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Note: this is an article about an Encyclopedia Dramatica user. For more information, please see the appropriate user page. To leave this user a message, please visit their talk page.

If there were ever a Final Boss of the Internet, then Blissyu2 (Powerword: Adrian Meredith) would most certainly be the First Guy of the Internet. Blissyu2 is the self-diagnosed autistic, Australian delusional unless he is on his meds, guy who "owned" The Wikipedia Review, a website that was devoted to lambasting the only website worse than itself on the internet, Wikipedia. The word "owned" is in quotes because this fucking retard supposedly paid for both the domain and forum software used on WR yet is banned from the site itself. Fo' evah an' evah.

Blissyu2 CAN and WILL find you, no matter how well you hide behind your anonymity. Even though he can't find the horrible police conspirators who caused the Port Arthur massacre.

Indeed, as of 5th November 2007 (Wikipedia Review's 2 year anniversary), the admins of Wikipedia Review (primarily Somey) hacked Blissyu2's Wikipedia Review account (both the user account and the site level account) to change the passwords and block access, while simultaneously lying to the domain hosts that Somey was really Blissyu2 and this guy from Australia was guilty of identity theft. Keen for some easy money, the hosts were very happy to receive 2x the money that they usually get for hosting, and to date have not bothered to intervene. The reason that Somey gave for "having" to ban Blissyu2 is because of this blog post he made exposing one of Wikipedia Review's newest administrators, Kato, of extreme corruption and lying. It seems that Somey didn't want people to know just how rotten some of the people on WR had become. "Obviously I am not too impressed at losing my own site. Its scandalous, its horrific, its illegal." [1]

And all petty bullshit anyway, because WR fell apart in 2012. You can go to Wikipediocracy now, although Blissy is banned there as well. Because he's a falthy wankah! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!111

Remember, remember the fifth of November, The WR, treason and plot, I know of no reason, Why Somey's treason, Should ever be forgot.


WHAT THE FUCK? This retard spent $150 of his own money on something that he doesn't even control?


Absolutely. In fact, the only real responsibility he does have is:

All I am is someone who can be sued if ever Wikipedia Review did anything illegal. That's it. That's what my role is, to make sure that they don't do anything illegal.


—Blissyu2, citing internet law

I don't believe any of this. SAUCE!?!?!?!1!!1!

The faggot admitted all of this himself on his own userpage. See for yourself!

Blissyu2's Autobiography

Blissyu2 having the different hairstyling and makeup. He is saying to be the same parson in this place.
I am the legal owner of The Wikipedia Review, a forum dedicated to criticism of Wikipedia. I am not an administrator, however. On WR, I use the name "Blissyu2", so I should be fairly easy to find.

Actually, to be fair, I really kind of donated some money. To start off with I was going 1/6ths in the $10 it was going to cost to pay for the domain name. Then all the other jerks backed out of it, so I just went "Oh fudge this" and put in the $10 myself. Then they were saying "Oh but we need actual software" and before I knew it I'd put in $150 for the fucking thing. Well, that's it, I am not going to actually do anything with it, I said. Someone else can run it, while I sit back and get all of the benefits. After a year of "owning" it, Somey was meant to take it over, but a fucking error meant that I still officially own it, much to the upset of my bank balance.

Some people get this mistaken idea that because I paid the money therefore I actually have some kind of control over it. Its a donation, nothing more. I have no power there. Sure, out of respect they don't ban me, and occasionally listen to me, but that's their choice. Every so often someone has an argument with someone there and tries to convince me to usurp everything and take it over. Fuck that for a joke.

All I am is someone who can be sued if ever Wikipedia Review did anything illegal. That's it. That's what my role is, to make sure that they don't do anything illegal. And I like suing people. I find it quite enjoyable. The amount of fuckwits that run around the internet having no idea about the law is really amusing. And then there's people that hide behind legal loopholes and anonymity, thinking that that is actually going to save them is a total joke. We can find you, and we will find you.


Blissyu2 on LiveJournal

Blissyu2 had two accounts, Lj-favicon.png RealAdrian and Lj-favicon.png DyingHappy), both of which are suspended. He is the arch-nemesis of 1justin. This was RealAdrian's user info prior to the suspension (found on cached Google site, links by Quasidan the Jew):

Yes, its really me. Yes, my account is no longer suspended. Yes, this is dyinghappy. No, I am not in violation of anything in doing this. Yes, they did make a formal apology.

