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Beastpaint is a gay porn site, located here. But I say unto you, this in no ordinary gay porn site. This is furfag bodypaint gay porn pay site. You heard right- the Furries are ruining porn with their sick fetishes and faggotry and people are for some reason actually paying to see it!

Now you can enjoy fags who think they are foxes, painted to look like fags who think they are foxes, enjoying wild buttsex on camera for fun and profit! Think Mudkipchan but with boners that aren't yours and a sick feeling in your stomach and an unfriendly empty feeling inside your wallet.

Making things even more fucked-up, single-frame subliminal messages to actually buy this shit are slipped into each video to attempt to make you part with your hard-earned jew gold.

The Website

If you have already clicked the link, you will have noticed that the owners of couldn't wait to rape your eyeballs, and put gay cheetah ass fucking on the top page. One would suspect this is because the photos are so hawt, that upon seeing them one would gladly pay the $30 a month to join.

Making it even worse, they have recently started expanding into Fursuit porn as well. So now you can watch fat gay Furfags in ill-fitting fursuits, boning for your pleasure. They even have heterosexual fursuit porn, for those who like Hot chicks boning furfags in animal suits. Apparently all fursuit videos are done at the same place as the Beastpaint studios in the Netherlands and at conventions.

Other Important information and their sister site are looking for models! Yes, you too can live the dream. Here are the for easy steps:

  • 1.Get thee to Amsterdam. No other country in the world would allow this.
  • 2.Assfuck painted or fursuited furfag.
  • 3.????
  • 4.PROFIT! (This means not getting paid, but free site subscription!)

For full details, check this page.

And it doesn't stop there! Want to look like one of the studs in the video but can't get to the land of whores and dope? Well, now you can buy a used, cummed-on, suit they used in the movies, hand-made for people like you! The used suits sell for between $500 and $1000 Each. No, I'm not kidding.

Oh God, my eyes!

Do not expand the below gallery if you value your eyesight, sanity, and sexuality.

We warned you. About missing Pics

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