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Aspergerbenice.gif This person has Assburgers Syndrome,
so you can't say anything bad! :-(

Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.
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I am An admin, Hater of ED, and a person who likes to blog


AKA Captain Chubby Cheeks
His own personal logo, how... nice
Bill 0\/\/n5 ED with this edit to the Clayranger89 article.

Here at ED, the phrases "batshit insane" and "unwarranted self-importance" are liberally thrown around the tubes at any tart with enough brain cells to sign up for LiveJournal. But when we say these things about Bill9929, we sincerely mean it. Bill9929, alternatively known as Bill Peebles, is one of the most preposterous manchildren to grace the internet; an aspiring writer and wiki admin, most of Bill's time is spent authoring masterpieces on the Creepypasta Wiki when he is not occupied with explaining his erratic behaviors to Wikia staff. He is a known white knight for Clayranger89, even sharing some of the same interests as his partner-in-crime (and is suspected to be EASalert88). After being physically and emotionally impaired by the harm coming from words on a computer screen, Bill opened up the AntiEDGroup, another Hateline-like project dedicated to Taking Down ED. With Kevin Provance at his side, Bill thought nothing could go wrong.

His writing

The Alarm Clock

The other day i bought a new alarm clock on eBay. It was a fancy one that showed the weather. I hooked it up and i woke up to the weather forcast. On the 6 night i had it i went to bed and i had a bad dream. I then woke up with and i looked at the alarm clock and it said "666" on it. I then reset it then it said "Searching" like what it normaly does to look for the time. It than displayed the time then i went back to sleep. I woke up again and found the alarm clock to say "666" i went to unplug it when it bursted into flames. Then suddenly it was daylight. I brought the clock to a local dump. I went back and the alarm clock was on my nightstand again. I brought it to a incenerator and burned it. Then on my way back i faint and got into an accident in my car. An EMT saved my life. I have never bought an alarm clock after that situation.

Boy Scout Troop 666

Has anyone heard of Troop 666? It was a troop that went to a camping trip and never came back. I was watching TV when suddenly I fainted. Then I was at the camp ground where they were last seen. It was at Devil's Nook Forest in Rovensville, Minnesota. It was very dark out, which was very strange. I couldn't even see the moon! I was walking around, wondering where I was until I saw a bunch of corpses. I went and immediately called 911 on my cell phone. The cops never arrived. To this day I am scared to death because of this event. It seems to haunt me in my dreams sometimes... It was a horrible event, and I don't think anyone should ever have to experience it. I was in th erapy for years due to this. I had the urge to see this site, so I drove to the location I was in, in the dream, and saw a single gravestone. It read "RIP (It said my name, but I censored it)". I was never found again. See you at the camp...

The Story of Weird Ozzy

Once upon a time in the 1920s there was a guy named Ozzy. He usually spends his time at a club called Ye Olde Creepysalad Wikiatory. Then he got promoted to work at the wikiatory. He had to kick many people out for vandalizing the club. His parents names are Momma Ben and Daddy Xan. The both thought he was really crazy so they took him to the mental hospital. On a piece of paper he wrote “RUN RUN RUN RUN FROM THE BAN YOU ARE BANNED”. Everyone was shocked about it. The next day ozzy was missing. His parents called ozzy’s uncle Cleric to tell them about the disappearance. Xan, Ben, and Cleric drove for hours and could not find anything. The police then started an investigation. The next day Ozzy was found and had many cuts and bruises on him. Ozzy was fixed up but he is still weird. Ozzy died on May 11, 1959. Today Ozzy’s great grandson Maverick (last name omitted) works for a newer version of the Creepysalad Wikiatory called Creepypasta Wiki.

Wikia Ban

Beware vandals, or he will crack out the banhammer on you himself
Bill once again strokes his ego over blocking an account he made.

After receiving administrative privileges on the Creepypasta wiki, Bill decided it would be a fantastic idea to impersonate Meepsheep by creating a sock from the same IP he uses for his main account, upload pain series, vandalize his own userpage, and then ban said account only to make a blog about how vandalism would not be tolerated. However, Bill failed to realize that Wikia staff have very little patience for high-level vandals and associates, and spend countless hours everyday globally blocking them and their associated IP (proxy) ranges, thus his account was frozen. His immediate reaction? Make a Wikipedia account for the sole purpose of posting "My name is Bill, I decided to be a user on here after a fag globaly blocked me on Wikia" (said revision can be located here, he blanked the page after discovering it was linked to in this very article). It was days until he realized that contacting the staff member who blocked him and explaining the situation might clear it up. Below is the friendly exchange between the two parties.

Tim Quievryn, Nov-03 04:08 pm (UTC): Hello,

Thanks for contacting Wikia. Let me explain why you were blocked on our service:

On October the 14th you created an account called "Meeepsheep", uploaded a questionable picture, and then used your primary account to delete the picture and ban the user. This is what our IP data conclusively shows and thus I am going to assume this is true.