In case you don't know, my account was suspended after I was stalked on LiveJournal (and it rather significantly entered my real life), with my friends only entries being published (in altered form) publicly, both in other journals and communities on LiveJournal and on web pages offsite (some of which have RSS feeds here). They did this by hacking my journal, after getting my password from hacking my e-mail, which they got from a brute force hacking attempt. The dangers of leaving your real e-mail address up here, or indeed from using an e-mail address that you use for LiveJournal while chatting to others!

The problem, of course, is that they knew real life personal information about me, which meant that they could hurt me in real life. By altering the information ever so slightly, they were able to portray me as quite a bit different to how I really am. Of course, they had the personal stuff right, so the rest must be true as well, right? And it looks basically the same.... Problem was of course that the information was so personal that I didn't want it to be displayed in the first place, so how can I defend myself by showing what it really should be, when the fact of the matter was that my privacy had been invaded?

After a long stint, LiveJournal decided, in the end, to ban me, basically as it was easier to ban 1 person than 50. I felt that this was grossly unfair, especially as there were 2 people who were behind this. They did in the end symbolically ban 1 of those 2 people, but the other one remains to this day (although they have promised to ban him).

Both of these people, as well as making posts and pretending that it was me, with the hacking that they had done, also made up journals pretending that they were me. They did one hell of a lot of impersonation, both with accounts that used to belong to me, that they then hacked, and with ones which never belonged to me in the first place. The journal was an example of one which most of the time belonged to me, but some of the time didn't. Apparently, on top of hacking, they also for a time had someone on my friends list which was just an alias of theirs. Naturally, they downloaded every friends-only entry that I had.

So this is why I use "real adrian". Yes, there really was a "fake adrian". It is all public, because then it can be twisted a lot less. Yes, I have been stalked a lot, and I despise places that think it is "fun" to stalk people, places like ljdrama and ALL of their affiliates.


—RealAdrian, victim of hackers on steroids

On LJDrama: [2] [3]

Blissyu2 on Encyclopedia Dramatica

Not only did Blissyu2 devote a majority of his time to trying to insult Wikipedia (and often failing), but he also occasionally brought his fail to ED in the form of shitty, gay, furry fanfiction about Wikipedia's founders, Jimbo Wales, Larry Sanger, and Ben Kovitz. Chances are Blissyu2 is on his crusade against Wikipedia because he got banned for vandalizing its articles with stupid old memes like O rly that were funny Last Thursday. Seriously, failing at trolling Wikipedia is like failing at failing. Some argue that Blissyu2 should cease all trolling efforts and become an hero immediately.

Blissyu2 so much desires to be an internet celebrity that in addition to self-admittedly paying for a site which he has absolutely no control over, he tells people who troll him to "go on Encyclopedia Dramatica and write an article about me." Now that its up, expect him to consistently attempt to vandalize and/or blank it, thus adding to the lulz. To show just how fucking serious he is, Blissyu2 left this message on Chankachankaboo's talk page.

I am really quite delusional right now. One of the medications I am on has high amounts of Codeine in it. I also have a fever that keeps changing from ultra cold to ultra hot. I keep getting ideas to do things that don't really make sense. And every so often I do them. I mean this one, well, what was the point in going through 4 years of court cases, which I finally won, only to write something which is basically an open invitation to anyone affected by restraining orders or takedown notices etc that they can just put it all back up again and destroy my good name?


—Blissyu2 11:42, 1 August 2007 (CDT)

Blissyu2 consistently emulates, and even sometimes surpasses, Exhibits A, B, C, and D. He is contaminated with dangerously high levels of anti-lulz, and there is a good chance that he is the AIDS that is killing ED. Blissyu2 abuses prescription painkillers and writes articles about himself, his friends, and his enemies. When he sobers up he demands that the admins delete them, yet paradoxically recreates them hours later. Split personality anyone? He feverishly writes steamy articles about Grace Note, as a monument to their love.

One of his biggest delusions

One of Blissyu2's biggest delusions is here. A fictional story about Wikipedia Review having a secret forum for planned attacks on Wikipedia, and get this; Blu Aardvark was opposed to the idea. That is The Blu Aardvark. The guy known as the deadliest and proudest vandal on all wikis, who did unprovoked vandalism (e.g. on WikiFur) for years until he got bored. The guy who is feared as a troll by all administrators, but according to Blissyu2, Blu has always been opposed to any vandalism or trolling on Wikipedia.

