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Bradman is a fat, barrel ass'd, webcam whore, who thinks he's special because he's been trolling retards for 7 years. In the most idiotic move possible, Brad tried to play off 4chan, anon and whoever he could to try and gain popularity. Brad underestimated the internet. Now he has a mudkipz tattoo, and his live viewer numbers are back to what they were before coming in contact with the internet hate machine (2-3 usually).

Bradman's only truth.

Show Critique

  • No comment.

Summary of just about every episode he will ever make

1) Takes call

2) Doesn't let caller talk

3) Hang up on caller after making some stupid ass remark.

4) Brad declares victory.

Pathetic Cries for Attention: HALL OF FAMER BRADMAN


Early on the morning of October 5th Anon was promised that if the total number of viewers of Bradley Laborman's (aka Bradman) webcam increase to over 500 live viewers he would get a Mudkip tattoo on his ass. (It is important to not give him this much attention EVER AGAIN or else he wins.) This task was accomplished promptly and with great haste. Bradley then promised to get said tattoo, saying he was a fatass of his word. Later on Bradley changed the position of said tattoo to his arm so he could broadcast it live. Bradley got the Mudkip tattoo late on the night October 9th 2007. Bradman never considered the possibility of mudkips ever becoming an old meme. Anon DECLARES VICTORY OVER BRADLEY LABORMAN FOR ALL TIEM

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