Battle of /q/

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Battle of /q/
Part of The Great /pol/ - JIDF War
Date 2013
Result Deletion of /q/
POLand.gif /pol/ - Politically Incorrect
JIDFfull.jpg Jewish Internet Defense Force
SRS's fitting logo a fat bird .png Shit Reddit Says
POLand.gif /pol/lacks, /q/ueers,
4chan logo 1.png Moot
JIDFfull.jpg Shlomo Goldstein
SRS's fitting logo a fat bird .png Laurelai
POLand.gif 500+ Neckbeards
4chan logo 1.png Banhammer
JIDFfull.jpg 6,000,000 Shekels
SRS's fitting logo a fat bird .png Curves
Casualties and losses
4chan logo 1.png /q/
JIDFfull.jpg banned
SRS's fitting logo a fat bird .png Hurt Feelings

The Battle of /q/ was a conflict that took place on 4chan's whining board. The shitposting began when a sudden number of legitimate users started to voice their concerns about the large amounts of racism and antisemitism present on the Politically Incorrect board, attempting to convince 4chan's moot that the best solution would be to remove it. The result was a large orgy of flame wars and asspain between the shills and most of 4chan's users and mods. This would later inspire moot to create /s4s/ (Shit 4chan says), a mockery of Reddit's /r/ShitRedditsays subreddit.

Once /pol/iticians caught wind of the news that shills on /q/ where attempting to get their Bastion of Free Speech deleted, their response was swift. Soon /q/ became nothing but a place of Social Justice Warriors, shilling for the removal of /pol/ and tighter restrictions against hurting one's feelings, under the false impression that mods or moot give a damn about any of their demands. Hundred of posts demanding that /pol/ be deleted later, moot became annoyed and banned many of the shills, later he gave the crybabies the middle finger and deleted /q/ instead.

These events essentially justified /pol/'s belief to a few other boards that they where indeed constantly being shilled by Shit Reddit Says and the Jewish Internet Defense Force.

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