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Presented without comment

Bahar Mustafa is a rich, spoiled, butterfaced, mongrel Turk girl who desperately clings to her self-appointed minority status so she can be a "Diversity and welfare officer" at a school she doesn't even go to anymore, despite being so pale that a TSA agent would let her through without inspection even if she was wearing a burqa and screaming "Allahu akbar!".

She recently gained unwanted e-fame after getting herself embroiled in controversy by banning the superior sex and the master race from her communist gatherings and only permitting niggers, faggots, and niggerfaggots. Mustafa later doubled down when given a chance to save herself by instead giving a 7 minute speech about how she can't be racist because she isn't white. Now everyone on the Internet is trolling her and making fun of her, spamming her support hashtags and trying to get her fired and/or arrested for the lulz.

Update: The vote to get her fired didn't work but she was arrested in October 2015. The Entire Internet LOL'd at once. Unfortunately for white men, though, the charges were dropped. Shit.

Who is "Bahar"?

She (if that is her preferred gender pronoun) has made it very difficult for white cis males on campus who feel like they can’t say anything for fear of retribution. the irony that she (or they) think that they are diversifying the student community in the name of feminism and multiculturalism is laughable.



—Anonymous student, on how well Bahar does her job.

One of her actual campaign posters

To understand this asinine kerfuffle, you must first know who Bahar Mustafa is (besides what comes out when your cat walks across your keyboard).

Bahar is a 27-year-old, privileged girl who bangs on about anarchism and communism despite living a privileged, sheltered life. She majored in women's studies gender studies (wimminists insisted the name be changed to make it look less like an obvious scam) at the prestigious and expensive Goldsmiths University, which was undoubtedly paid for by her parents. She now lives in their £450,000 home while insisting she is a downtrodden minority and preaching for the downfall of society, one in which she feels she would fare quite well, despite being unable to get a job, her own flat, and probably having trouble using a microwave by herself.

The combination of being a rich, 20-something, living-at-home, jobless college grad with a degree in feminism and an anarchism t-shirt, means Bahar couldn't be a bigger cliche if she had artificially-dyed hair, a nose ring, and daddy issues. Which, of course, she does.

Drama party in detail

Prequel: Bahar wins election against herself

As a BME, queer, disabled woman from a working class immigrant family...



—Bahar, pretending to be a poor cripple

To become a diversity officer, one must first run for (and win) the position of diversity officer. Bahar approached the task with autistic gusto.

Mustafa created Fb-favicon.png a facebook page ArchiveToday-favicon.png(archive), where she posted illegible campaign flyers of armed women made in MS paint in which the text was too bright compared to the background so you couldn't read half of it (She apparently hasn't learned how to use the "stroke" tool in photoshop to outline her letters). She also made Wordpress Favicon.png a wordpress blog ArchiveToday-favicon.png(archive) where she further elaborates on her manifestos (which she hilariously called a "WOmanfesto"), as well as lying about being poor and disabled. Finally, she created a minute long video where, with baggy eyes and an unconfident tone, she stutters her way through her election promises.

So what are Mustafa's campaign promises? Safe spaces; gender neutral toilets; fatspo awareness; "a campaign to challenge structural misogyny inherent in organisations which do not have liberation and feminist politics at its heart"; a fight to reject the counter-terrorism bill; continue to campaigned with Goldsmiths Palestine Society; "ZERO TOLERANCE on homophobia, queer-phobia, trans*phobia, racism, Islamophobia, misogyny, ableism, cis-sexism, and classist behaviour" (apparently zero-tolerance means everyone but her); and making "Woman's officer" a full-time position. She also held, and will continue to hold, seminars like "Intersectionality 101" (that isn't a word); "Riot Don't Diet: Body Image and Feminism" (as if those fatties can riot without getting winded); and "Feminism in Relationships" (read: scissoring).

