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Bonnie Combs

Bonnie Michelle Combs is an unemployed high school dropout and self-proclaimed incest lover from Tulsa, Oklahoma. She pretends to be many things she is not, including a loved professor for Oklahoma State University, a three-time university graduate, an ex-heroin junkie and a cancer survivor. Every detail of her made-up personal life has been shared with the Internet since 1999- due to severe schizophrenia and psychosis, she's unable to distinguish the difference between reality and the voices inside her head.

To nobody's surprise, she lives with her parents Clinton and Patricia Combs in a ghetto trailer. She is an attention whore who spends her days spewing lies on her many blogs while stalking and defaming several hundred people online out of pure envy.

Bonnie admits to having several mental illnesses which include schizophrenia, psychosis and bipolar disorder. Her parents neglected her at a young age and placed their daughter behind a computer rather than actually parent her, this is why Bonnie is the monster she is today.


Bonnie Combs is well known online for her cyberbullying, stalking and harassment of awesome people that she desperately wishes to be. Her cyberbullying ways date back to 1999 when she was only 18 as the result of years of neglect by her batshit insane parents.

She has been publicly humiliated and exposed several times from 2004-2008 by many people including TGO "The Great One" from when she went by the alias of Christine Armstrong, writing sick twisted bullshit, made-up stories and psychobabble at

Bonnie Combs and family

Bonnie Combs is what happens when a child isn't properly raised and sat behind a computer screen, enabling their psychotic behavior for nearly twenty-five years. She is 33-years-old, uneducated and unemployed food stamp recipient who still lives in her childhood bedroom with her parents while pretends to be somebody she is not online.

Bonnie is a retard of epic proportions and an attention whore, she will lie about having cancer and losing a non-existent friend to suicide in an attempt to get money and attention from strangers on the internet.

It's no secret that Bonnie is into some pretty fucked up shit (like incest, beastiality and child pornography.) Did we mention that she's 33 and has the mind and intelligence of a 5-year-old? Unfortunately, because of her 'mind of a 5-year-old', she doesn't have a lot of lulzy content and seems to be content with spewing rhetoric bullshit and jealous psychobabble about how everyone is wrong and how much everybody loves her when in fact everybody in the entire world hates her. She is just that crazy and that infamous.

Bonnie Combs is obsessed with child porn, molestation and incest

This site exists to expose Bonnie Combs, a woman who resides in Tulsa, Oklahoma with her mother Patricia Combs, her father Clinton Combs and her brother, whom she pretends to have a romantic relationship with - Clinton Combs Junior. Of course, that is, if you believe her.

Bonnie Combs changes her story several times a day, and tries to play it cool when people expose her home address, her phone number and the people she lives with. She is notorious for loving child pornography to the point that she sees it every where she goes.

This site exists to archive Bonnie Combs’ psychotic moves online, no matter how vulgar or who she targets. It is a place for victims to link to when and where they feel necessary. Anyone may link to any content on this site for any reason.

This site exists for victims to tell their story, share their thoughts and search for advice. It exists as justice for the victims who may not have a way out otherwise. It exists for those who already dislike Bonnie Combs to come and share their screenshots, stories and other pieces of evidence.




Several years ago, Bonnie Combs used the alias Chretienne Ouelette on a personal blog located at, where she pretended to be a professor at Oklahoma State University's Center for Health Sciences. She used photos belonging to a relative of hers, Misty Combs, in an attempt to convince people that Chretienne was real. This fake identity even had a husband named Dennis Ouelette along with several children, Chloe and Zinnia. Photos of the children were never posted, and later photos of her relative Misty with her children were removed after someone confronted Bonnie about impersonating someone else.

Incest scandal

In 2004, Bonnie Combs blogged using another alias, Christine Armstrong at where she was well known for being a total psycho and a complete liar, as well as being widely hated and infamous for her insane antics.

Bonnie started a creepy internet affair with Spencer Passmore of and after sending him several photos of Misty naked (and claiming it was her naked) she decided to send Spencer a video of herself having sexual intercourse with her brother Clinton Combs and his wife at the time.

Child pornography obsession

It's been made clear that Bonnie has an unhealthy obsession with incest and child pornography because any time someone calls her out on her shit, she accuses them of stealing photos of her non-existent children naked and using them to distribute among child pornographers around the world.

Accusing other people of loving incest and child porn is one of Bonnie's favorite insults. She also likes to accuse other people of loving beastality, being convicted prostitutes and drug addicts. Why? Because she is a convicted prostitute, drug dealer, and drug addict who loves beastality, child porn and incest.

