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What happens when a bunch of bored internet deviants with a defective sense of self-importance and a complete ignorance of NYPA get together? 8chan's Baphomet, or /baphomet/, board seeks to answer that question, that nobody ever asked, in a demonstrative manner and so far has succeeded quite well; generating a healthy amount of lulz in the process. Somehow these 14 year old script kiddies manage to terrorize even the most valiant white knight into fame and fortune on Patreon, well done, retards.

Who are these maniacs?

the official mascot "Baph-tan"
the official seal of approval

/baphomet/ unashamedly presents itself as a doxing, raiding and overall "fucking with people" board. Rules are fairly lax however and one can discuss pretty much anything you'd expect on old /b/, such as TOR or just typical autismal bullshit. Its mods will ban you for any or no reason, representing fairly well the overall arbitrary nature of the board's population.

SJW's have described /baphomet/ as the "militant wing of the gamergate movement". A fair amount of Bapholes who see "gamergays" as emasculated self-censoring, whining and email-spamming faggots and don't want to be assocciated with them in any way because nowadays the whole gamergate drama consists of debating on twitter with lunatics and screencapping postings that can be used against them.

In the old days (of December 2014 and early 2015) Baphomet was also dubbed as 8chan's board for sociopaths and psychopaths. There was even a thread on /baphomet/ where OP idendified as one and asked other /baph/oles what happened to them and how they became the way they are now. Thankfully as the Baphomet board was botwiped 3 times over about 2 months, most of the old threads are lost forever and you will be spared from reading their inane autismal bullshit.

John Flynt called Baphomet in ArchiveToday-favicon.pngone of his notorious attentionwhoring interviews "the most hardcore doxing and swatting site on the internet" and asked President Obama to prosecute Hotwheels for this intolerable war crime against humanity. When this interview came out, Bapholes were very proud of beeing feared on the internet and finally achieving their goal of Webceleb status.

Benjamin Biddix - The Owner

No matter how pathetic targets that baphomet will find, none of them will be as lonely as the owner, Benjamin Biddix, a wannabe-drawfag, who spends his time being unemployed and watching weeabo cartoons while crying about how baph will never be restored to its former glory, it never actually had.

Benjikins and current gf.jpg

How Benjamin lost his virginity at the age of 25

How does Baphomet operate?

The "big 5" of Baphomet (Tsundere missing...)

Baphomet operates with a simple power structure. The board is centered around 5 retards. The commander-in-chief is a weeaboo called Benji (also known as Benjikin(s), who perfected the art of dwelling in his mom's basement and being a tryhard on the internet in just 13 years. His right hand men Vince (official Deputy and second in command), Duriel, Eclipso and Tsundere are the board mods and subordinates responsible for doing absolutely nothing of value in the world.

One of the few rules of Baphomet states that moralfags are not allowed and the only motto is "do it for the lulz". IRL operations like Occupy Wall Street or Project Chanology are highly disregarded, because of cancerous moralfaggotry. Many bapholes feel that Anonymous has become gay after it got infiltrated by moralfags and SJWs after 2010 and they often talk about "old Anonymous", old /b/ or the "when /b/ was good". That rule is generally disregarded, as the admins are amongst the biggest moralfags you'll ever find.

Bapholes use Baphomet as their main communication tool and updating platform, because they are well aware that nobody gives two shits about that place, so they'll never get a visit from the partyvan. They are just people who get very easily Butthurt about being bullied in school and then swarm onto the internets and try to dox those mean bullies. The other half of posts are about ugly camwhores who rejected them, so they try to throw dirt on the whores, so they can come in like a knight in shining armor, and save the day. Then perhaps 1 of the 7 members will see the post, and attempt to Google the name in the hopes that something will turn up, so they can proudly display their autism, by being able to Google a fucking name. Then another one of the 7 will compliment the finder, and OP, and a giant circle-jerk will occur.

2015 January

The rise of Baphomet

8chan is under attack
an alleged Lizardfag mocking Bapholes on twitter

8chan's /baphomet/ was founded in December of 2014 after some losers from 8chan's /b/ decided they were 3edgy5you to stay on /b/. Known for kicking up shit with several people on /b/ since September, they chose to create their own edgy and satanist-themed "old /b/" board called /baphomet/. Fortunately for everyone the board remained mostly inactive even after they began to spam advertisements on 8chan's /b/, because nobody gave a shit. Their spam was ineffective and many residents of /b/ were annoyed by the USI attention whores. Because of the proposed edginess, the board didn't recruit many new scriptkiddies in December 2014 but most of the 5 core members are believed to have joined at that time. Soon they started fucking with people and SJWs were slowly starting to notice them, as all of their members sent them love-letters. Also at that time, 8chan was already known to many SJWs as a "active pedophile network" and they were rightfully advocating to shut the pedo site down. Because of a DDoS attack 8chan went down almost an entire week. And all the edgelords of /baph/ were utterly devastated, not just their assholes from their uncle coming by for a visit. They were even more devastated when a bot wiped all the pedo boards.