As I'm sure you know, Meepsheep is a vulgar vandal we take seriously. Any indication that you were Meepsheep would lead to immediate blocking as we have in this case.

Upon your request, I have done some digging into the IP data and I am fairly confident that you are not the "real" Meepsheep, so I am lifting the block as I feel three weeks was fair punishment.

Socking and spoofing notorious vandal accounts is a definite no-no. I'm honestly not sure what you hoped to gain from the action you performed, but it is not acceptable behaviour on our service and we will react in much the same manner (long-term block).

Hope this explanation helps and enjoy being back on our service!

Timothy Quievryn Wikia Community Support Team

Bill9929, Nov-02 04:29 am (UTC): Hello, I was caught in a global block, I am not sure what it was for but I apologise for any inconvenience that happened on Wikia. I have provided the block info below

The block was made by Charitwo. Reason given: This username or IP address is prevented from editing across the entire Wikia network due to spam, vandalism or other disruption. If you believe this is in error, please contact Wikia. Start of block: 22:15, October 14, 2011 Expiry of block: infinite Intended blockee: Bill9929 Block ID: #23586 Current IP address:

Bill ([email protected]) Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; CPU iPhone OS 5_0 like Mac OS X) AppleWebKit/534.46 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.1 Mobile/9A334 Safari/7534.48.3 wkID: 177; wkLang: en; IP:; uID: 4251868 (User:Bill9929); uLang: en

To review the status of the request and add additional comments, follow the link below:

You can also add a comment by replying to this email.

And they still don't believe him

[21:15:08] <Bill9929> how firesheep works is it captures the feed that an unsecured connection (kind of like when you listen on phone calls with another phone in the house)
[21:15:10] koishi [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Read error: Connection reset by peer
[21:15:36] <Godisme> Bill, you are not blocked or bannedfromchat
[21:15:45] <Bill9929> i was blocked globaly
[21:16:01] <Monchoman45> You can appeal that at Special:Contact
[21:16:12] <Bill9929> i have done that allready
[21:16:20] ChanServ [[email protected]] has set mode +q *!*@gateway/web/qwebirc/
[21:16:20] <Monchoman45> Wait for a response
[21:16:23] <Rainbow_Dash> lol
[21:16:27] <Monchoman45> Or that
[21:16:35] <Gard|lurkmoar> eh?
[21:16:47] <Araya> heh
[21:17:02] <Godisme> whatevs
[21:17:03] Bill9929 [[email protected]/web/qwebirc/] has quit IRC: Quit: Wikia webchat:
[21:17:09] <charitwo> bye meepsheep
[21:17:12] <Monchoman45> Oh really

Further abuse of his administrative powers

You abuse your powers, broski! —Preceding unsigned comment added by SheWatchesYou (talk • contribs)

You posted ASCII art in chat. Bill9929 01:37, November 12, 2011 (UTC)


—Because posting ASCII art is a bannable offense

Hey dude, why are you so uptight? i mean, i was just making a joke, You could've given me a warning. By this i can tell that the Halo Nation chat is better organized, no offense or anything. HaloReplicas 17:44, November 3, 2011 (UTC)

"Sexual Matters" is against the chat rules and is a no-warning kick. "RCN=Retared Communications Network" User:Bill9929


—Another user infuriates Bill about his virgin problem

h1 and bold

is pretty handy. InfinityLimit 04:35, November 15, 2011 (UTC)

We don't use h1 here. It is considered spam. Bill9929 04:36, November 15, 2011 (UTC)


—Getting angry at a user for knowing more about basic markup than he did

Bill shares his deepest and most pretentious thoughts

Classic angst About missing Pics

Anti-ED Group

One of his oh-so-hurtful pages. Bill9929 really knows how to get someone down.

Disliked Website(s): Encyclopedia Drmatica (can't link it due to the abuse filter) Ohinternet


—Gotta admit, he is right about the Ohinternet part

After being so distraught in the anus by this very page, Bill decided to open up another Anti-ED wiki to whine about the admins, users, pages, etc on another one of those free-hosting sites. Located here, his wiki is an upcoming lol-mine of aspies and former trolling targets, all looking to stoop down to ED's level. The only problem is - they're not very good at it.

well meepsheep is a internet nerd!] he thinks the interwebs is his life! but still thats kinda stupid he wont know about our secret plan... heheheh.


—The intelligence of one of his users (likely a sock)

Garret is a stupid fucking faggot that has a stupid websit called ed that tries to harass people. it is an illegal website and the fbi has been informed


There is also the problem that most of its active user base, is people trolling Bill for the lulz.

