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Brittany Venti = infected with GOTIS
You can help by not giving her any attention.


This person is a professional E-Whore and will milk you for everything you are worth. If you have more money than brains, go ahead, give them $500 for that one of a kind, poorly drawn Dōjinshi of Sailor Moon fucking her cat.

Brittany Venti (or Brittany Deer) is an edgy 24 year old trumpette thief that makes streams pandering to lonely betas on 4chan by flashing her cleavage on Twitch(LUL BANNED) for 30 year old virgins. When she's not playing as target practice for horny teens, she's trolling libtards epic style, her most notable example of this is when she went on Shia LaBeouf's He Will Not Divide Us stream and... screamed like an autist and got pick-pocketed by someone right in front of her face. The reason for this being that her eyes are too far off to the side to see anything in front of her.

Despite believing that she is original and coined edgy trolling by girls on Twitch, she is a shameless rip-off of every other e-whore that thinks they're the first to come up with the idea of an edgy girl on the internet that can appeal to chan culture. Unlike every other e-whore, she isn't actually attractive so she compensates by having her tits right in front of the screen as if anybody wants to see them.

To better connect with the people that jerk off to her videos interested in meme culture, she piggybacks on other bigger e-celebs (such as LeafyIsHere and Baked Alaska) success by flirting with them and trying to get into their pants (even while being in a relationship) and promptly leaves once she is either called out or said e-celeb falls from "grace" and has to get a real job while the internet forgets about them and Tittany hopes that they also forget about her shameless dick sucking to weasel her way into the top. Here's a fun game: Ask her about why she tried dating Leafy and see how long it takes her to block you.

Online presence

When Brittany first visited the interwebs, she gained her own online presence by being known as "that annoying streamer" and was seen as a lolcow being a massive source for lulz, that is until it turned out that she was a troll all along and she was just joking, then she became known as "that annoying streamer that thinks she's funny", which is a much more fitting title.

After she announced that she was just a troll, this lead many people who were into trolling culture to visit her stream, after all a hot girl likes trolling too? ZOMG how amazing! Luckily this didn't last for too long and internet virgins found another edgy millennial to jerk off to, but that didn't stop her from thinking she was the newest fad in chan culture, as she constantly uses bastardizations of their words, for example, she would say "normie" instead of "normalfag", just in case she doesn't hurt the feelings of any faggots that may jerk off to her videos confusing her for a man.

The Sharktank About missing Pics


Brittany's fanbase mostly consists of underage edgelord faggots that think spamming shitty image macros of Pepe the frog is in any way funny and not contributing to the cancer that is killing /b/ (/b/ has been dead for a long time there's no coming back now). The other percentage of Venti's fanbase is depraved basement dwellers that can't afford porn so they jerk off to videos of her making an ass out of herself or even burping. When they're not masturbating to her streams they're donating national incomes because they have the batshit insane idea that Brittany will fall in love with them for their money to compensate for their less than pleasant demeanor. In reality, the emotion that she would be feeling when being hit on isn't love but pity. YouTube Favicon.png (as said by herself, hope you enjoy donating to someone who openly hates you for giving her money).

He Will Not Divide Us

During The Great Meme War of 2016, Shia LaBeouf ran a failed livestream to try and protest his presidency which lead to legions of /pol/acks to visit the livestream with the hopes of pissing off Shia and spreading their own political messages that nobody cares about. Due to Brittany's insatiable urge for attention she decided to go on the stream and promptly made a fool out of herself by screaming like an autist, getting robbed and then getting arrested all within the span of a week.

She was later released because the prison was sick of her shit

4CHAD/90s Kid

Before Brittany

Before moving to the New York City, 4Chad lived in the south and had a few previous endeavors to attempt to get online famous. One of the more popular ones was a TGWTG style movie review channel where he and his friends made crappy movie reviews of 2000s movies. Most of which were really bad and unfunny which is why the channel never ended up going anywhere.

Some notable examples of which can be found here

Some pretty bad acting by 4Chad in this one but that's probably because he has a massive boner from being tied up by another guy

The Brittany and Mason Saga

Before she got arrested at the HWNDU art project though, all was not bad for Brittany as it was here that she was able to meet her new boyfriend who was dubbed by the internet as 4chad (get it it's like 4chan + Chad cuz he's attractive haha). Although this may've been good news at first, she noticed a swift drop in followers as she realized that maybe having a boyfriend isn't the best idea when you want to seem like the "pure qt 4chan shitposting guuuurl gamer" in front of your audience of sweaty incels and she stopped mentioning him at all to the point of people believing they have now broken up.

