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Police.gif Warning! Blaze has recently called the Internet Police on this article!

Blaze Arctic, a badge that he has posted everywhere and he didn't even make it.
And for the record, I have sucked two guys' cocks irl. I don't mind giving two guys who think I'm cute a good time ^_^


—Blaze Arctic

Somewhere along the line of furfaggotry came along Blaze, a black wolf (so original) who is the biggest typical furfag yet. What Blaze does in his spare time, when he isn't crying for help in his journals for money, he is ripping off commissioners on Furaffinity and bragging about how the condom slipped off when he was fucking his 17 year old girlfriend, who constantly white knight's for him.

He also likes to pretend that he's "popufur" by listing actual popufurs like Serpy in his FA friends list, when really most of the people in said list can't stand him. Besides, we all know noone in the fandom cares about him, because he does not even have a Wikifur page.

His other hobbies include pretending he's on staff at fur cons, interrupting events at fur cons to announce he is Head of Staff and you, yes you are violating califur's aup, running around with a walkie talkie to try to look important (he never talks on it because no one can stand his voice and he knows he barely sucked enough cock to make staff), plushophilia, pretending he knows shit about computers, and claiming he can fix them, when in reality no sane being would let his stubby paws touch their machine, marching in fursuit parades with no fursuit, professional video editing, and fursuit repair. And by repair we mean "Putting the suit on and destroying it moar by rolling around on the filthy ground with it".

In addition, he likes to bawww to his "lawyer" and "private investigators" over matters such as, this very article. Even though he clearly has no money to live, let alone hire such a person over internet drama. He was last seen contacting private investigators over this article, forgetting the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.


Blaze first became popular whoring himself out on SecondLife to other furries, or even humans, for lindens (currency in Secondlife). After having his ass split apart by a werewolf, he would be given the lindens, convert it into real money (Though, it couldn't have been much, since one thousand lindens is only seven bucks) to keep whatever shack of a home he stayed in, and move off to another host to latch himself onto like a parasite, all for the same redundant sexual acts again. Oh, he likes to think he's Mario too.

Blaze also likes to blame most of the problems he has, or causes, on the abuse he apparently sustained from past foster families, and the fact that he has to deal with a lot of stress while begging for rides to fur cons and choosing whether he feels like fapping to Krystal or Ash Ketchum today. Most of his issues would be solved if he'd grow the fuck up, stop being so obsessed with furry, and get a real job or an hero. Either would work.

The short stature, the dark hair, the unruly, unkempt mustache, the lack of proper English, stubby legs, hmmm...

Blaze's squeaky voice and handsome features as well as his witty charm could win over any woman, or man...

Blaze has quite a way with the ladies. He was lucky enough to have a relationship with Dark-Goddess, a FurAffinity porn artist, but blew it with her. First, he wanted to make a deal with the infamous furry, pedophile Tora (or "Growley") for a room for the current year's Califur. Either Growley would sleep with Blaze, or he could have sex with her, but Growley wanted to watch. Of course, his girlfriend, who had a brain in her head, told him no. Needless to say, neither attended Califur that year...

Second, he was unable to comprehend basic High School math, therefore he would whine to his girlfriend to sit with him night after night trying to tutor him, when really all he wanted was the answers without learning anything at all. Despite that, he still failed and after getting on his hands and knees and begging to be passed. He was given a deal by the staff to clean the school after classes, and he could get his diploma. Is this legit?

Finally his "mate" wised up and dumped his ass (Not before finding better dick) which was the epiphany to Blaze that he is indeed, nothing but a furry loser.

Shortly after, his father died, and now uses the death of a man who wasn't even biologically his father as an excuse for everything. Despite the fact that when the man was alive, he would slander his name enough to make Satan cry.

Someone Call Whine-one-one!!!

Blaze is also infamous for constant whining on his FA journal. Leeching money off of other furs, taking overly-priced commissions for his art and begging for rides to every furry convention in the country. It wouldn't be so bad if he were actually using the money he leeched for his house or car, but every time he get's a decent amount of cash in his pocket, it goes straight to furry conventions, another retarded toy, or pokemon cards.

