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From dull 'zine to dull site to dull blogs—that's BoingBoing.

Mr. BoingBoing, Cory Doctorow, getting some heavy attention from a fellow blogger. Doesn't Cawy look a bit like Peter Sellers as Dr. Strangelove?
Boston BANS BoingBoing for lulz

The Zine

BoingBoing started as a small-time magazine or 'zine, back in the days when retarded people like its founders were not allowed on the Internet. Possibly copying the vastly superior Vague and ANSWER Me!, but adding what its editors felt was a "really kewl, like, y'know, dude", cyberpunk slant. Since it was almost 1990 and even Hollywood was starting to cash in, they were hardly ahead of the pack, but the time was ripe for the target audience.

The resident cartoonist

BB's original founder was "artist" Mark Frauenfelder. He and his wife started the print version somewhere around 1988, or maybe 1989 (apparently he can't even remember exactly when) and filled it up with his shitty sub-Gary Panter drawings and clip art. Until they found actual contributors, who were commonly paid nothing or as little as possible. The Frauenfelders live in the shallowest part of LA's brackish sea of human turditry. As usual, it is not permitted to put bad or hurtful information in his Wikipedia article, because he's a "cool guy". (The silly dick created it himself in 2004 under the name "Ottomatik".)

His Twitter is beyond plain idiocy and into a new universe of shit. He's either posting moronic jokes, babbling about old comic books, or sucking up to former WIRED magazine editor Kevin Kelly, one of the few high-weirdness shitbirds in digerati land. Or jacking off to pics of Apple products (too predictable).

Need an example of Markymark posting extra stupid? Try this.

These bulb-shaped one are meant from camping, but you can hang them from chandeliers, curtain rods, hooks, etc. (I might make an adnapter with my 3D so they can screw into bulb sockets.) They use 3 AA batteries."


—"adnapter"? "These bulb-shaped one"? BTW they take AAA batteries, not AA. Nice work shithead.

BoingBoing for On-line Retards

After retarded people started entering the Internet en masse in the first half of the 1990s, the attention whores at BoingBoing had to be there! So they gathered "support" to start a web site. By buttnozzling an early web-hosting company and offering free advertising to some of their friends, they managed to create a "mighty online empire". Until around 2011 when their Alexa rank started to plummet; oopsie-daisy. Sorry bout that.

Crappy Site

BoingBoing became a webturd in 1995, just as millions of knuckle-draggers with Commodore 64s stuck up their asses were discovering that "Web thing". By pretending to have connections with Wired, they gained some viewers among retarded and technologically inept yuppies. 'Twas a good time to start an online religion, with Cory Doctorow as the resident Sewer Master Bator. He's perfect, being a self-promoting shill and a silver-tongued liar.

Actually they started it as a kind of spam site. They showed their love for their readers with a shitload of advertisements filling four-fifths of the screen. Stupid ads, for stupid Web 1.0 startups that are today not even history, and for books written by their asshole pseudointellectual friends. This is what it looked like in 1999; yes, it had an article that babbled about how wonderful pencil sharpeners are. Written by Frauenfelder, under the same stupid handle he used on Wikipedia. Lol.

Crappier Blog

BoingBoing's front page

In 2000, caught up in the fire of their desire to keep the rubes thinking them fashionable, BoingBoing went blog. Nauseatingly, they refer to it as "A Directory of Wonderful Things". Meaning, a blog, written for the extra-dumb. "Directory of Crap Stolen from Other People" would be more like it. Cleverly, they decided it would be easier to simply link to content from other blogs rather than make any of their own, and have proceeded on that line ever since. With massive ads and Javascript raeping your computer, hells yeah.

At some stage they also decided that dealing with or even accepting comments was a bit bothersome, so they did away with comments altogether. It is now debatable whether they have a set of blogs produced by a circle jerk or simply are a circle jerk. In 2007 they added their comments back in but hired a Grammar Nazi, TNH, so that they could be a circle jerk forevar.

They still have a huge advertisement-to-content ratio. Since most of the alleged content is self-promotion, their slogan should probably be All Advertising, All the Time.

Cory Doctorow is Mr. BoingBoing

Looks like the Boingers are inbred.

Though founded by a couple of other losers, BoingBoing were stupid enough to let Cory slime his way in some time this century. Like everything else he touches, Cory is convinced that he has made them not suck, although it's more likely he's turned even more people off the stupid site. Now he is Mr. BoingBoing, and the others can all go off and felch his motherfucking anus for all he cares.

