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Bambifan101 is a kid who has been vandalizing Disney-related articles on TOW for years, resulting in numerous sock-puppet investigations and him earning his own spot in the coveted hall of fame called long term abuse. He claims to be a wealthy teenager from Alabama, whose parents want to buy Wikipedia, which is likely because he has utilized public WiFi networks across the southern United States to aid him in his goal of "correcting" Wikipedia. It is suspected that he originally edited through the User:Okapi7 account. However, they were really two different people who both just so happened to love a certain Disney cartoon, The Rescuers. Okapi7 never edited a Teletubby article though, or Charlotte's Web.

The Beginning

Typical edits from Bambifan101.

Bambifan101 began editing Wikipedia in late 2008, blanking sections while adding useless information without sources (and several grammar and spelling errors) at the same time. His "corrections" soon caught the attention of several Wikipedos who immediately began whining about them on the talk pages. In response, he would remove the comments of anyone who dared to try and correct him. He would also preform page move vandalism by unnecessarily lengthening the titles.

You had plenty of chances to learn to be helpful, but you continued ignoring all of the warnings you were given and continued vandalizing the articles you claim to love, article talk pages, and the talk pages of other IPs. Why did you do those things if you wish to be helpful and bring the articles up to a higher standard?



All of this added up to one short term ban in August of 2008, and eventually the indefinite block of his account a few months later[1]. To this day, it is debated if he was trolling the entire time, or was attempting to make legitimate contributions.

Sock Puppets and Action Taken by Wikipedia

Him having a conversation with himself.

Blocking him did little for Jimbo's army, as he was on a dynamic IP. He also began creating socks at his school, local library, and all other networks he could use. Wikipedia first dealt with these by attempting to mentor him. Needless to say, this only lead him to further pissing off the admins and all other users who attempted to turn him into a regular wikipedo. Every time this happened, he would continue to make more sock puppets to disrupt the process.

Range Blocks

After a year of attempting to turn him around, Wikipedia realized that he did not plan on stopping his conquest of TOW. This resulted in Wikipedia admin PMDrive1061 contacting his ISP. Six range blocks were put in place to prevent him from editing from home, school, and all other places he had access to the interwebs. This still proved to be useless, as he began creating accounts through open proxies and the computers of his relatives/friends.

Taking Advantage of Foreigners and Dumbasses

After Wikipedia began semi-protecting the pages he frequented, he choose to recruit other users to carry out his dirty work and change the articles as he pleased. Because most English speaking Wikipedians knew better than to cooperate, he began contacting administrators of non-English wikis, who usually complied. Bambifan101 would also agree with editors whose contributions were in question in an attempt to get them to make edits for him as well.


Bambifan's Gay Profile Picture


Bambifan101 is still very active on TOW, creating sock puppets and getting involved in Disney-related article disputes. Most admins facepalm at just his name being mentioned, and will immediately take action to prevent further abuse of their precious articles. He also has a female persona which he uses to express his views on the importance of sexuality.


Bambifan101 uses TheTopTens as Disney1994, where he continues to be a retarded manchild as he always is. He cries about his awful life (not). He claims to have been sad and miserable since 2006, which was when his life turned bad. He hates his life so much that he thinks starving children have better lives. Here's proof:

"At least the starving people in Africa don't have to feel guilt over liking shows and movies that other people hate."

The only users who didn't hate him were RockFashionista and Minecraftcrazy530, both which probably have either Cancer or AIDS because of that.

ED Sock puppetry

EBA ( talk | contribs | blocks | protections | deletions | moves | rights | groups )

Contrib Summary EBA.png

Hd2012 ( talk | contribs | blocks | protections | deletions | moves | rights | groups )

Contrib Summary Hd2012.png

Jki ( talk | contribs | blocks | protections | deletions | moves | rights | groups )

Contrib Summary Jki.png

Spider's Web: A Pig's Tale

Bambifan currently spends his time creating cock puppets on ED so that he can complain about "The most stupid movie ever!" and recieve the loving attention of diligent sysops. Why does he keep on coming back to edit just one article you may ask? Well, as it turns out Bambifan loves Charlotte's Web and has dedicated his "life" to honoring it. Naturally, when he saw the shitty movie churned out by a bunch of spics in Brazil for two beans and a honkey's wallet it traumatised him; so much so that it resulted in his coming to ED and bawwing about it for no particular reason and with no internetz relevance in mind. Some argue that Bambifan is currently the most pitiful faggot active on ED. With the addition of The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure article in completion, it seems as if Bambifan will never grow-up out of his obsession with bland family media.


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