Typical day on the Anti-ED wiki

    (diff | hist) . . User:Trey-Ninja-Walrus‎; 23:31 . . (-5,970) . . Bill9929 (Talk | contribs) (Replaced content with "This user is an administrator on this wiki. Do NOT fuck with him or he will rip your nuts off.")
    (Block log); 23:30 . . Bill9929 (Talk | contribs) blocked ChocolateRain (Talk | contribs) with an expiry time of indefinite (account creation disabled) (go to hell)
    (diff | hist) . . Faggots‎; 23:29 . . (-361) . . Bill9929 (Talk | contribs)
    (diff | hist) . . O HAI‎; 23:28 . . (-487) . . Bill9929 (Talk | contribs) (Replaced content with "is the retarded salute used by EDiots. also cocks.")
    (Protection log); 23:27 . . Bill9929 (Talk | contribs) protected "File:ANTIED.png" [edit=sysop] (indefinite) [move=sysop] (indefinite) [upload=sysop] (indefinite)
    (Deletion log); 23:26 . . Bill9929 (Talk | contribs) deleted "File:Party Hard Kirk.gif"
    (Deletion log); 23:26 . . Bill9929 (Talk | contribs) deleted "File:DP1.gif"
    (diff | hist) . . IRC Chat‎; 23:26 . . (+731) . . ChocolateRain (Talk | contribs)
    (Deletion log); 23:26 . . Bill9929 (Talk | contribs) deleted "File:LIKE A RECORD.gif"
    (Deletion log); 23:26 . . Bill9929 (Talk | contribs) deleted "File:Sweet lovin.gif"
    (Deletion log); 23:25 . . Bill9929 (Talk | contribs) deleted "File:Photosofgarrettsmokingcrack.jpg"
    (Deletion log); 23:25 . . Bill9929 (Talk | contribs) deleted "File:NoED.jpg"
    (diff | hist) . . N Faggots‎; 23:24 . . (+490) . . ChocolateRain (Talk | contribs) (Created page with "also known as cocks. or ediots. or ED. THEY SUCK COCKSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS VAHGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO PUSYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY VAGINA Image:NoED.jpgImage:NoED.jpg[[Image:NoED...")
    (diff | hist) . . IRC Chat‎; 23:24 . . (-69) . . Bill9929 (Talk | contribs)
    (diff | hist) . . N ED‎; 23:23 . . (+453) . . ChocolateRain (Talk | contribs) (Created page with "zaiger eats cocks, alsogarrett kisses hipcrime's dick. also cocks. VAGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOS Image:NoED.jpgImage:NoED.jpgImage:NoED.jpg[[Image:NoED....")
    (diff | hist) . . N EDfags‎; 23:22 . . (+571) . . ChocolateRain (Talk | contribs) (Created page with "also known as pædos. PEDOS EVERYWHERE ZOMG LULZ NOT. also cocks. Image:NoED.jpgImage:NoED.jpgImage:NoED.jpgImage:NoED.jpgImage:NoED.jpgImage:NoED.jpg[[I...")
    (diff | hist) . . N O HAI‎; 23:21 . . (+537) . . ChocolateRain (Talk | contribs) (Created page with "is the retarded salute used by EDiots. also cocks. Image:NoED.jpgImage:NoED.jpgImage:NoED.jpgImage:NoED.jpgImage:NoED.jpgImage:NoED.jpgImage:NoED.jpg[...")
    (Protection log); 23:20 . . Bill9929 (Talk | contribs) protected "User:Bill9929" [edit=sysop] (indefinite) [move=sysop] (indefinite) (Excessive vandalism)
    (Move log); 23:20 . . Bill9929 (Talk | contribs) moved User:Bill9929 is a pedophile to User:Bill9929 over redirect
    (diff | hist) . . User:Bill9929 is a pedophile‎; 23:20 . . (-2,840) . . Bill9929 (Talk | contribs) (Replaced content with "I am founder of this wonderful wiki. Leave me a message on my talk page if you need anything.")
    (diff | hist) . . N ED is Shit‎; 23:20 . . (+133) . . ChocolateRain (Talk | contribs) (Created page with "yarly, ed is a great piece of shit, and cocks. also cocks. and dickie dickie dicks. if you know zaiger fuck him. Image:NoED.jpg")
    (Move log); 23:20 . . Bill9929 (Talk | contribs) moved User talk:Bill9929 is a pedophile to User talk:Bill9929 over redirect