How to recognize Blaze's journals of butthurt on FA:

  • If the title states anything to do with "OMG HELP ME D'X" or "I'm in deep shit!!!", you know most definitely it's a journal of him begging for more money.
  • If he claims he is open for commissions, when really he means "Give me $8 for me to copypaste a bunch of images together for you"
  • If he cries about how he cannot obtain new objects for his car, gas money or college, he's really just looking for a couple $$$ thrown his way to go to the PS or another furry convention.

Besides that, he whines about his heart condition. When really, he would be improving on it if he'd STOP RUNNING AROUND THE FUCKING FUR CONS WITH A DOG SQUEAKER UNTIL HE PASSES OUT FROM HEART FAILURE. He's had to be rushed to the ER for his heart, after running amok around the con, and returned home with a heart monitor.

OrionWolf Medias

As Blaze claims, it is a small company that accepts art commissions from furries. When really it's an imaginary business, where the only "we" involved is himself pretending he is a manager of a corporation.

It's even funnier when he answers his cell phone as the OrionWolf Medias Manager, pretending to be an important corporate individual, when really he's just a hairy spic sitting in his room, fapping to Lucario

Eight dollars for this delicious copypasta!

Ripping off Commissioners

Blaze takes commissions for badges known as "iPawed" badges. Basically you pay him $8 to copy and paste art he did not make onto an iPod touch template and type your name onto it, then plaster a logo that is also not his, onto it. Sounds tempting.... He's also known for coloring circles in MS Paint to look like personalized Pokeballs for $5.00.

Other then that, he takes commissions for reference sheets and other general shit furries throw their money away for. Though most of the time, anything that requires him to actually draw and not copy-paste a bunch of shit together, takes a year or more for him to finished.

Teddy Fucker

There's a rule in the relationship world; never give your significant other something that could be used as blackmail later. Blaze thought it would be sexy to make a video of himself literally raping a pink stuffed teddy bear ruthlessly. Then sent it to his pedophile girlfriend via the INTERNET. It later was posted to Xtube for the Lulz

So, I found this little private video of me what I sent to my ex, while we were together, as a little thing for her to have fun with, that SOMEHOW leaked out of her computer and was edited to show a really good part that was taken out at the end... Its me, giving my little pink bear --that I ORIGINALLY got for her-- a little raeping with my nice 6 3/4inch wolfie cock.. with a little view of me shooting my load out for all to see.


—Blaze bragging about his huge cock

Teddy had it coming

The Faggotry Today

Blaze Quotes

I'm going to ADMIT that its ME, Blaze Arctic, in that video. I only wish that they didnt cut out the part with my face in it at the end.. but yah. if you like what you see, IM me. ^///~


—Blaze on his Teddy fucking video, whoring himself out again

after she left me, I went full bisexual


—You either are, or you aren't Blaze

Lawyer will be contacted


—When he sees this article

When I'm naked, I relax, take pix, keep em on my comp to save for later lol


—He faps to himself

... trusting a condom for protection.. damn thing slip off.. BUT I knew what to do and everything's ok. Still iffy about using them now tho.....


—He knew what to do...

...if I disappear for a while, you all wont worry too much about me.


—rest assured Blaze

I'm dead, finished, kaput...


—Too bad he isn't serious

Call the Whaaaaaambulance!! XDROFLOPTERLMAO!!!


—Failure at internetting

I'm not even mad!


—He ain't even mad (About his ED article)

Further Confusion: TTL $ Spent: about $200 (I had unemployment then and didnt need to worry yet)


—Admitting he uses money for food and home on furcons instead

Dont forget the sparkles!


—Blaze being the usual fag

For those of you wondering, no, my real name's not Blaze... yet...


—His real name's Dave

I'm mixed with Spanish and Arabic



What Blaze does In His Spare Time

When he isn't typing up moar journals begging for money, he's spending his remaining free time on making retarded videos with his sperm-crusted wolf puppet. Note the fake gangster accent, and his undeserved sense of self pride as he pretends he's somebody in the furry fandom and part of staff at every fur con.

NOTE: The videos are marked private now, if you really want to see them you can try convincing the little asspie to grant you permission. But they will remain here as proof that they exist

Time to play "Guess how many times that puppet's been raped"
Live from OrionWolf Medias headquarters. My bedroom, Pomona CA!

Blaze at home.

Wall of Shame Fame About missing Pics

An ED Article about me!?

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If you want to find him on any messenger, just search for "Blaze Arctic" or any variation of that name, it'll most likely find his account. He has a knack for having no originality.

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