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Bitstrips is an app for Facebook which allows for criminally unfunny plebs to tag their friends and family in half-baked single panel comic strips they made while at work. Because most facebook users are devoid of a phenomenon known as good sense, the vast majority of the 300,000 bitstrips produced per day boil down to being an artistic rendition of a status update about their dinner.

I was never good at drawing, but Bitstrips allows non-artistic people like myself to dabble in something that we couldn’t before.


—Thanks for nothing.


Public Service Announcement

Upon release Bitstrips went virtually unknown, drowned out by the white noise generated by thousands of other equally useless apps. However much like FarmVille and Candy Crush, the relentless barrage of notifications and tagging it spewed upon the masses helped push it into viral status. As of October 2013, Bitstrip claims to have over 11,000,000 monthly users.

How to Create a Bitstrip

  1. Take the first random thought that pops in your head.
  2. Write that thought into a text bubble on Bitstrip.
  3. Tag the last person you masturbated to.
  4. ????
  5. Kill yourself.


Making A Naked Avvy on Bitstrips

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