    (diff | hist) . . User talk:Bill9929 is a pedophile‎; 23:20 . . (-110) . . Bill9929 (Talk | contribs)
    (diff | hist) . . m User:Bill9929 is a pedophile‎; 23:19 . . (-612) . . Bill9929 (Talk | contribs) (Reverted edits by ChocolateRain (talk) to last revision by Hipcrime)
    (User creation log); 23:17 . . Joseph Evers (Talk | contribs) New user account
    (diff | hist) . . User:Bill9929 is a pedophile‎; 23:17 . . (+612) . . ChocolateRain (Talk | contribs)
    (Block log); 23:17 . . Bill9929 (Talk | contribs) blocked Garrett (Talk | contribs) with an expiry time of indefinite (account creation disabled) (go fuck yourself)
    (Block log); 23:16 . . Bill9929 (Talk | contribs) blocked GirlVinyl (Talk | contribs) with an expiry time of indefinite (account creation disabled) (go fuck yourself)
    (User creation log); 23:15 . . Hi (Talk | contribs) New user account
    (Block log); 23:15 . . Bill9929 (Talk | contribs) blocked Meepsheep (Talk | contribs) with an expiry time of indefinite (account creation disabled) (go fuck yourself)
    (Block log); 23:14 . . Bill9929 (Talk | contribs) blocked Hipcrime (Talk | contribs) with an expiry time of indefinite (account creation disabled)
    (Deletion log); 23:14 . . Bill9929 (Talk | contribs) deleted "User:Hipcrime" (content was: "<center>800px</center>" (and the only contributor was "Hipcrime"))
    (diff | hist) . . N AntiEncyclopediaGroupWiki:About‎; 23:12 . . (+875) . . ChocolateRain (Talk | contribs) (Created page with "centercentercentercentercentercentercenter[[I...")
    (Move log); 23:11 . . Hipcrime (Talk | contribs) moved User talk:Bill9929 to User talk:Bill9929 is a pedophile (for the lulz)
    (Move log); 23:11 . . Hipcrime (Talk | contribs) moved User:Bill9929 to User:Bill9929 is a pedophile (for the lulz)
    (diff | hist) . . N AntiEncyclopediaGroupWiki:General disclaimer‎; 23:11 . . (+2,880) . . GirlVinyl (Talk | contribs) (Created page with "image:NoED.jpgimage:NoED.jpgimage:NoED.jpgimage:NoED.jpgimage:NoED.jpgimage:NoED.jpgimage:NoED.jpgimage:NoED.jpgimage:NoED.jpg[[image:NoED.jpg...")
    (diff | hist) . . Category:Retarded ED sysops‎; 23:10 . . (+26) . . ChocolateRain (Talk | contribs)
    (diff | hist) . . Category:Retarded ED editors‎; 23:10 . . (+26) . . ChocolateRain (Talk | contribs)
    (diff | hist) . . User:Trey-Ninja-Walrus‎; 23:04 . . (+5,970) . . GirlVinyl (Talk | contribs)
    (diff | hist) . . Meepsheep‎; 23:03 . . (+26) . . ChocolateRain (Talk | contribs)
    (diff | hist) . . IRC Chat‎; 23:02 . . (+26) . . ChocolateRain (Talk | contribs)
    (diff | hist) . . Garrett‎; 23:01 . . (+27) . . ChocolateRain (Talk | contribs)
    (Upload log); 22:58 . . ChocolateRain (Talk | contribs) uploaded "File:NoED.jpg"
    (diff | hist) . . N AntiEncyclopediaGroupWiki:Privacy policy‎; 22:55 . . (+110) . . GirlVinyl (Talk | contribs) (Created page with "OUR PRIVACY POLICY IS NEVER MAKE PICTURS LEIK DAT APPEAR IN ARTICLE: image:Photosofgarrettsmokingcrack.jpg")
    (diff | hist) . . User talk:Bill9929‎; 22:51 . . (+110) . . GirlVinyl (Talk | contribs)
    (User creation log); 22:51 . . ChocolateRain (Talk | contribs) New user account
    (diff | hist) . . User:Bill9929‎; 22:51 . . (+2,840) . . GirlVinyl (Talk | contribs)
    (diff | hist) . . Nm File talk:Photosofgarrettsmokingcrack.jpg‎; 22:50 . . (+144) . . Hipcrime (Talk | contribs) (i am disappoint)
    (Upload log); 22:48 . . GirlVinyl (Talk | contribs) uploaded "File:Photosofgarrettsmokingcrack.jpg" (I FOUND THEM ON HIS PHOTOBUCKET WE CAN TAKE HIM DOWN WITH THIS HE IS SMOKING ILLEGAL CRACK HERE)
    (User creation log); 22:46 . . Meepsheep (Talk | contribs) New user account