Because HotWheels is a retard in a wheelchair, it is clear that despite him reporting that evil bot to the FBI and all police forces, in real butthurt, baph had to stick up for their master, HotWheels. The only thing that was leaked here were the reports of 4 child nudity lovers, that baph were all previously friends with, but had to attack to not be associated with, so the cops wouldn't find their disgusting loliporn. The 4 people were Dan Olsen, Peter Coffin, Israel Galvez and David Gallant and more. The same "Dan Olsen" made a twitter posting on January 9th claiming he took down 8ch (not sure if he meant the DDoS operation or just the child abuse report).

After those leaks /baphomet/ board owner Benjikins, used his chance and started intimidating various SJWs on Twitter, as he was also interested in their nude children pictures. Somehow these intimidations and his autistic outcry for Leave 8chan alone helped his Baphomet board to become one of the most frequented boards of 8chan, for almost 2 whole hours. It gained an amazing 4 new members. They all later left.

Benji intimidating SJWs on twitter

After 8chan went down many alleged members of a hacking group called "Lizardsquad" were (rightfully) mocking 8chan on twitter for the downtimes. They already got famous for their alleged Sony hack in 2014. Later it was discovered that Lizardsquad was selling a botnet for DDoSing websites called "Lizardstresser" on their website "Lizardstresser.su". When they learned about this circumstance, they deducted that the same SJWs who reported 8chan for child abuse must have used this tool. However, for some reason Baphomet decided not to go for the hired gun, but instead to find the SJWs who hired Lizardsquad.

8chan DDoS attack 2015 information panel

Baphomet causing mayhem on the internets

Lizardfags selling their botnet

Fortunately for 8chan, the lizardfags were Skids and someone managed to hack their site and steal a dump of every single account created for their service. Baphomet decided to let live well alone in this case, as there had to be info about the SJWs who DDoSed 8chan. The retards used their real life email addresses for signing up, so even baphomet were able to dox them. Many of these faggots also used the same passwords and usernames on their social media accounts which were devasted. This is what baph calls haxxoring, folks. In order to prove baph's infinite creativity ISIS flags and goatse were posted on the accounts and their names would later be changed to slurs like faggot.

Not very smart to use the same usernames and passwords everywhere...

Archived threads can be accessed here:

  1. ArchiveToday-favicon.png(archive)
  2. ArchiveToday-favicon.png(archive)
  3. ArchiveToday-favicon.png(archive)
  4. ArchiveToday-favicon.png(archive)

Baph, used their Scooby Doo mystery solving skills to suspect Dan Olsen of TGWTG fame of being behind it all, as he proclaimed so on his twitter, but despite being given the evidence on a silver platter, baph were too incompetent and busy looking at child porn to find any connection to the DDoS attack. As they were frustrated by this outcome, they just started to attack any SJW in an attempt to hopefully get revenge. But because they had became fucking cowards, they started to spread their shit to IRC and darknets.

In mid January Baphomet started various doxing, swatting and raiding the people having previously owned these faggots. In one case SJWs claimed 1 confirmed fatality, but unfortunately it was revealed to be only the family dog of some SJW who was swatted. Somehow these operations made it to various news outlets like Ars Technica, The Guardian and The Washington Post. Any journalist daring to write negative coverage was instantly also doxed and exposed on their board, ensuring even more negative media coverage for the future. Of course baph never got the credit, because they are indeed a part of GamerGate.

January 2015 is generally regarded as Baphomet's most "productive/destructive" era so far because at least 1 SJWs were assaulted, at least 1 lulz and 0 butthurt was screencapped. Some anon suggested to shop the dox they gathered into gore pictures before dumping it on Baphomet, so they could be real edgelords.


Not only a faggot but also a ricer

Gabe "Gaybe" Brouse got doxed, not by bap but they still take credit for creating a fake military application using his real name, delivering pizzas worth $1,050 to his address, SWATting him, creating fake social media accounts using his personal informations and hacking his real social media profiles with phishing sites or password guessing attacks. His accounts were later hijacked completely by changing the passwords (yes he was one of the idiots that used same passwords everywhere) and politically incorrect and SJW-harassing postings were made using his hijacked accounts. His relatives and potential love interests were fed with false informations about him to further ruin his image.

