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Brain Transplant.gif
If I only had brain!
The Liberal Brain according to Conservapedia.
Nobody does brains like KFC.

The brain is an organ found in our heads. Theory has it that the brain may be an incredibly complicated computer, with more possible neural connections than there are molecules in the universe. However, this theory is not considered rigorous, as it fails to predict why people are really fucking stupid.

A brain will get you into Mensa, where you can meet interesting people with similar interests, for example; Hitler. A brain, however, will not allow you to access the internet. Lack of brain is needed for that task, because otherwise you'd have something better to do with your life, you fucking loser.

The brain can be safely removed surgically. It costs about 17 USD to have your brain removed in Guangzhou, China. Survival rates post-surgery, however, are extremely low. Only a few have lived to tell the tale, such as Captain Ahab, Pete Doherty, and King Henry.

This operation is required in most Christian denominations.

An educational film for Medical Students.

Cure is Found for Anencephaly

Anencephaly is a birth defeat where the child heard train instead of brain when they were handing out brains and the brain fails to develop. However the doctor in this video found a cure.

The Brain Map

1. Dick
2. Lulz
3. Vagina
4. Jesus
5. Porn
6. Drugs
7. Rock and roll
8. Television
9. Tits
10. Vodka
11. Burritos
12. Fight Club
13. Bone
14. Cock
15. Console
16. WoW
17. Ass
18. Pie
19. Jack
20. Breasts
21. The Brain Scrotum
22. Everything else

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