Provance Joins the Fun

<Paul__> I've been fighting these bastards for years

While doing his usual rounds of e-stalking through Twitter, known cyberbully Kevin Provance discovered the Anti-ED wiki. Seeing at as a place to further his actions of posting incorrect dox of ED admins he found on Google, he joined under the name "Paul", the same name he uses in various communities when attempting to be an uber 1337 troll. He of course claims that this is not him, however the dumb bastard has a few brain cells too short than what is required to figure out how to use a proxy.

* Paul__ ([email protected]/web/freenode/ip. has joined #AntiEDGroup is Kevin's IP, packets ahoy.

ED goes in hard, no lube

much more stylish
The forum topics became much more interesting once ED gained control

ED eventually decided that it had drank enough of this juicy lolcow's milk, and proceeded to buttfuck Billy Peebles and all his little friends. Many EDiots crawled out from the depths of ED IRC to ddos the crap out of Billy's irc channel, smiting all of the users and consequently locking billy out of his own irc, while members of EDF2 vandalized the crap out of his articles. The slimy EDiots then moved their tentacles towards the mean old wiki itself, and proceeded to make the site notice much prettier, complete with dox of his parents.

Billy no-mates is now undoubtedly sitting in a dark corner weeping, every sob echoing the laughs of the EDiots that ground his asspie face into the dirt.

Bill gets Dox'd in Freenode

Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: Bill9929/logs.

[15:49] <tmayc> googl shoud be informed
[15:49] <tmayc> reporting
[15:49] <AlphaCentari> Actually
[15:49] <MrPants> Google doesn't give half a dog's last
[15:49] <AlphaCentari> Google images is a
[15:49] <boss__> cya
[15:49] <boss__> I have to go
[15:49] <@lolster1> Reporting me?
[15:49] <MrPants> quick question
[15:49] == mode/#AntiEDGroup [+q *!*] by
[15:49] <MrPants> How old are all of you?
[15:49] <@Bill9929> I am 18
[15:49] <MrPants> I see
[15:49] <MrPants> The rest of you?
[15:50] <MrPants> lolster?
[15:50] == pageblanker
[[email protected]] has joined #AntiEDGroup
[15:50] <MrPants> oshit
[15:50] <MrPants> moar ppl
[15:50] == Beefcake
[[email protected]] has joined #AntiEDGroup
[15:50] <MrPants> OHAI BEEFCAKE
[15:50] <MrPants> WE R HAVIN FUN
[15:50] <pageblanker> HI
[15:50] <Beefcake> HI
[15:50] <Beefcake> HI PAGEBLANKER
[15:50] <MrPants> HAI
[15:50] <pageblanker> WUT iz goin' on in hur
[15:50] <Beefcake> WHAT ARE WE DOING?
[15:50] == Leroy6
[[email protected]/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page
[15:50] <lewrker> I turn 15 in december
[15:50] <MrPants> WE'RE DOING STUFF
[15:50] <pageblanker> no shit, you gonna get a
[15:50] <lewrker> maybe...
[15:50] == idlesketch
[[email protected]] has joined #AntiEDGroup
[15:51] <MrPants> OSHIT
[15:51] <MrPants> MOAR PEOPLE
[15:51] <Beefcake> I DRIVE A SPORTSCAR
[15:51] <idlesketch> alright, what's the
[15:51] <Beefcake> A CLASSIC SPORTSCAR
[15:51] == mode/#AntiEDGroup [+q *!*@] by ChanServ
[15:51] == idlesketch has changed nick to captainplanet
[15:51] <MrPants> lol
[15:51] <MrPants> You know
[15:52] <MrPants> muting these guys means you can't get
them to stop by other means
[15:52] <@Bill9929> Did Beefcake get quieted?
[15:52] <MrPants> you don't understand how ED
[15:52] == captainplanet has changed nick to sketchasketch
[15:52] <Thayora> it looks like he has
[15:52] == mode/#AntiEDGroup [+q *!*] by ChanServ
[15:53] <@lolster1> offended offended me
[15:53] <MrPants> yeah
[15:53] <MrPants> it did it's job then
[15:53] <sketchasketch> that's the point
[15:53] <MrPants> Of course, it doesn't work on people
with thick skin
[15:53] <MrPants> For example
[15:53] <MrPants> all ediots
[15:53] <MrPants> all btards
[15:53] <MrPants> all...
[15:53] <MrPants> anyone on the internets, pretty
[15:53] == boss__
[[email protected]/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 265
[15:54] <@lolster1> all 4chan members are
[15:54] == pageblanker
[[email protected]] has quit [Quit: brb with different shell]
[15:54] <MrPants> btards are gr8
[15:54] <MrPants> oh
[15:54] == sketchasketch
[[email protected]] has left #AntiEDGroup []
[15:54] == tragic
[[email protected]] has joined #AntiEDGroup
[15:54] <tragic> herd there was
[15:55] <MrPants> So i herd u liek mudkipz
[15:55] <tragic> a chanel for us now
[15:55] <tragic> swag
[15:55] <tragic> Bill9929: i think
[15:55] <tragic> ewwe can do better
[15:55] <tragic> 2 change the internet and take
[15:56] <MrPants> Bill
[15:56] <tragic> and i wont start hating unless they make
[15:56] <MrPants> You the owner of this?
[15:56] <tragic> Bill9929: lets reove the ed tards
[15:56] <MrPants> reove?
[15:57] <tragic> Thayora dramatica Beefcake AlphaCentari
and probly like every other perso n in h
[15:57] <tragic> remove BITCH
[15:57] <MrPants> Yeah
[15:57] <MrPants> most of this channel is
[15:57] <@Bill9929> Yes, I am the founder of the
[15:57] <MrPants> k
[15:57] <MrPants> just making sure
[15:57] <tmayc> no this chanel is for anti
[15:57] <MrPants> cuz bill
[15:57] <MrPants> They just doxed you
[15:57] <MrPants> soz
[15:57] <tmayc> i though
[15:57] <tmayc> t
[15:57] <@Bill9929> Link me the dox
[15:57] <tragic> no they didnt
[15:57] <MrPants> It's in IRC <3
[15:58] <Thayora> whats dox?
[15:58] <tragic> THATS A WHOIS
[15:58] <MrPants> ed's, that is
[15:58] <tragic> hahahaha
mrpants ur a fag
[15:58] <@lolster1> lol
[15:58] <MrPants> hahaha tragic gtfo my cock
[15:58] <tmayc> reporting
[15:58] <@Bill9929> LINK ME THE DOX
[15:58] <tmayc> reported
[15:58] <tragic> itz
[15:58] <tragic> a /whois
[15:58] <dramatica> Bill9929: how are
[15:58] <dramatica> brian
[15:58] <tragic> #ed is not nothin 2 wory bout
[15:58] <dramatica> and jennifer
[15:58] <dramatica> doing
[15:58] <MrPants> lulz
[15:58] <tragic> i take care of #ed
[15:58] <MrPants> tragic
[15:58] <tragic> i do u a afvor
[15:59] <MrPants> tragic
[15:59] <tragic> ill dox and personally own every single
#ed user for $15
[15:59] <@Bill9929> Brian and Jennifer what?
[15:59] <MrPants> LOLOLOLOL
[15:59] == Bill9929
[[email protected]] has left #AntiEDGroup []
[15:59] <Thayora> ?
[16:00] <lewrker> ? what happen
[16:00] <tmayc> ^isnt he the leader?
[16:00] <Thayora> what just happened
[16:00] <tragic> I'll shut down cities and stall their
organization for small fee