In other words, she will fight for and against a bunch of made up words while creating a safe space for Arabs and terrorists as she focuses her anti-racism efforts for muslims and against Jews, all the while creating a safe environment for false rape accusations by defending pretend victims and fighting to get rid of the on-campus police that should protect them but threaten to expose their hoaxes. She also wants to expand the authorities of the "Woman's officer", citing that Goldsmith's female students comprise more than 2/3 of the people who go there and are discriminated against, not realizing that them being an overwhelming majority shows the school seems to actually be discriminating against the men.

Bahar was able to win the election, which some might attribute to her overzealous campaigning for this meaningless role. But this proves itself false as well as hilariously sad when you consider that she ran unopposed. She would never had won as white people and males both take up the majority.

Mustafa bans crackers and the drama begins

She should look up what "Male tears" means.

The real fun began after Mustafa was "elected" (not like anyone had a choice).

Bahar held an event where she specifically stated that white people, men, and non-trannys are explicitly banned from attending. When word about her secret communist get-together made its way to the news, the internet became flooded with articles ArchiveToday-favicon.png(archive) depicting her as a sexist and a racist and calling for her head. Things were not made better when pictures surfaces of her standing next to a hand-made "NO WHITE MEN PLS" sign, pretending to cry. The sign also contained a drawing of a cup labeled "Male Tears" that, unbeknown to Bahar, communicated to everyone that she apparently likes to drink sperm.


The rebuttal

I can't be racist because I'm an ethnic minority woman.



—Bahar Mustafa, world's whitest minority woman

In an ill-advised attempt to do damage control, the university had Bahar try to quench the flames by making a public statement: flames that she then went to autisticly fan after dousing them with kerosene.

For those too lazy to watch, here is what happens in the video in a nutshell:

The university was expecting her to apologize and be diplomatic to avoid further embarrassment for both parties. Instead, Bahar begins by comparing herself to some communist feminazi, explains that the event she banned the honkies from was intended to neither promote equality nor diversity, accuses the people writing articles about/making fun of her of harassing her and being part of the racist and sexist right-wing media conspiracy—before explaining that she can neither be racist nor sexist because she's (arguably) a woman of color. She then goes off on a number of unrelated tangents about rape and people who have nothing to do with any of this while legitimizing herself by claiming to be poor and saying she won an election for her position (while failing to mention there were no other contenders), and finishes everything off by (in a poor choice of words) saying that she and her consorts are not going down; resistance is futile; and, much like Hitler, her people need to take back their space. Amidst her varied implied threats to start a violent revolution against white people, she also accuses them of colonization without a hint of irony, despite herself being part of the Muslim infestation that is currently colonizing the UK.

All the while, an actual woman of color that, unlike Mustafa, doesn't have the complexion of Casper the friendly ghost, stands besides her, having been relegated to the duties of a failed criticism shield and microphone stand.

This is another example of SJWs lying, doubling down, and projecting: excusing her meanness while taking something that she has claimed as her own (that sounds familiar).

Twitter-favicon.png #KillAllWhiteMen / Twitter-favicon.png #WhiteTrash

Privilege projecting post
Bahar Mustafa "white trash".png

Obviously, with this in full swing, people quickly began to dig up Bahar's other dubious exploits. These include calling people "White trash" (this being the only thing Bahar was willing to take back, but only for being "unprofessional") and repeatedly tweeting "Twitter-favicon.png #KillAllWhiteMen", a hastag that has since become flooded with pictures of Bahar herself.

In response, the official Goldsmith University DaW officer twitter account has been hastily shut down.

Woop woop! That's da sound of da police! + petitions

Liking Nicki Minaj doesn't make you a minority either

“She got her master’s degree in gender and media studies from Goldsmiths last year, where she performed Foucauldian readings of Japanese anime porn.”

Amanda Hess,
and the only thing worth taking away from her Slate article, pathetically trying to defend Bahar by claiming she was being "ironic".