The Boingers have added a motley gang of assorted NERRDS to their list of "approved happy mutants" over the years. Good example: one of the first "actual writers" they took on was David Pescovitz, a guy with a really strange personal history, as you can tell from his sorta pathetic TOW article. Created for him in 2007 by a clinical psychologist who was interviewed in 2005 about his wonderful (lol) early experience editing Wikipedia. (He just copied directly from Peskovitz's personal website anyway. COPYRIGHT!! COPYRIGHT!!!) They also hired Rob Beschizza from WIRED because licking asses at WIRED is v. important you betcha. He was the idiot responsible for the "Torture Euphemism Generator". Another example of how Bong Bong censors its "reporting". Nothing BAD ever happens on Bpuke Bpuke.

Best lulz of all, in early 2020 Cowwy was yanked from the blog's masthead with no notice and no discussion. No one admitted anything. He hasn't submitted any posts since then. Mr. Boing Boing Was Mr. Gone Asshole.....just like that. Poof. Then Beschizza became the "editor in chief". Office politics, or it might have something do with Barf Barf's continued slide in Alexa rank. In the early 2000s it was the "most popular blog in the world" but for the last several years its rank chart has basically looked like this:

down she goes, cap'n, arrrrrr

They Hate Freedom!

BoingBoing is strongly anti-free-speech and refrains from showing or giving links to any porn or "disturbing content" in their rants, unless it's really artsy shit, making it boring even compared with wastes of space like Sensible Erection and Newsfilter. And we can't link to any, because they quickly delete anything the fucky little editors and owners object to. Just like TOW, it's censored for their protection! But long essays full of stupid and narcissistic raving are a-OK.

One Not-Quite-Saving Grace

BoingBoing also has Xeni Jardin, the bastard child of a transvestite horse and a clone of Madonna, who decided to go into blogging rather than be accused of being more than a genetic knock-off, Xeni provides basement dwellers and sexless nerds a reason to keep checking BoingBoing on an hourly basis in hopes that she'll finally strip nekkid and take on a bunch of Guatemalan communist insurgent troops in a massive gangbang to end all gangbangs. Little do they know she's really a lesbian intent on converting Cory over to accepting the idea of a sex change from female to male.


Note that her powerword, Jennifer Hamm, is not permitted to be mentioned on TOW, or anywhere else. [2] She edited her own article in 2004 and after that it was watched by the ever-disgusting Jokestress very closely, because Boing Boingers get "Speeshul Treetment" from trannies on WP. And starting in 2016 they reciprocated by letting Madame Andrea (Our Lady Of Visible Adam's Apple) write loads of BB essays about whatever idiocy she wanted. She had been a "guest blogger" before that [3] but was soon cranking out a good deal of their "content". [4][5][6][7][8][9]

Xeni contracted breast cancer in 2011, took full rounds of chemo/radiation, went bald (which actually improved her looks), and might croak at any moment. We are not so lucky.

Ken Fucking Snider

And as long as we're talking about ugly things, let's not forget the blob who has been BB's webserver sysop since 2003, the magnificent Ken "Orenwolf" Snider. Yes kiddies, Ken was the Director of Tech Operations for the Wikimedia Foundation albeit for all of one year. And he still loves the WMF too............we know this cuz whenever Wikipedia is discussed in a Boing Boing post, and someone posts criticisms of the "Wikipedia Way" in the comment section, Mr. Ken Lardmonster shows up to attack them. Partly because he's now the chief moderator of their commenting system (which they call a "BBS" even though it's not a real BBS). Yes he edited Wikipedia, mostly back in 2015. He has a hard-on for "List of original programs distributed by Netflix" for "some reason". And very few people seem to be following his Twitter. Lolol.

The Wikipedia culture is.. interesting, to say the least. The Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) has a mandate to expand the reach of Wikipedia to everyone on the planet, and in my time there, I saw more than one initiative stymied by the Wikipedia volunteer editors pushing steadfastly for no changes to anything. There was even an active rebellion against making Wikipedia easier because it would bring n novice editors who would then "screw things up and make more work for the experienced editors".