Bill quits the internet

The whole thing in a nutshell

After realizing his futile attempts were only getting him in bigger and bigger trouble, Bill did what should have happened a long time ago: he deleted his twitter, shut down his computer, and wept in a lone corner of his room. Yet another victory for ED.

I am going to shut this blog down due to the fact that I am being harassed by members of Encyclopedia Dramatica



Return and reaction from his colleagues

Not more than a day after his massive sperg fest, Bill returned to his regular duties at the Creepypasta wiki, thinking he'd slide under the radar of ED. Sadly, he was mistaken.

Bill says that if a certain ED page isn't updated in 2 weeks, he will contribute as Bill9929 again. He doesn't specify which ED page, because apparently "it's too embarrassing to link to me" and he "can't talk about it here". I'm just gonna assume it's some troll post about him.


Let me explain, This process was to trick the people at ED in to thinking that i quit Wikia. Now they think i am done with Wikia. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.


—Nice job

Fortunately, the other users of the wiki are a bit smarter than Bill, and would probably not allow themselves to end up in the same predicament.

9:56 Cloverbeatme!! What does it mean to be Dox'd?
9:56 ClericofMadness It means someone found your personal information and have presented the documents thereof (Dox = documents)
9:57 Cloverbeatme!! Creepy...
9:57 Gamefuel2000 D:
9:57 ClericofMadness Something like Name, Address, IP, Parents, etc
9:57 Cloverbeatme!! I'm glad I'm good with the people of ED...
9:57 ClericofMadness I find ED amusing and highly enjoyable to read
I have read so much of it over a span of years
Bill, sadly, acted in textbook fashion
9:58 Cloverbeatme!! I think Bill is just feeding the trolls by trying to take down ED!
9:59 ClericofMadness No he wasn't just feeding the fucking trolls
He was setting up a housing complex
and soup kitchen
10:00 Cloverbeatme!! His insults were feeding the trolls... 

Bill tries his old tricks again...

Bill did not learn his lesson the first time and decided to try another Meepsheep impersonation. When BlittleMcTardface linked his wiki in Creepypasta Wikia chat, he registered an account, and just a few hours later he made a sock account called "IAmNotMeepsheep" and vandalized the wiki with it. Blittle banned the sock, thinking it was Meepsheep (how would she find a wiki that doesn't even come up in Google search results?), but then he found this forum post, saying that it was his brother, when previously he had been told Meepsheep put him on a botnet. This conflict aroused his suspicion, and after asking what he should do, he was convinced of Bill's sockpuppetry and unleashed the banhammer on his other account. Ultimately it was pointless, as what is assumed to be something Bill did to make ED look bad backfired horribly and made a former friend join the dark side

Of course, Bill denied all accusations, but was overpowered by strong evidence against him.

Moar WikiDrama

After the above incident, Blittle and his e-friends were in a group chat on Skype. He told them of Bill's treachery, and MegaGPlus (one of the previously mentioned e-friends) posted it in Creepypasta Wikia chat. The chat was thrust into chaos, with Linkstar calling Blittle a traitor, Bill threatening to start an "AntiBlittleGroup", and ClericofMadness not giving a crap.