As time passed 4Chad decided to invite himself onto her streams to try and make himself uber famous, in turn, this just made Brittany's streams less funny. Having him hang around the streams ended up in fewer donations mostly because her average viewer doesn't like thinking about her with a boyfriend. To try and get him to stop she got him to start stream under the very unfunny Twitch username Twitchtv-favicon.png eye_love_danger. After about a month of streaming on and off, he ended up getting himself banned because he decided to do an ISIS stream where he put a headscarf on and pretended to be Muslim. To the shock of no one, this got him banned from Twitch(Most of these streams can be found here). After this he moved to YouTube Favicon.png Youtube to stream for two streams after which he quit streaming because no one wanted to watch him.

Some examples of them streaming together

After Brittany

On July 7th, 2018 Brittany made a tweet about how she "would try streaming again soon" and that she would need to "take some time off". To the surprise of no one, this was because she and Mason had broken up after Mason had gone apeshit after living with Brittany for around 10 months. This most likely happened because Brittany is a controlling cunt with bad acne who made him live with cats and quit smoking. In the end, Mason ended up moving back to the south just to get away from her and to be close to his mommy.

Chad exposes Brittany Venti on Killstream
Brittany Venti's ex chad exposes her

On July 14th she did a "memorial stream" for Mason to kill him off in her stream cannon. Unfortunately, this stream was lost to time because after she streams she deletes the stream immediately and posts them onto a pay per view site because apparently making 5 bucks a month off her paying fans wasn't enough for her Jewish ass. Despite this, not much was lost because most of it was boring talking to her mods and "friends" and ultimately nothing really happened over the 2 hour period that it took place.

4chan's opinions on her


As common sense goes, you'd imagine that the girl that parades herself around as the edgy 4chan girl would be worshipped by the community she so clearly wants everybody to know she is apart of right? Wrong. In reality from browsing any of the threads she is mentioned in, apart from one samefag, it's painfully obvious that everybody hates her and hates the people that bring her up just to suck her dick. Don't take this article's words on it though, see for yourself:

TL;DR nobody on 4chan ANY *chan actually enjoys her presence.

B& from everywhere

Because Brittany is an insufferable retard she has been banned from every conceivable form of social media and even more than that. After her inevitable banning, she will cry to her followers and try to get help from people who she openly admits to hating like Keemstar just for her own personal benefit. She will then cry herself to sleep at the thought of not being fap fodder for her underage viewers while wondering why she was banned, not realizing the reason is because the entire world wants her to GTFO off the internet and whore herself professionally instead of your average online slut.

Profiting off of dead people


On June 25, 2019, popular YouTube streamer Etika killed himself due to mental health issues. Through a sea of people who either didn't know of or didn't care about Etika faking any sense of sadness at his suicide, Brittany somehow managed to set herself apart from every other attention whore on the internet by using Etika's death as a way to draw people to watching her streams, of course because her saggy tits aren't drawing in the viewers they used to and she needs to desperately grasp at any chance at relevancy to regain her ever coveted stance as "that one kinda popular annoying streamer that thinks she's funny", instead of "that annoying nobody that thinks she's funny". Later she made an addendum to the tweet, informing all perturbed individuals that all proceeds went to mental health charities, so her directing the attention of the fans of someone who hadn't even been buried yet towards her boring cam show is completely justified 👍.


How to troll the troll

She forgot her push up bra

Even though Brittany will frequently pester others online and call it "trolling", she is quite possibly one of the easiest people to troll on the internet. Here's a list of all the things you can say to her/show her to get blocked in a matter of minutes:

  • Ask her why she tried to e-date LeafyIsHere
  • Compare her to Sid the Sloth from Ice Age (she jokes about it but gets super butthurt whenever someone else makes the comparison)
  • Show her the n00dz posted above and wait for her to claim they're faked before blocking you
  • Call her a normie
  • Tell her that she's using memes incorrectly
  • Ask her why she tried leech from BritbongReturns
  • Tell her she's unfunny
  • Tell her that her persona is unfunny
  • Tell her that her boyfriend is fugly (and probably unfunny too)
    • Get in contact with her boyfriend and tell him that 4chad is a retarded name
  • Tell her that she isn't an INTP
  • Explain to her that she's the type of whore that the community she tries to pander to hates so much
  • Show her that everyone on every chan secretly hates her
  • Tell her that the only person on 4chan that likes her is one schizophrenic samefag
  • Say that 4chan is dead
  • Say that the only people that watch her videos are 13 year old boys
    • Go on to tell her that the only reason they watch her is because their parents blocked Pornhub on their computers
  • Tell her that her behavior goes against her supposed political views
  • Ask her if English is her first language
  • Convince Twitch to ban her again
  • Call her a millennial
  • Tell her Twitchtv-favicon.png Kaceytron is funnier than her
  • Make fun of her dead parents
  • Ask her how she broke up with 4chad.
  • Make fun of her acne.
  • Tell her she has saggy tits

Brittany doesn't like this article


Before becoming a tit flashing whore

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