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BioWare is a game developer studio founded at least 100 years ago, notable for creating countless RPGs, gradually degrading in quality and depth as time went on. Like the games industry in general, BioWare shifted towards politics of a leftist (and eventual SJW) agenda, tarnishing the reputation of the company and inflicting yet another scar upon the rotting and stagnating industry.


Notable products include:

Baldur's Gate - Genuinely great game that holds a place in lots of 90s kids hearts.

Neverwinter Nights - One of trillions of generic shitty RPGs based off D&D.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic - A decent enough RPG of its time, now aged like shit like most early 2000s games.

Mass Effect - A sci-fi RPG series that offered significantly dumbed down mechanics and story compared to KOTOR. The quality of the writing and gameplay quickly dropped down as time went on but raked in billions of cash for them.

Dragon Age - Another overrated generic fantasy RPG series. The second game was significantly dumbed down compared to the first, and the third pandered to SJW fags, featuring pedophile and tranny propaganda and characters.

Marxist Agenda

No wonder the quality of their games is so shit nowadays..

BioWare, like much of the gaming industry and San Francisco area is absolutely infested to the core with anti-american liberal/SJW freaks who push their faggotry onto their products. Look at the story of Mass Effect, where duh whyte man is portrayed as the bad guy (Illusive Man), Interspecies sex is a healthy, beautiful act, mass murdering thousands of people is alright to accomplish your goals, women are all strong and capable and dont need no man, or take Dragon Age's romantic embrace of homosexuality and gender bender offenders. It is not a coincidence that these games feature this content. There is an agenda to normalize degeneracy in America, likely stemming from a communist plot long ago to plant the seeds of faggotry in the minds of the dumb American goyim.

Manveer really hates white people- that's why he lives in Canada and not his native India

For more examples of the marxist fags working at BioWare, take the classic case of hiring a fat feminazi fuck to your company; Jennifer Hepler, who shat all over the writing of several games. Or how about Manveer Heir, an Poo-loo invader of Canada, notorious for his deep siring ArchiveToday-favicon.pnghatred of white people. Around the release of ME:Andromeda, he was let go from his company. Liberals are infamous for hating white people, and yet this fag was bad enough to get kicked out of even BioWare.

Anita Sarkeesian tweeting about her visit at BioWare headquarters to corrupt women with social justice bullshit.
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