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Blackpink is a shitty Kpop group and the girl version off BTS. Their a bunch of talented singers, and rappers. To be all cutesy they wear kawaii outfits, however don't let their clothes fool you they're massive whores. There fanbase is just as bad as BTS and try to force you into standing them.


  • Jisoo: The only one who doesn't rap or dance.
  • Jennie: She sings and raps but she doesn't dance
  • Rose: She sings and dances but doesn't rap
  • Lisa: The only one who sings, raps, and dances.


None of Blackpink's songs are worth mentioning as they're similar to other girl Kpop groups. They sing and and rap over some loud noise, or or ear bleeding trap beats.



Their fans are koreaboos, 16 year old girls, and 12 year old girls. Their fans will sperg across Twatter spamming fancams anywhere you go. Fans will say "Blackpink Paved Their Own Way" to make their group seem like victims of the holocaust that ran away. The Stans that say this have no idea what the term actually means. Blackpink Didn't Pave Their Own Way, it's just something these Stans made up. These fans will call racist for not liking their group. Yes your racist for saying something negative about Blackpink, social justice has come so far.

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