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Obviously nothing but the highest res pics for her adoring fans.

Balloonpoppop is a 15 year old MySpace whore from Texas, Maine. While searching for noodz on photobucket, /b/tards found at least 100 pics of her masturbating which she had posted on her account. They posted the images on /b/ and soon found her MySpace, which they trolled in typical /b/tard fashion.

Balloonpoppop then deleted her photobucket account, but it was too late: /b/tards had already saved them and hosted the set on rapidshare and continued to distribute them on 4chan. /b/tards also found her AIM as well as her friends' AIM names and harassed them, resulting in heavy lulz. They also sent messages to all her friends' MySpaces with pics and finally went as far as to send the pics to her school, which they had also found on her MySpace account.

Her MySpace account is currently set to private. A picture of an AIM conversation with one of her friends showed that they were worried that she was going to commit suicide, and that she wasn't answering any phone calls. It's likely that, with her life ruined, she will now become an hero.

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AIM - one2threeRAWR


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