In response to all this, people have begun to set up petitions to have Mustafa removed from her "job", this being the first time in internet history that an online petition has been funny for any other reason besides being delusional and pathetic. The first petition is a regular one, calling for her to be fired for violating both the university's code of conduct and british law. The second was an internal servery of the university that needed the students to vote for it so that Bahar can have a vote of no confidence and be canned. A competing petition seeking to support Bahar hasn't been able to reach a tenth of the votes of the one trying to have her sacked. The university one didn't do anything because no one cared, but it might be hard for her to keep her job if she gets in trouble with police because......

Simultaneously, someone REPORTED BAHAR TO THE POLICE. Apparently, her actions may be a violation of some british hate-speech laws or something. And, while we here at ED feel sorry for the poor, crooked-toothed britbongs who live in a politically correct dictatorship, it's still always funny to see these laws backfire on the liberal retards who put them in place.

The investigation is ongoing and Bahar is sure to soon get a visit from some "Bobbies" asking "What's all this, then?".

Twitter-favicon.png #SupportBaharMustafa trolled

Learning noting from every other support hashtag in history, people decided to show who they stand with by creating Twitter-favicon.png #SupportBaharMustafa. As expected, the hashtag was soon flooded with exactly the same people it set out to oppose. The ratio of pro and anti-Bahar tweets at the moment is somewhere around 1 to 500 and the pwnage was so massive that it even made the news. In fact, one "journalist" who was stupid enough to try and defend her ended up with an article about him as well. The retard followed up the article with one called "White men should never hold elected position in a british university again", to the sounds of roaring laughter.

If anything, this ordeal only serves to remind that the UK needs to hurry up and deport all the dune coons before any more rape babies like Bahar are born on british soil.

Here Comes the Party Van

On October 6, 2015, Bahar Mustafa was arrested on charges of hate speech and racial discrimination for the aforementioned tweet and sign banning white men from her interracial gangbang photoshoot. While awaiting Sheneequa to rape her in her cell, Bahar reportedly claimed she wasn't racist, but of course, since British cops tend not to read Tumblr, nobody gave a shit. The British branch of the Aryan Nations, on the other hand, have greeted the news that they'll have a new friend in prison to debate racial politics with with great enthusiasm.

Tumblr SJWs collectively shat a brick at the thought of a legal precedent being set that didn't conform to their narrative, since, apparently, "It's only racist when white men do it" isn't an accepted legal argument in the United Caliphate of Britainistan. No word yet on whether "I was just joking" or "I was just being edgy" will work, either. Even more hilariously, the same trolls who first campaigned to have her arrested are now defending her and protesting the fact that the UK is an authoritarian dystopia.

Let's play "Hitler or Feminist?"

Neededaswafeminism.png Take your guess and click "Next Quote" Neededaswastika.jpg


Only an adequate large space on this earth assures a nation freedom of existence.



—A̶d̶o̶l̶f̶ ̶H̶i̶t̶l̶e̶r̶,̶ ̶'̶'̶M̶e̶i̶n̶ ̶K̶a̶m̶p̶f̶'̶' George Washington

We (minorities) will never apologize for taking back space.



—Bahar Mustafa, Untitled speech

We must eliminate the disproportion between our population and our area...... Some of this land can be obtained from Russia..... We must secure for the German people the land and soil to which they are entitled.



—Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf

We will not be silenced; we are militant... resistance to our resistance is futile.



—Bahar Mustafa, Untitled speech

Mustafa and two other feminazis get their shit handed to them in a debate


After several months of her inspirational fight against racism, Bahar has decided to resign to her ArchiveToday-favicon.pngposition after being accused of bullying and instigating a catfight against Elected Student's Union President Adrihani Abd Rashid. Apparently for Mustafa, it is bad for business to share the attention with another feminist with a exotic name, even more when Rashid saw through Bahar bullshit and refused to support her and her cronies' tactics. Even when she is exposed as the liar and fame seeker that she really is, she can't leave without her usual drama whore vapid tactics.

I am resigning for the preservation of my mental and physical health. I am still committed to the independent investigation which I am confident will shed light on the structural issues that have led to the mental and physical breakdown of all sabbatical officers.



—Bahar, still trying to win the Oppression Olympics


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Mustafa, enjoying some "male tears"

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