What McTardface Said

 [8:57:41 PM] BlittleMcNilsen: read up on this butthurt creepypasta wiki admin:
 [8:57:41 PM] BlittleMcNilsen:
 [8:59:29 PM] BlittleMcNilsen: in one part it tells of how Bill impersonated Meepsheep. I thought this was fake, but then something happened:
 [8:59:35 PM] BlittleMcNilsen:
 [8:59:38 PM] BlittleMcNilsen: this vandal
 [8:59:47 PM] BlittleMcNilsen: joined my wiki just hours after bill did
 [8:59:54 PM] BlittleMcNilsen: coincidence?
 [8:59:55 PM] BlittleMcNilsen: nope!
 [8:59:58 PM] BlittleMcNilsen: just chuck testa!
 [9:00:00 PM] BlittleMcNilsen: and then:
 [9:00:06 PM] BlittleMcNilsen:
 [9:00:10 PM] BlittleMcNilsen: so yeah
 [9:00:17 PM] BlittleMcNilsen: my respect for him is now dead

The Drama That Resulted

 # 6:05 MegaGPlus Bill9929...
 # 6:05 MegaGPlus I have something for you.
 # 6:05 MegaGPlus [8:57:41 PM] BlittleMcNilsen: read up on this butthurt creepypasta wiki admin: [8:57:41 PM] BlittleMcNilsen: [8:59:29 PM] BlittleMcNilsen: in one part it tells of how Bill impersonated Meepsheep. I thought this was fake, but then something happened: [8:59:35 PM] BlittleMcNilsen: [8:59:38 PM] BlittleMcNilsen: this vandal [8:59:47 PM] BlittleMcNilsen: joined my wiki just hours after bill did [8:59:54 PM] BlittleMcNilsen: coincidence? [8:59:55 PM] BlittleMcNilsen: nope! [8:59:58 PM] BlittleMcNilsen: just chuck testa! [9:00:00 PM] BlittleMcNilsen: and then: [9:00:06 PM] BlittleMcNilsen: [9:00:10 PM] BlittleMcNilsen: so yeah [9:00:17 PM] BlittleMcNilsen: my respect for him is now dead [9:00:23 PM] BlittleMcNilsen: and i see him only as a butthurt moron
 # 6:05 Linkstar Well Blittle
 # 6:05 Linkstar what do you got to say?
 # 6:06 BlittleMcNilsen i got to say
 # 6:06 ClericofMadness And the point of that wall of pasting was to be a douche, mega?
 # 6:06 MegaGPlus yes. :3
 # 6:06 BlittleMcNilsen his formatting is broken
 # 6:06 REDDOT Go ahead and disrespect people, nothing going to happen.
 # 6:06 BlittleMcNilsen and so are the links
 # 6:06 BlittleMcNilsen that is all
 # 6:06 MegaGPlus :o
 # 6:06 Linkstar The point is your a traitor
 # 6:06 MegaGPlus :D
 # MegaGPlus was kickbanned.
 # 6:06 REDDOT lol
 # MegaGPlus has left the chat.
 # 6:06 Cloverbeatme!! We can't kick Blittle for having a opinion...
 # 6:07 ClericofMadness Nope
 # 6:07 BlittleMcNilsen k
 # 6:07 ClericofMadness But I kicked Mega for trying to start shit
 # 6:07 BlittleMcNilsen now who wants pizza?
 # 6:07 ClericofMadness I DO
 # 6:07 BlittleMcNilsen omnom
 # 6:07 Linkstar Well hes a traitor if you ask me
 # 6:07 ClericofMadness just not 400 boxes
 # 6:07 ClericofMadness How, link? O_o
 # 6:07 BlittleMcNilsen yay i'm a traitor
 # 6:07 ClericofMadness What did he betray?
 # 6:07 Cloverbeatme!! OH NO!
 # 6:07 Linkstar I got my eye on you
 # 6:07 BlittleMcNilsen k
 # 6:07 Linkstar he seems like he wants to go to the other side
 # 6:07 Cloverbeatme!! You're still awesome...
 # 6:07 Cloverbeatme!! Blittle...
 # 6:07 Linkstar and join the trolls side
 # 6:08 ClericofMadness He believes what has been posted online about bill and then suspicious activity happened on his wiki
 # 6:08 ClericofMadness Link, please stop :3
 # 6:08 BlittleMcNilsen no
 # 6:08 BlittleMcNilsen actually
 # 6:08 BlittleMcNilsen i didn't believe it
 # 6:08 REDDOT Who is Brittle anyway?
 # 6:08 BlittleMcNilsen until the suspicious activity happened on my wiki
 # ManraptorHurrr has joined the chat.
 # 6:08 BlittleMcNilsen and i noticed his explanations were inconsistent
 # 6:08 ClericofMadness Okay, then you read about suspicious activity and then something similar happened.
 # 6:08 ManraptorHurrr suspicious... ACTIVITY?!
 # 6:09 BlittleMcNilsen yes i guess
 # 6:09 MoMo6 cheik outz mah new Trollpasta!!!]
 # 6:09 MoMo6 i hate exclamation marks
 # 6:09 Linkstar So your saying Bill spammed and fucked up our wiki and not trolls
 # 6:09 BlittleMcNilsen how would trolls find my wiki anyways?
 # 6:09 BlittleMcNilsen it won't even come up on google
 # 6:09 Bill9929 There is no CheckUser
 # 6:09 ClericofMadness I didn't even know you have a wiki .-.
 # 6:09 Bill9929 I have NEVER abused multiple accounts on that wiki
 # 6:09 Bill9929 its not even on Wikia
 # 6:09 ClericofMadness Can we stop all the drama in chat, for the love of my sanity? D:
 # 6:10 BlittleMcNilsen you're already insane
 # 6:10 ManraptorHurrr I have a wiki. But it sucks. Lol.
 # 6:10 Bill9929 I am not insane
 # 6:10 ClericofMadness Oh, that's true.
 # 6:10 BlittleMcNilsen you are the cleric of MADNES
 # 6:10 BlittleMcNilsen *MADNESS
 # 6:10 ClericofMadness I am insane! Also, pm, check
 # 6:10 Bill9929 I did not abuse multiple accounts on your wiki
 # 6:10 MoMo6 ok just go on the trollpasta wikia and search for MARIO GAYEM IZ EVIL!!!
 # 6:10 Bill9929 i have never abused multiple accounts on this wiki
 # 6:10 Bill9929 Have i abused multiple accounts on other Wikia? Yes but that was years ago
 # 6:11 Cloverbeatme!! I'll make my guess...
 # 6:11 Bill9929 and i did the same on Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects
 # 6:11 Cloverbeatme!! Bill9929 has a account on your wiki...
 # 6:11 REDDOT :\
 # 6:11 Bill9929 There is no CheckUser to conform that that is a sock of me
 # 6:11 Cloverbeatme!! Maybe the trolls searched for Bill, then found your wiki...
 # 6:11 BlittleMcNilsen
 # 6:11 Bill9929 Spidey665 and Luigirules33 are going to help me set up an AntiBlittleGroup
 # 6:12 BlittleMcNilsen .....
 # 6:12 BlittleMcNilsen XDDDD
 # 6:12 BlittleMcNilsen ROFLOLOLOLOL
 # 6:12 ClericofMadness Oh wow, way to look completely butthurt bill :|
 # 6:12 BlittleMcNilsen THIS IS HILARIOUS
 # 6:12 BlittleMcNilsen *drinks chocolate milk of glass*
 # 6:12 BlittleMcNilsen I mean
 # 6:12 BlittleMcNilsen uhhh...this again? :3
 # 6:12 BlittleMcNilsen /discord
 # 6:12 Cloverbeatme!! STOP IT BILL!
 # 6:13 REDDOT Wowzee.
 # 6:13 ClericofMadness Seriously. Stop it right this instant.
 # 6:13 ManraptorHurrr hurr this is a weird night
 # 6:13 Cloverbeatme!! STOP BEING BUTTHURT!
 # 6:13 MoMo6 O_O wat's going on
 # 6:13 REDDOT Drama.
 # 6:13 Bill9929 Spidey665 and Luigirules33 are awesome, and DaNASCAT shouldnt of global permab& them
 # 6:13 ClericofMadness Nothing. Absolutely nothing.
 # 6:14 ClericofMadness Bill. Stop. Now.
 # 6:14 ClericofMadness I'm not going to say that again.
 # 6:14 Bill9929 SORRY
 # 6:14 Bill9929 I am just upset
 # 6:14 Bill9929 This is ruining my internet reputation
 # 6:14 ManraptorHurrr no kidding
 # 6:14 MoMo6 lulz yea
 # 6:15 REDDOT My reputation is like...
 # 6:15 REDDOT over 9000
 # 6:15 REDDOT lololo
 # 6:15 Linkstar Wow i think i have a feeling that you might lose your admin Bill. Just stop okay please, If your upset try to calm down
 # 6:15 Cloverbeatme!! You're only ruining it more by starting A HATE GROUP!
 # 6:15 ClericofMadness >INTERNET REPUTATION
 # 6:15 Bill9929 I want to be VSTF, now i cant because of my internet reputation
 # 6:15 MoMo6 i think most people think i'm a troll :(
 # 6:15 ClericofMadness VTSF is invite only
 # 6:15 Flatomb878 Where's lolster
 # 6:15 REDDOT MoMo, you are just sociable.
 # 6:15 Flatomb878 ?
 # 6:15 Linkstar oh yeah cause None banned you and me on his wiki for no reason

Even ClericofMadness, the one who sysop'd Bill in the first place, found his butthurt ridiculous...

 # ClericofMadness If bill bans you for stuff that is happening off-site, kindly email me about it.
 # 6:10 BlittleMcNilsen okay
 # 6:11 ClericofMadness That would be abuse of power ~.~
 # 6:13 ClericofMadness My gods I am sorry he is being so childish.
 # 6:14 BlittleMcNilsen it's k
 # 6:14 BlittleMcNilsen it will just come back in his face as it will be added to his ed article
 # 6:14 BlittleMcNilsen if he carries it out
 # 6:15 ClericofMadness I really don't need one asspained admin turning this site into a mountain of work for the rest of us who have some modicum of sense

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