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Yeeee haww, wanna yiff?

A cartoon about an injun lawman set in the Wild West, in space! Notable for featuring an mutant cyborg horse called Thirty/Thirty as BraveStarr's sidekick/mount/hole, as well as many other furry characters. The villain, Tex Hex, rides a robot horse that can hover. WTF?

One of the many cartoons of the 1980s that may have spawned a generation of furries, BraveStarr had poor animation and ran for only one season. A feature-length movie and various merchandise including a video game were also released by greedy network jews to suck money from children. These days it is an epic source of nostalgic lulz simply due to the large quantities of furfaggotry involved. Also the vast similarities to the Rifts: New West campaign setting. It may as well be called Bravestarr: the RPG.



The main character. A hero, lawman, and thrown bone to the minority population. Along with his neat hat and spot-on Billy Jack impersonation, Bravestarr had the ability to copy the powers of a handful of animals. This included the strength of a bear, speed of a puma, eyes of the hawk and ears of the wolf. He had to rely on these fruity powers because, like other cartoon heroes of his time, Bravestarr's gun was fucking useless.


A cyborg mutant horse who can switch between biped and quadraped configuration. He carries a laser rifle named "Sarah Jane".

Tex Hex

Tex Hex is basically the Skeletor of the Old West. He is a pact witch who gets his powers from a cyborg dragon from another dimension named Stampede. He is a coward and rarely uses any spells at all. He's actually less menacing than Skeletor.

Deputy Fuzz

He is apparently based on the "fuzzies" from Ultima. He speaks pidgin English and is a short, weak coward. He has epic burrowing skills and skill with rope as well. He is mostly comic relief and kidnap-bait.


JP is the Justice of the Peace for Planet New Texas. She mostly stands around and provides expositon.


This anthro snake alien inspired more than a few furries. She can put people to sleep.


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