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The Björk in its traditional garb, the hide of a giant swan.
The Swedish Chef prepares the raw material for her gown.
Björk is actually from Naböo.
A cat going through the many phases of "björk."

The Björk (born Björk Guðmundsdóttir) (also known as The Savior of Iceland), is a Chinese-looking, singer-songwriter, actress, composer, and music producer. Some argue that Björk is supernatural, possibly an elf, fairy, alien, or some other such bizarre creature. It is wise to approach the Björk carefully, as it is known to go fucking insane, for little to no reason at all. Possibly, its equally insane fans are to blame.


Björking Around

Björk can be a state of profound spiritual satisfaction, happiness or joy, often associated with the idea of being "nude all over." Many people claim to have experienced "björk".

I'm Not Björking With You

I live in an apartment in New Björk City. Once upon a time I walked in on my brother Björking off to a Björk Out Infomercial as he yelled, "If it ain't Björk don't fix it!" When my dad came home from Björk, my dog Björked at him so loud I fell off my skateBjörk and Björk my arm. At dinner, I picked up my Björk and spoon to eat some Björk Björked beans but my mother told me, "No elBjörks on the table," to which I promptly replied, "Björk off."

If Prince had a love child with Björk. lulz


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