Baphomet Celebrities

One known regular at Baphomet is known as "Blood anon". Blood anon is a Baphole who started creating paintings with what is assumed to be her own menstrual blood, in the true spirit of feminism. The paintings doesn't look like they are made with real blood, but instead with the cheapest fingerpaint that Target has on sale. PROTIP: blood is darker than that and dries brown. Also you would need to display a brush with stiffer hair, to convince anyone you used real blood, as blood is thicker than watercolors and clots up fast.

Blood anon and Spicneet About missing Pics

2015-01 - Benjikin gets screwed

Because of his massive attention whoring, Benji, the board owner of Baphomet, exposed himself on the internet so it didn't take much time until he was doxed by SJWs. This lead to his real life getting totally fucked, as his mom took away his internet privileges for more than two months.

Benji confirming his homelessness...

After being sent screen caps of his dick triggered his SJW mother kicked him out. He now had to live off the spunk he could suck out of hobos, a skill he had already perfected previously, and to get on the internet he had to sit behind the nearest Starbucks, so he can talk to his pals on baph, as being a shitty board owner is his only achievement in life.

2015 February

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield hack - Temperature's rising

Baph was wiped and deputy Vince has no idea what happened
Benji explaining what happened

In yet another display in utter stupidity, Benji and some other tryhards were somehow able to hack a huge health insurance company and got hold of 80 million social security numbers, that were all totally legit. In a Jew move, Benji started a dox-for-hire service, so it was no longer about the lulz, but just the money, like it was always his plan. Eventually baph released the SSN of a federal judge and HotWheels had to come in and tell that posting SSN's are against US law. Because he is a giant socialist, Benji now saw this as an excuse to flee to China and serve under their dictator ship. He learned all the Chinese he need from watching anime.

The glorious 3rd "death" and resurrection of /Baph/

After the Baphomet deletion incident in which Benji allegedly deleted all evidence from the board and made the board a hidden board, the board operators decided to keep the board permanently hidden from 8chan's index page because of the unwanted attention]] they got until now. Benjikin started to keep a low profile and to prepare his escape to China.

So the SJW had successfully removed baph from the public. Albeit it was still accessible, but no one cared, as it was only a shadow of its former self, which was already shit.

Valentine's Day Raid

The fail was admitted by /baphomet/ but they already started preparations for the next one

In January some anon on Baphomet suggested a Tumblr Raid on valentines day. Many /baph/oles found it a good idea as they obviously didn't have any dates or women they could attempt to woo. The Valentine's raid 2015 turned out to be a massive fail because firstly, not many /baph/oles cared enough to join the raid and secondly they did not prepare carefully enough for the operation. Many anons created new Tumblr accounts specially for the raid and forgot that Tumblr has a feature that prohibits certain functions for new accounts and so these accounts weren't usable for the raid.


Swami drama

Swami banning people who speak the truth... Why would someone do this if these were only lies?
Who would have thought someone would lie about beeing a woman on the internet?

Baphomet got involved in a major internal 8chan drama with the name/tripfag and /fem/ board owner "Swami", after Swami had the gull to call out on baph on their own board.

/fem/ was allegedly a board for females by females, bored internet detectives from Baphomet felt suspicious about this and began digging. They found out that Swami is in reality not only a man but also a neet pedophile and well-known internet troll, who used the name "Japanese Lettuce Hardcore" around 2012. This "Japanese Lettuce Hardcore" was a famous and well-known tripfag who was engaged in trolling people on 4chan's r9k back in 2012. Somehow Benji did in fact successfully dox Swami, finding out that swami is some fat fuck from Wyoming. Dox is kept by him and not released yet, as Benji is currently staying at his place, living out his gay fantasies.

2015 March

After things started to cool down in mid to late February, Baphomet revved up the activity in March again. Benji now living in Wyoming decided to re-index the board again and add a new word filter.

2015-03-06 Operation #BlackOutDay

Because baph is completely ineffectual at doing anything, this project was doomed before it already started, and all the best of Google Image Search didn't help in getting Twitter to pay attention to the obvious fake pictures. But saved by an anon, who guessed the password of some of the big nignogs who people actually paid attention to. The password was Niggers1.

Operation Blackoutday About missing Pics

The Big Sleep

Somewhere around April, Benji officially delegated the board ownership to Vince in order to "get ready for workforce in China". Everybody besides actual retards already knew that Benji was a lying faggot and his "escape to China" story was total bullshit. Many postings during that time suggested that he was instead living in Nevada with a fellow anon. After he delegated the board to Vince, it became less and less active while Vince mostly used it for bragging and attentionwhoring on his twatter account. This seems to be a genetic issue as his brother claimed on twatter to be the head nigger in charge of the Ayy Team crew that took down the gamergay board only a few weeks earlier. Keksec seems to be closely affiliated with Baphomet too, as a few Baphomet mods are most likely members according to some twatter postings.

