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Battlecry's 2 members, seen here in their studio.

Battlecry is a shit band from New York who only sing songs about WHITE POWER. They have the style of an 80s Garage Band, and will most likely become an heroes because of shit sales (assuming they lose their Ipods first).

As seen on the right, the homosexual, pure-bred whitey is wearing an Everlast shirt, but is indeed scared to step foot in a boxing ring because of "OMG NIGRA SUPER-STRENGTH POWERS THAT'S CHEATING", aka, scared of teh nigras.

"Battlecry was formed by Richard and myself in response to what we saw as a lack of Heavy Metal representation in the music of the Pro White movement. Over the span of 20 years we have played extensively in many bands, even operating a commercial recording studio for some time. We hope those of you who purchase the Battlecry CD enjoy the direction we are taking in spreading out Pro White message. And we hope you in turn continue to spread this message, for together we are strong."

Truimph of The Will

This is one of Battlecry's FAIL rock ballads, which even has a completely homosexual video to go along with it (WMV) (GOOGLEVIDEO). This song is about white pride and triumph.

Here is the MP3 if you are blind.

The author of this article cannot stop rocking out long enough to write down the lyrics. Also, he cannot actually read due to decades of "pure white only" inbreeding.

Keepers of the Light

Battle Cry and Prussian Blue straight kickin' it.

Battlecry is currently collaborating with Prussian Blue, another shit band. While their song, "Keepers of the Light", has not been released yet, it is expected to be a top seller in the Pro WhiteNazi scene. This was announced in February, but nothing has really popped up yet. This is mostly due to not being able to find record labels who wanted to lose money.

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