomeness have dazzled millions for many years. Best known for his role in the Evil Dead movies and a common topic on /tv/, he's an all-too-common segue in zombie apocalypse threads amongst the elitist anal-retentive uber-nerds on /b/.

Bruce Campbell is often portrayed fighting zombies and shouting things like "Hail to the King" or "Give me some sugar, baby," and is the author of numerous lulzy books such as Make Love!: The Bruce Campbell Way and If Chins Could Kill. A close friend of Sam Raimi, he can still be found in the odd b-movie, TV spot or video game here and there, but doesn't have to do shit anymore due to the level of epic win that he's already achieved. For examples, see Burn Notice or The Replacements.


He knows you don't have it.

Bruce Campbell has it.





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