One of the key challenges with Wikipedia is that the content is 100% volunteer driven, and while major policy can be overridden by the Wikimedia Foundation, they loathe to do so except in extreme circumstances. The other force working against them is that the general concept of Wikipedia, in general, tends to attract anti-establishment, libertarian, more freedom-loving types who generally could care less what "the man" (WMF in this case) wants, and just want to do things their way. As a result, the editor base remains predominantly the same group of people that it was originally: predominantly male, western, white, tech-savvy types, and the culture that comes from it. Despite efforts from the WMF to attract diverse editors from around the world, they aren't able to make a significant dent in the culture of that editorial base. Disclaimer: I spent a year working as Director of Tech Operations for the Wikimedia Foundation.


—--"Interesting" is standard Wikicode for "fucking insane"

When Trannies Attack

After a catfight, Xeni Jardin flushed, Violet Blue, her ex-girlfriend/fuckbuddy down the memory hole. [10] ArchiveToday-favicon.pngGawker [11]

Wendi Sullivan Blue is an ugly slut. (lol erased, not even on Wayback anymore)

Xeni responded that she did it at least 100 years ago to support the principles of BoingBoing. She also added that if anyone has a problem with it, they don't get to play with her toys. [12]

Teresa Nielsen Hayden

TNH passed out with her favorite words.[1]

Tesesa Nielsen Hayden was BoingBoing's pet cow (err- "comment moderator") for a while. When she was not whining, censoring and raging, she liked to spend her time pleasuring her lackeys Jew and Antinous. [13] Like Cory Doctorow she is an attention whore and is stuffed full of aids and fail.[14] Cawy says that Teresa is a "troll-whisperer" and that she just pwns trolls. Apparently, Teresa has never met the INTERNET HATE MACHINE. Teresa's hobbies include buttsecks, writing horrible, horrible science fiction, ljdrama, and wikistalking. Her buttbuddy Cawy Doctorow explains on his wikipedia talk page how Teresa had a hilarious flamewar with everyone's favorite Wikipedia editor Will Beback:

I think that WBB's problem with ML would be that various contributors to the discussion, including TNH herself, posted links to, not just an ED article, but to a specific version of the article from last August which mentioned WBB. While I respect TNH as a person, and admire her work, I feel that linking to an ED article is very rarely a good idea. WBB's reaction to TNH's posting the link is excessive, yes, but have you read what ED said about him?!


It seems Teresa loves ED too! Make sure to post lots of links to this article on her site! Teresa is also such a petty cunt that she got pwned by Wikipedia. She started making sockpuppets there and got permabanned. [15] Clearly, there is nothing hypocritical about BoingBoing's moderator using sockpuppets. To top it all off, Teresa is a narcoleptic. Narcoleptic means that you'll sleep with anyone, anytime. As you can see in the upper picture, TNH is nodding off.

In an act of extreme unwarranted self-importance and stupidity, TNH claimed that she invented the act of removing the vowels from a word. She calls this disembowelment. Sadly she uses this to remove anyone marginally interesting from BoingBoing, when she should use it on the whole site. Luckily some enterprising fellow did disembowel Boing Boing and the quality is much improved.

There is only one way to kill a soulless blood sucker. Also, fail

Notes on abbreviations above:

On September 11th, 2008, a chunk of butter in Teresa's system managed to lodge itself into one of her valves and she suffered a heart attack. Unfortunately, she recovered nicely in Brooklyn's Lutheran Medical Center, according to a post by her pussy-whipped husband Patrick. Interestingly, however, in the same post he reveals that noted bisexual cat lady Elise Matthesen is their houseguest, conjuring disgusting mental images of fat, fugly nerd threesomes.

The next time she gets clogged arteries, you could try your luck by calling the Lutheran Medical Center at 718-630-7000.

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Relevant Sites

  • Unlike BoingBoing, the 'zine ANSWER Me! had many articles that were lollercaustic. Some samples are found here. After opening, zoom in if they're not readable.
  • Another blog (of course), this one devoted to Cawy's BoingBoing blog—it's not very selective, but if you really want to see Cawy proving he's a smug, self-centered, opportunistic attention whore, have a look. The maker is obsessed; there's even a graphing section. (also baleeted, but saved on Wayback, see this capture from 2008, nearly all the entries date from 2005-2006)
  • The Boingers cheerfully edited their own TOW articles many times. Mark "Ottomatik" Frauenfelder created his own bio in 2004, Xeni messed with hers, and Cory has repeatedly fucked with his own garbage article and those of many other "digital celebrities". And no one ever discussed it.

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