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The long-lost genetic clone of MBisanz Christian Weston Chandler?

C. Bedford Crenshaw or simply WPFavicon.png Bedford is a redneck Wikipedia editor who enjoyed special privileges on the wiki for a few months in the year of 2008 before having them stripped away by none other than Jimbo Wales himself. Bedford is the very epitome of a revisionist historian; he has created numerous articles on national historic sites pertaining to the American Civil War, which he correctly insists on calling "The War of Northern Aggression"[1]. Bedford claims that he's proud to be a bachelor, but he probably doesn't really have a choice in the matter as he's approaching 40-year old virgin status.

Like your typical Wikipedia admin, he is overweight, ugly, short-sighted, nerdy and fast approaching middle age, but nonetheless intelligent, as he claims to have an IQ of 137. Like most geniuses, he has a tendency to sometimes misunderstand social situations, be they OTI or IRL, and he made a major faux pas when he suggested a new hook for Wikipedia's Did you know... section about a professional wrestling match.

Did you know...

that after Melina successfully stripped Torrie Wilson (pictured) in a bra & panties match at The Great American Bash (2005), referee Candice Michelle stripped Melina and herself as well?


The Ensuing Drama

Sceptre, living up to his reputation as a WikiNazi!
How do I got desysopped?

This seemingly innocent addition managed to pass its way through Wikipedia's DYK section without anyone giving a shit about its supposedly sexual nature, and indeed made its way to the Main Page, lurking there much more inconspicuously than had it been an act of template vandalism like the ones that frequently hit many wikis. The DYK hook was only brought to the wider Wikipedo community's attention by an administrators' noticeboard post by, surprise surprise, Sceptre, seeking some attention as usual and perhaps looking to bolster his chances at a future RfA at the expense of others by pointing out Bedford's intolerance.

Krimpet (n=[email protected]/krimpet) has joined #wikipedia-en

Sceptre: ey
Sceptre: were trying to get bedford desysopped
Krimpet: who?
Sceptre: User:Bedford
Krimpet: who's trying?
Sceptre: well, some of the wikichix and ..



Apparently, several "female" editors, including SlimVirgin, Krimpet, and Sarah had taken to removing it, and their white knight, Will (talk), had to come to their rescue and start an AN/I thread bawwwing about the behavior of Bedford, while Sceptre was reveling in the attention he got from female editors who lavished Will with praise for his Noble cause against demeaning content on Wikipedia's front page.

Don't mention it. The less chauvinism, the better. It's a good thing that I found out about it, to be honest.


—Sceptre on Sarah's talk page, kissing ass like the sycophantic little prick that he is

Meanwhile, Bedford defended his own position, and why he caused an edit war on the main page of the English Wikipedia.

It was censorship by a bunch of extremists.


—Bedford showing that Wikipedia is not censored

Sceptre went on to retort:

Don't accuse someone of censorship when they didn't even remove the hook. And please, put away the spade. You're five miles deep in the lithosphere anyway.


Typical behavior coming from Sceptre

That is your own, uninformed, opinion. Your actions have been a disgrace, and an embarrassment to Wikipedia. I'm so above you, I'm in the Andromeda Galaxy.


—Bedford, talking down to a 17-year-old boy

Bedford then went on to accuse the offended women of being feminazis (quite right too, lawl). He made a MySpace blog post in which he gave these butthurt feminazi women a good verbal dressing down, which just tipped the scales and induced nerd rage in the Wikipedia community. At the end of the TL;DR administrators' noticeboard thread, the God-King Jimbo stepped in and took major action.

Jimbo's Intervention

I have desysopped him. This is not even a close call. He's so far over the line of the conduct - both onsite and offsite - that I expect from admins that nothing short of a full and complete apology for his behavior and a retraction of his comments will do. Additionally, he will have to stand for re-election if he dares. As for me, I would never vote for someone with this kind of behavior in his history.


Based primarily on your myspace blog posting, but additionally based on your onsite behavior (and either would have been sufficient cause) I have removed your sysop bit. Such attitudes and behavior are absolutely unacceptable for a Wikipedia administrator. You can reapply either through me or the ArbCom. If coming through me, I can tell you that I will require a complete and total retraction of the comments you made, as well as a disavowal of the attitudes behind those, and even then I will not re-instate you directly but rather merely allow you to stand for re-election. The ArbCom may view things differently, and be more lenient. If so, I will not stand in their way.


The Wikipedia Review went crazy with this tidbit of delicious drama, and a huge thread began with all aspects of this exciting story examined in detail. For starters, some women were not in the slightest bit offended by the hook and the "ladies" that were offended were from the wikichix mailing list, which Wikipedia Review had long been mocked by Wikipedia for claiming that wikichix would be filled with traps just like Wikipedia. And lo and behold for many of those from Wikichix (e.g. Krimpet) had been originally born male.

Wikipedia Review saw the actions of Sceptre and his ilk as political correctness gone overboard, which is exactly what it is. On the other hand, other long-TOW-banned, WR regulars such as the fieryangel started bawwwwwing about how sexism was parallel to racism and was discrimination of the worst kind. Just a note here: thefieryangel also is a trap, making it clear that only traps cared about this sexism and no real women actually did. Many were also quick to jump towards the fact that Jimbo has committed far greater atrocities against women than this guy has. The Bomis porn search portal? Russian hookers paid for by Wikimedia Foundation cash? Making Rachel Marsden wash his semen-stained clothes? A great feminist thinker he is!

Aside from the debate about the content, various meta-questions were raised about this particular type of case. Was Jimbo's desysopping out of process? Does he have the right just to Ignore All Rules and act as the undisputed, unchallenged Final Boss of TOW whenever he feels like it? What right does Wikipedia have to police its editors' actions on other websites? Last time we all checked, Wikipedia is not the Internet Watch Foundation (although it may well need investigation by them, lawl). Yet more proof that Wikipedia is a cult, that restricts its members' right to free speech, a sense of humor and general joviality that would be found on almost any other website on the internets. It also proves that by making an alliance with the feminazis, Jimbo is proving Conservapedia correct - six times more liberal than the American public, so they say - which brings us onto our next point. Why should Wikipedians be judged by liberal American standards of morality (which are pretty damned anomalous compared to the average morality of the world as a whole)? As usual, Jimbo has no answer, because he can't provide one, and doesn't care as long as the old media or valleywag don't kick up a fuss about it.

There was talk of taking this case to Arbcom, and this has now taken place. The outcome of this is yet to be seen, but undoubtedly, it'll create moar juicy drama, which is always good.

In Conclusion

Bedford, despite his shortcomings, is a pretty cool guy who we believe did it for the lulz. Encyclopedia Dramatica supports his resysopping, which also means that it will never happen. Lol.

Yes, that's right, they gave Adminship to THIS GUY

In the following videos, Bedford does his best to live up to the antics of Chris-chan (there's a striking physical resemblance, too!)

Speaks volumes, doesn't it?

Bedford and Pedobear following a successful loli abduction

On, Bedford was known as Palaguin until he was voted off the island by the manipulations of a girl named Bon in August 2002. (Bedford's archived YT journals of 2002). (Journal finding Palaguin on Wikipedia)

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