YouTube videos

Bonnie started making YouTube videos of herself in the hospital, claiming that she was in the hospital to treat her non-existent cancer but publicly humiliated herself when her video showed her doctor coming into the hospital room and speaking of her diabetes and how Bonnie needs to lay off fattening food and candy or she'll lose her legs. Considering Bonnie is morbidly obese, this should come as no surprise.

Bonnie also made an illegal video of her and her mother Patricia visiting a doctor's office, begging the doctor for prescription medications, including Xanax and Oxycontin, to treat their non-existent pain. They complain of not having the money to purchase Tylenol, because Bonnie and her family are all high school dropouts who survive off of foodstamps, and they told the doctor that they desperately need these pills to treat their pain but in reality they sell the pills on the street for cheeto money.

Expose, blogs and reaction

About a year ago, one of Bonnie's many victims caught on to her act and was able to find out Bonnie's real name and location, discovering that every thing she claims to be on the internet is a lie. This awesome woman passed the information around online and eventually several hilarious blogs were formed to post the truth about Bonnie combs, including:

These blogs sparked a ton of traffic and many people from the Tulsa area contacted the blog owners with information and stories about how Bonnie and her family allowed their plumbing to back up shit all over their front yard and they refused to fix it and were charged by the city for being a danger to the environment.

Other people contributed stories about how everyone in Tulsa hates Bonnie and her family, and that Bonnie has been arrested several times for prostitution, drug abuse, drug dealing, possession of child pornography, animal abuse, theft and breaking and entering.

Police action and legal case

In early 2013, Bonnie threatened to murder several women and their children, she also threatened to kidnap another woman's child. Bonnie has a creepy obsession with children and childbearing, perhaps because no man would ever stoop low enough to fuck her fat ass, let along have children with her. Or it could be because Bonnie is a child molester, she was reported to the Tulsa police who visited her and told her to refrain from harassing anymore people online.

In late 2013, Bonnie threatened to kill yet another woman and the police visited her at home and told her to leave people online alone or she would go to jail. Bonnie apparently cried and tried to use her 500 lb frame to keep them out of her childhood bedroom but they gained access and told her to cease and desist. Rather than taking a hint, she chose to hit the blogosphere, threatening to murder the awesome woman who called the police on her, which prompted a legal case against her.

In early 2014, one of Bonnie's victims gathered together several hundred of Bonnie's victims along with a ton of evidence then traveled to Tulsa to press charges, as well as pursue a class action lawsuit against her. This case is pending but will likely result in Bonnie being incarcerated for at least five years.



Bonnie goes by several aliases online, including:

  • Bonnie Combs
  • Bonnie Danner
  • Chretienne Ouelette
  • Christine Armstrong
  • Jamie Vaughn
  • Christine
  • Tobi
  • Ceej
  • Matt
  • Dennis Ouelette
  • Lance Danner


Bonnie has very few minions because most people are aware and intelligent enough to know she's a psycho and a liar. Her minions include:

Laura Smith

Bonnie Combs Laura Smith.png
  • Laura Michelle Smith / Laura Michelle Hamilton also known as:

Laura M. Smith "Lochlainn Seaain O'Ruairc" Laura M. Hamilton Elle Kingsley Lola Briggade Loralee Smith Brianne Austin Emmanuel Hamilton "Manny" Hamilton

Laura Michelle Smith, Laura Michelle Hamilton, Elle Kingsley, Lola Briggade, Loralee Smith, Lola Hamilton, Emmanuel "Manny" Hamilton, etc... (She has a TON of aliases to try and hide from her past.) 28 year old four-time high school and college dropout who earns barely part-time minimum wage while neglecting her fivehead child Sawyer. Dating Manny, who resembles a lifelong methhead. Both are shitty human beings and terrible parents with no friends, no life, no belongings, etc...

Laura M. Smith has wished death on small children and a woman suffering from multiple sclerosis. She has threatened to kill my friends and I on several occasions. She has publicly posted our location on websites such as Kijiji and Craigslist, along with a note claiming we have a rape fetish - Essentially inviting strange men to come to our homes and sexually assault us.

Laura M. Smith and Emmanuel "Manny" Hamilton have been stalking, harassing and harvesting photos of more than 50 women on the internet for the past two years. This issue began in November of 2011.

They are currently being investigated by the Hamilton Children's Aid Society and the Hamilton, Ontario Police Department for criminal harassment, internet terrorism, uttering threats and abating a known pedophile named Bonnie Combs from #Tulsa #Oklahoma

Tumblr photo theft

Bonnie was recently exposed for stealing photos of a woman on tumblr and claiming them as her own. When exposed, she removed the photos but didn't apologize and in typical crazy Bonnie behaviour, she chose to further defame her victims on one of her many thousands blogspot accounts for once again exposing her as a fraud.


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