Blissyu2 also claims that Sgrayban, known for exposing TOW checkuser Rebecca as a man, has always been opposed to outing of Wikipedia administrators.

Blissyu2 is a "Man's man"

My parents were somewhat "open minded" and were concerned about children being raised according to stereotypes, therefore they went to lengths to make sure that we weren't raised as "Boys" and "Girls" but rather as gender-neutral, so that we were free to make our own minds. All sounds good, but then my older sister tended to get dressed in boy clothes and given G I Joes to play with, while I tended to get dressed in pink frilly dresses and given Barbie dolls to play with. Now, a boy in a pink frilly dress and playing with Barbie dolls at the age of 2 doesn't matter much, but when you get to 5 or 6 kids start to make fun of you. My sister was fine, because girls being tom boys are quite normal, even though in her case it was forced. But I certainly got teased about it. I was, in essence, raised gay. My parents wanted me to be gay, and were very upset when I turned out not to be gay.

I can remember them getting really happy when I was 12 or 13 years old and I asked them how you could tell if you were gay, because I had a male friend that I really liked. They told me how, and to see if I was attracted to him as a person, or simply that I liked him as a person. Next day I told them thanks, no worries I'm obviously not gay. But my parents never let this rest! They insisted that I was gay, told everyone I was gay, and tried to get me to confess and admit to it.

My first sexual experience was with another guy. I was drunk, blind drunk, and I thought I was with a girl, until the next morning and I woke up with a guy. It made me physically ill. I thought that if there was ever any doubt about it, that has ended the doubt. There is zero doubt.

I think that it is kind of like the same experience that gays probably go through when they feel like they are forced to be straight, because of how they are raised, but then they end up realising that it is all wrong, and they struggle with it. That's what it was like for me. It has been really difficult for me to come out and be heterosexual, because of all of the pressure put on me to try to make me gay. My sister has had much the same problems.

I consider it to be pretty fucked up to raise kids like that, and I hope that there aren't too many parents out there doing it. But if they are, then they probably would get in to that kind of situation. For a good 2 hours, I wasn't sure.

I can be friendly with gay people, I can support them being gay, but if they try to touch me or do anything to me, then I'll punch them. And if anyone tries to force me to watch anything gay, I will not be remotely happy. I hate the idea that just because you approve of something therefore people automatically assume that you are like that. Its wrong. I approve of a lot of things that I don't personally do, and don't even like the idea of. I approve of a person's right to make their own decisions.


—Blissyu2, Totally not gay

(Would you trust your website to him?)


Even Nathanr thinks Blissyu isn't playing with a full deck.

If you spot Blissyu2 in the wild, you can do your part by:

  • Immediately reverting any of his contributions.
  • Vandalizing and/or blanking the fuck out of any articles he creates.
  • Redirecting any articles created by him to this page.
  • Redirecting his user page (whups balleted) to this page.
  • Telling him how full of fail and cancer he is on his talk page. If you can find it, yeh wankah!

Famous Quotes

[[Image:BlissyOnPoet.jpg|thumb|Blissyu2's inability to take responsibility for his own actions are legendary]

No thats quite good. I hate ED. I keep telling people that. I don't mean to write here. All of my articles suck. Its just that I keep seeing little things that need fiddling with. You know how it is. You did miss that I got prescribed codeine for a while, and wrote some really stupid ED articles while high.


—Blissyu2 admitting rampant drug use

I'll let you edit that now. Please keep my user page as a user page though, okay? I am sure that you won't do anything stupid. Keep it funny, and if its false, then make sure that it looks false, and all is fine. And please no RL names. A little joke is fine, and it looks good at the moment. I hope that you know the boundary, and don't cross it.


—Blissyu2, being milked like the lolcow he is.

Legacy Of Fail

It says here that you blocked Newport because of what Poetlister wrote on Wikipedia Review. You're aware that User:Newport and User:Poetlister are different people, right? Blissyu2 02:31, 25 August 2007 (CDT)


O Rly? [4], [5]

Failgasm of the Blissy Zordrac ben Shalom

Here is the typifying example of Blissy's final bossing failgasm.

See also

  • Fucktard
  • Nathanr his childhood friend betrayed him over Kato and Blissyu2 now swears he will one day take Nathanr's life.
  • The Wikipedia Review - that Blissyu2 owns but he got hacked out of
  • Encyc - where Blissyu2 is an admin and can write whatever he likes
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