During that time the Baphomet board had a heavy infestation of personal army requests by 13 year old retards who got doxed and fucked over by SJWs and feminists and wanted other anons to get revenge for them as they themselves were too retarded to even dox some fucking feminists. Generally speaking, the board quality was reduced heavily.


In September the board was taken back by Benji and his first actions included wiping the board of the faggot PA request threads. Other than this he also held a tea party to get the board back to the top 25 board list of 8ch. As expected it only took a few days until the whole board was full again with even more faggot PA requests than before


FFShrine Hack

pure coincidence...

The board relaunch was perfectly timed because during the same time some based anon managed to hack Nicky Pedoberg's ArchiveToday-favicon.pnghomepage and get a dump of all files that were on the server. The filedump included some personal messages he exchanged with other sick fucks regarding his underage cousin he wanted to molest. The later plan was to take down the site and redirect it instead to a YouTube Favicon.png youtube video that exposes his pedo tendencies but just as always baphomet failed and Pedobutts was alarmed before it happened. Another ArchiveToday-favicon.pnginteresting thing that was revealed is that ArchiveToday-favicon.pngVince was actually a good friend of Pedoberg's internet defence force on twatter and that Pedoberg actually lives in close proximity to a school.

Patreon Hack

Only a few days after Pedoberg-Gate 2.0 another glorious win was achieved. Vince managed to ArchiveToday-favicon.pnghack into the hipster welfare site patreon and steal a dump of 15GB of user files in the name of Gamergate. SJWs and Gamergays were both mad about this but the funniest thing about this hack was that patreon was warned 5 days in advance of the vulnerability but refused to fix it. So far no major happenings occurred with the data dump but the gamergay-related butthurt was huge. Also later analysis of the dumped data revealed that the top earners of patreon were donating money to each other and much of this money was later redirected towards femishit or SJW organisations. Other than this the usual suspects like Randi methwhale Harper and Zoey Quinn used the plattform to scam clueless sheep. Methwhale for example probably used a burner account to redirect already received funds again back to her patreon account in order to inflate the apparent patronage and Burgers and Fries girl never delivered anything she promised to her patrons because she is a good-for-nothing useless fuck.


8chan internal drama

who would have expected this...

As the gamergay board got nuked by Ayy Team in March 2015, /gamergatehq/ was established as the new GG board. Acid Man started the board and in the beginning gamergays were pretty OK with him as the new board owner. It took him less than half a year to become a full rulecuck and ruin the board beyond repair. Many anons got disenchanted by him and in October ArchiveToday-favicon.pngsome fellows decided to dox him. As it turned out, Acid cuck is a sexual deviant and possibly also a domestic terrorist but too much of a faggot to actually do anything. Currently his board is dying and he is using VPN's to shill it back to the old top position. In addition to this a moderator on 8/pol/ was doxed and it was revealed that he is in fact a degenerate tranny roleplaying as a white supremacy nazi on the internet.

CIA hack

In mid October some 13 year old from C.W.A. (Crackas With Attitude) appeared on twatter and claimed he hacked the CIA boss' email account. He later also appeared on 8chan's /baphomet/ and posted "proof" that it's him and that he's one of them. When asked to dump his whole loot, ArchiveToday-favicon.pnghe only dumped some useless entries from the CIA guys personal address book that could only be used for identity theft at best; no secret files or anything juicy. The hack was not as spectacular as the patreon dump as only uninteresting shit got dumped but this faggot managed to humiliate the boss of the CIA in front of the whole world. ArchiveToday-favicon.pngThe funniest thing was how they did it. You can build the best security system of the world but when retards give away your intel it's all in vain.

Vince is ded

On October 24 the brother of Vince from the Patreon hack made some disturbing postings on twatter. He claimed his younger brother was shot by feds when they came to swat his home (likely related to the previous patreon hack). Later when the info spread to baph he ArchiveToday-favicon.pngwrote the story down and gave more details about it. The feds apparently shot him because of the good old "they thought he might have had a gun" reason. Many anons still don't believe this story as it had too many holes and it was possibly just a ruse. No proof was posted and only the statements of his brother (who is a notorious #AyyTeam and #SuperExtremeShitpostingTeam shitposter) and Benji (who is also a notorious lying faggot) were available. Word is that the newly introduced baphomet mod "niggamode" was in fact a snitch nigga and sold Vince out to get good boy points from the feds. Later discussions on the thread revealed that niggamode was suspended from his mod position and that he in fact dumped postings and snitched for the NSA like a true jew after luring the kid to do the patreon job. Anons got mad, death threats were made and niggamode might now expect some latino guy (:^3) to come visit him at home.

Vince is ded(?) About missing Pics

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