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Black Twitter (more commonly known as Twigger) is an old, image macro meme commonly posted by white people on Reddit to think they're getting away with blatant racism without giving up their privilege, all while reinforcing the stereotypical divides tearing apart the JewSA.

Black Twitter is basically the Detroit of Twitter, which is a complete shithole in real life, and much like its real-life counterpart, Black Twitter is an e-ghetto of unfunny UGC and edgy memes. However, unlike Detroit in real life, Black Twitter is more densly populated by white people who think they're funny posting anti-black memes, in an attempt at being the ultimate edge lord. However, every once in a while, an individual of dark skin complexion posts a memes that goes viral, and causes a complete shitstorm of lulz in the process. In the wake of George Floyd's drug-induced "murder", the blame of whose passing was dumped on the pigs, for instance, Black Twitter lit up like a dumpster fire in the most greasy, shit-covered back alley of Detroit or Jew York City.

Typical Black Twitter Content

All Black Twitter posts are identical. They start with poorly formed sentences with pointless abbreviations nobody understands to describe a completely humorless situation, sprinkled liberally with edgy hood slang blatantly misappropriated from words they don't understand, a GIF with some famous nigger followed with the same emoji of crying with tears over and over again in order to fill up the tweet's character count, just like you did with spaces on your essay you lazy piece of shit. The same "social ghetto" phenomenon is also available in TwitTwat, Shitstagram and Failbook.

How To Download Black Twitter™

  1. Get Twatter.
  2. Pretend to be a dumb nigger.
  3. ????

Honorable Mentions


Nuvola apps xmag.pngMoar info: "Killing" of Eric Garner on TOW.

The hashtag was created after a nigger by the name of Eric Garner who got arrested using a chokehold, said "I can't breathe" before being "killed" by a cop, the truth is that he couldn't breathe due to him being a fatass with heart disease.

#ICantBreathe 2: Electric Boogaloo

Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: George Floyd.

The hashtag resurfaced after model citizen George Floyd uttered the infamous quote before overdosing from fentanyl and "getting brutally murdered (negligently and intentionally ref) by a cop in Minneapolis". To nobody's surprise, Black Twitter stirred up shit about the video of the "murder", and both BLMfags and the alt-right took the opportunity to create the "race war" that they were always prepared for.

Gorilla Glue Girl

I ran in the kitchen, ran past the refrigerator and I was like you know what? I can use this and as soon as I come home I can take it off, you know wash it out That is not what happened.


New York Post article revealing the real reason why she glued her hair

TikTok nigger TikTok-favicon.png im_d_ollady (Powerword: Tessica Brown) is a highly intelligent woman who had the absolute genius idea of using fucking Gorilla spray glue on her hair, thinking it would have the same effects as actual, real hairspray. As a result, and much to her dismay, her hair was literally pasted flat to her fucking scalp, and everything she tried to use to remove the adhesive material from her crown, either made the situation worse, or at best, failed miserably.

However, there is a way to remove glue, and that is to use a solvent such as gasoline; however, Tessica just simply isn't smart enough to figure this out, and so, the glue will remain on her head until it comes off naturally. However, if Tessica attempted to use gasoline, she'd likely burn down her entire shitty neighborhood in the process, and then steal someone else's phone like a typical nigger, to complain that her solution "didn't work". The Jew York Post recently reported that Twitter-favicon.png she got pregnant with a total of six children!

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