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(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST). Naturally, the trolls came out of the woodwork in droves like m00t was some kind of Pied Piper.

On Saturday December 29th, 2007, /b/tards were awoken by an angry rumbling sound from above. As they rubbed the sleep from their masturbation damaged eyes, they realized that it wasn't an angry God per se, but an angry landlord.

m00t had finally realized that all was not well in the House of 4chan and specifically, there was a problem in the /b/asement that was driving down his property values and threatening the very foundations of his crib. That problem? Vermin, in particular, the Faggotry Termite.

The Vermin

/b/ serves as the "crap filter" for the House of 4chan.

m00t immediately posted a sticky to the effect that anyone posting "post ending in (x)" posts would be banned. Likewise gay porn dumpers and camwhores.

To many, this was a welcome and long overdue measure, to others, it was an "OMGZ!!one RULES ON MY /b/!one!!". And then were are those who saw delicious trollage in the offing and set out to bait the newly empowered 4chan mods. Howevar, like the idiots they are, these wannabe trolls just got beat down like it was a game of Whack-A-Mole when they started popping up.

Healthy (and not so healthy) debate raged throughout the weekend but one thing became all too clear: Oldfags had had enough! Praises were lavished upon m00t and the mod squad and they were hailed as gods. Meanwhile, butthurt whiners (who are nevar happy), BAAAAAAWED about the 'freedom of speech', the implications of rules on /b/ and "OMG CENSORSHIP!!!"

"/b/ was never good" is a meme as old as 4chan itself. Howevar, 4chan scientists recently bitch-slapped the taste out of a Prove Me Wrongfag's mouth, proving him RONG!

But it was too late...oldfags remembered the old days, "when /b/ was good" (/b/ was never good) and they began to pine and long for the return of the legendary W.T. Snacks -he of the hasty banhammer. Before long, the cries went out to "BRING BACK SNACKS!"

Where It All Began

Original content.png

Later That Day

Around snacks.jpg

Shortly thereafter, an open letter to m00t appeared on /b/ from concerned Oldfags, congratulating him (and the mods) for his bans, but went on to suggest that since /b/ was still infested with vermin virtually replacing any Original Content (requiring thought and time to create lulzy shoops) with the sheer force of volume, post ending in ban wasn't enough to stop "the rot".

With this, drastic measures were called for since a tsunami of unfunny, boring and uninspired newfag bollocks was drowning out the 10 active pages of /b/ and killing original content as the vermin needs no time to reproduce shitposts; just repost the same crappy pictures from their /b/ folder everyone's seen (literally >9000 times) and cuntpaste some banal shit like CONFIRMED FOR BRAWL

No, the infestation that is lowering m00t's property value needed extermination by a professional pest control expert; that expert?...W. T. Snacks (Lord of the Hasty Banhammer).

Interim Measures:The Oldfag Sage Collective

Remember, sage goes in the email field!

As the furor died down, Oldfags revitalized by the whining of newfags and invigorated by the memory of a /b/ that nevar was set about putting their house in order. The infestation of faggotry was put under the microscope and identified, lists were made and off went the Oldfags in a frenzy, armed only with sage bombs.

From this day forth, such unfunny, boring, uninspired, rote 'lazy' threads such as You Laugh, You Lose, Everyone Get In Here, Confirmed For Brawl, Roll Call and This was my face when I saw (x) were to be killed with sage. Even the relatively lulzy Motivate Me /b/ requests went unfilled, the threads ruined by /b/tards responding not with Demotivators but with witty retorts such as "You're dying."


Project BRING BACK SNACKS is (was) a project with the main objective of reviving the old, less shitty /b/.

Snacks might be a lazy coder, a pedo or irresponsible, but he was without doubt the best mod ever to grace 4chan.


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