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Brianna Brochu is an 18-year-old girl, Junior Nazi, cross burner, student at the University Of Hartford, master strategist and saviour of the white race who hated having a black roommate so much, that she used the flawless logic of: "If you want to dominate a nigger, you have to become a bigger nigger". Rather than do the sensible thing that any non-autistic person with half-way decent social skills would do, (such as go up to her and say, "I fucking hate you bitch. Every Fucking second living with you is Hell. Do us both a favor and leave.) Brianna resorted to sticking her roommate's toothbrushes up her ass, rubbing her backpack down with used, bloody tampons, using her hair weaves to wipe the sweat from her ass crack after exercising and putting her Schlicking juices into her lotions and make-up to get her black roommate, Jazzy Rowe, to leave. Truly, this is what Hitler meant when he spoke of the superiority and honor of the white race.
Like all master criminals in this modern age of egos, electronic media and instant gratification, the second our brilliant future shaved head, Ku Klux Klan member got what she wanted, she had to go right to Instagram and brag all about how she drove out her unwanted roommate, even going so far as dropping racial epithets like calling her roommate a "Jamaican Barbie" so that SJW would have enough of a meal to feed on and claim that Brochu's actions against her roommate Jizzy were solely motivated by race.

After 1½ month of dripping my lady juice in her coconut oil, pissing in her water bottle, rubbing used tampons [on] her backpack, putting her toothbrush places where the sun doesn’t shine, and so much more, I can finally say goodbye Jamaican Barbie


—Brianna Brochu

Social Justice Warriors Assemble!!!!

President of The University of Hartford's letter to the students

Angered that Brianna had only been charged with third-degree criminal mischief and second-degree breach of the peace which are both misdemeanors and had Brianna out on bond, probably within hours of her being arrested, SJW's have taken to Twitter, Facebook and other sites with the hashtag #JusticeForJazzy, rather than getting off their asses and catch a cold with a good, old fashioned protest, because they feel that the Police and prosecutors, like always, dropped the ball when they misjudged the severity of Brochu's crimes. SJWs are suggesting that Brianna should be charged with harsher violations of the law because what she did was obviously racially motivated and attempted murder. Not one to miss a chance to cater to the unwashed masses of basement dwelling, self appointed defenders of people of color and race to put on a show for everyone by stating the obvious fact that blacks are less equal to whites and need more laws written that favor them so they can be more than equal, Connecticut authorities have announced that Brianna Brochu most likely will be made an example of and unfairly punished under hate-crime laws because Brochu's actions, according to them, were solely motivated because her roomamate, Jazzy Rowe, was black and therefor incable of being a cunt of a roommate, a sleep around, screamer ho that keeps everyone up all night with her need to get her hole stuffed ever night at 2 in the morning or be held responsable for the all to real fact that Jizzy Rowe would post videoes of Brianna onto Jewtube to make fun of her for snoring.
In a completely predictable fashion, the University of Hartford's President released a letter stating the obvious like how disturbed he is by this current situation. How the University took immediate action once it learned of this situation and that everything has been returned back to normal and everyone is safe once more because Brochu, in their belief of promoting "guilty until proven innocent" has been thrown out on her ass, never to come back again so that all the date-rape keggers that will be held by the fraternities to show their support for Jizzy Rowe can be put on the calender.

Time For Some Attention Whoring

She only did this to me cuz I's black
Jizzy wants us to believe that she would brush her teeth with something that looks like this.

In true Drama whore fashion, Jazzy Rowe took to facebook with a 90 minute video to beg for sympathy, possibly money, and explain that she had always known that Brianna was doing something to her but just needed the proof before she could do anything.
For weeks, she said, she had been experiencing nausea and throat pain, yet despite all the discomfort it brought her, she never felt the need to see a doctor. It was only when she was told by friends and shown the Instagram post where Brochu brags that she was tampering with her property to get Rowe to move out. It was a few days after Rowe moved out of her room with Brochu that she felt the urgent need to go to a hospital and be examined. It was there that a nurse told her that "She has bacteria present in her throat."
Obviously not Pre-med or possessing an I.Q. over 100 because the average High School graduate knows that it's a well known fact that everyone has bacteria present in their throats and it's even more surprising that she was told this by a nurse and not a Doctor; he didn't name the bacteria or, at the least, she didn't show her release papers in the video. Looking to push the Drama queen needle all the way to the right and way into the red, Rowe suggested that this bacterial infection that doesn't have a name or that she wasn't given any medication for came from Brochu's tampering with her property.
Looking to take the stage as the modern face for racism occuring on university campuses, Rowe posted on twitter and compared her misfortune as a rich University Student to poor, uneducated blacks dying in the streets from gang violance and drugs by stating, "As a young African American woman I don’t want to become another statistic. When it comes to college incidents/crimes and racial cases justice needs to be served."

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