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What goes on typically at baphonet, except the chick is a dude too
File:Baphonet User.jpg
A typical baphonet user

Baphonet ( is a long running MMORPG based off Notepad filled with faggots, rapists and autistic shitfucks who spend time calling each other morons instead of doing something worthwhile. It is ran by a gay commie named Failure, who is really a 60 year old man who pretends to be a schoolkid from Minnesota. The official religion of baphonet is a strange Moloch worship sect that focuses mainly on raping underage Tulpas

Notable persons

There are plenty of joos there who will be happy to tell you all about the how they did 9/11, and how pheni is a pretty cool guy. Eh kills jwes and doesnt afraid of anything.

At some point a guy named Senses3 joined and started shitting up the place with his unsolicited opinions. I mean, what the fuck kinda name is "Senses3" anyway? Is he a variety pack of gum?

Some of the users like czer0 and red are from Canada and think that Babylon 5 should be rebooted. Apparently we have users who are not retards, they are literally incapable of cognition, therefore the scale of normal mental development is completely inapplicable.

Bitbomb is a weeb faggot who obsesses over wanting to fuck all the characters on some idiotic show for manchildren. Don't get trapped into a conversation, as raping cartoons and trivia about such is all he talks about

MadCamel is a degenerate who used to do quality control on the content posted to the site He currently works for Soros laundering money gained from charging interest from loans of child sex slaves.

Norge is a NEET autistic guy in wheelchair from Sweden. Despite being in a wheelchair he can do a handstand while giving a blowjob. He is the product of rape of a Swedish woman by a migrant. He is only allowed on the internet with adult supervision.

Slothrop is one of Failure's tulpas. "his" personality primarily consists of degenerate pornography and drugs. Avoid at all costs

lpd is collector of rare STDs and country records. He is rumoured to have more mileage up his ass then the Starship Enterprise-D. And that fucker went to the edge of the known galaxy!

Non Notable Persons

Arka is a college student furfag from Oklahoma who obsesses over killing cats and blowing asians. She is currently the main suspect in a multi-state murder investigation.

Techius, an Abo cripple from Oz can't read this article. Not because Australia blocks ED, but because he cannot read.

Everyone else is too non notable to even mention here

Fun stuff to do on baphonet

  • Call Clark an idiot
  • Spam nonsense a few times
  • Fuck Norge in the ass
  • get banned by pheni
  • use the !rape command. those sick fuckers have a goddamn rape bot
  • Tell arka she is a furry and a killer of small animals
  • Complain about being old
  • Ask Norge to explain his hobbies
  • move on with your life (no)

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