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If only they were all this hawt, Boobpedia's Alexa rank would be coming close to 1/10th that of Uncyclopedia, never mind Encyclopedia Dramatica (although HOLY SHIT OMG Boobpedia is at least 100 times more popular than Wikinfo!!!!!)

Boobpedia is a wiki about women with big, even huge, tits, specifically porn stars and adult models. There are some hot women on the site but you must proceed with caution. There are many fatties, and women with comically large fake breasts such as Chelsea Charms. The site is run by two sysops called Hexvoodoo and The Honorable. They have a tough stance on vandalism, and both also edit over at TOW. But due to its strict notability requirements most of the camwhores that they want to write about cannot be included there, making it quite a good directory for your porns if you are not either gay, a pedophile, or an ephebophile, which you are.

A Superior Wiki

Much of the information on Boobpedia, like any wiki, is completely 100% accurate. In fact, they often go out of their way to correct birthdates and other information that other sources get wrong.


Miosotis (born September 16, 1980 in the Dominican Republic) is a model featured on Nadine Jansen's website.

A small Caribbean island is the home and birthplace of this breathtaking black beauty with gigantic natural K cup tits. She was born the youngest daughter of a fisherman with European ancestry, and his wife with nigger. At the age of 11 it was clear that she not only got her skin color from her mother but also her upper measurements.


Holy shit, Hispaniola is a "small island"? That's news to some EDiots, because Wikipedia thinks that it's the 22nd largest island in the world, which would hardly be small (kinda like her breasts). That just goes to show you how shitty of an encyclopedia TOW is when they can't even get basic geography right.

Featured models

Meets all of Boobpedia's featured article criteria. Even Sceptre would be shitting himself.
Blu Velvet is noted for her class (note the cigarette).

The site has a policy of creating featured articles about once a month. Lulz was created when they chose the 25-year-old Canadian fat goth chick Blu Velvet, who apparently likes it in the ass according to her Boobpedia page.

Ok, now WTF

No, thats it, I'm sorry, but have our standards dropped SO MUCH? No seriously, I understand we are supposed to be an encyclopedia of gals with big boobs, but WTF! Do you realize how many potential visitors could be turned away by this? I nearly tossed my lunch when I saw this on the main page! And don't try to argue how many more people will end up staying, I guarantee you that more people are turned away than stay after seeing... this.

As a man who loves big boobs... damnit, I have standards! And don't think I only like anorexic chicks either, I happen to be a huge Brandy Taylor fan, and she is by no means Anorexic.

Is it that we can't get anyone better? I mean really, this is just low. I understand that we should keep an open mind about things like this, but hell, our friends over at Boobieblog would never put her up, and lawd, they put on Normis (with all the pictures blacked out unless you wanted to see them). *shudder*

Can we please get a NEW featured article as soon as possible, I would totally be willing to help on the project



As you can see from the photos, the site is desperate, and will interview any woman with breasts. Another prime example of this would be Eva, a 52-year-old German pictured in the gallery below.


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