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BTS (Powerword: Bangtan Whatever) is shitty Kpop group that consist of 7 Azn talented singers, the group debuts in 2013, that went from a nothing to a something in less than two years. What's really staggering - is how they're more popular here than in Korea, and with the popularity, combined with a god-awful, butthurt fandom... you get this page, the name: "BTS" may stand for Best Toilet Service.

How they got popular

Some people at BigHit Entertainment thought that taking seven people with (almost) little to no experience in the music industry would something new, despite the simple concept already being done with EXO and Got7.

In 2013, they released their first song, "No More Dream", which, unsurprisingly, wasn't any different than the usual song you get from male K-pop artists. In the years following, their other songs became popular in the USA, resulting in them not only being interviewed several times by Americans, but appearing on Ellen, and even getting interviewed by Billboard (which Billboard also decided to interview other popular groups). In addition, the songs "Fake Love" and the latest "IDOL" have received #1 in trending on YouTube (the former for several weeks straight).

The simple fact that they even became this popular in America is staggering, especially since no other Korean group (at least male groups anyway) have gotten the same treatment.


There's seven of them-- that's right, seven. Because why be like other K-pop groups like SHINee and have four, when we can copy EXO and have seven?

Raep M(onster)

Kim Namjoon or Rap Monster RM is the perceived "leader", despite not even showing leadership when fighting Kim Jong Un. His former name is even funnier, concerning the fact that he can't even rap (and when he does, it's mostly American rap). He is the only member who actually knows English, and because he watched Friends.

Kim Seok-jin

Or whatever his real name is, The least popular member of the group.


Another "rapper", except this one is only slightly less gay than the other. His real name is Park Jimin, not to be confused with a similar Korean singer (albeit female).


Or "Jeon Jungkook" for Koreaboos or better known as Jungcock or Junglecocks. He considers himself an "international playboy" despite that fact he hasn't done his own single, he is the most overrated one in the group, and even most of his fans want to be raped by him.


Seeing a pattern yet? This person is yet another rapper, but even worse than before. He was still popular enough to make several solo songs.


Kim Taehyung (not to be confused with taekwondo); the other one no one cares for. Besides that, he apparently had an acting career before BTS. Is shipped with Jungkook.


Or Sugar (if you want to piss the retard army off) his real name Min Yoongi; considered the "cute" one for his blue hair. Like J-Hope above, he has made his own singles; the only difference being now he has an alter-ego named "Agust D".

The songs

The songs from them aren't even worth mentioning due to them being virtually similar to other male K-pop groups. Here are some of these:

The song that got them popular in America

The song that won them a billboard award

The OTHER award-winning song

More serious business

MIC Drop American remix

Bogo shipda (or whatever that means)

In American pop-culture

James Corden takes them on


The ARMY (acronym of "Adorable Representative MC for Youth") is what they are called. They are a bunch of normalfag millennials, 16-year-old girls, 12 year olds and Democrats [[who tend to ship one member with each other, and constantly fight with one another; they're basically a typical fandom: shit.

ARMY can be spotted easily on sites such as Tumblr and Wattpad, where they post smut fan fiction stories in which the reader is subject to race-mixing with a certain BTS member. ARMYs are also weeaboos who want to transform into azns and live in Korea, so they can date one of the members. There are even ARMY uploading videos to JewTube dedicated to the extinction of the white race.

How to piss off the FANDOM

Trolling these retards is easy you must do the following steps:

  1. Say "Kpop is shit" or things like "Kpoop"
  2. Wait for 2 seconds.
  3. ???
  4. PROFIT!!

See Also


Wikipedia's article on them

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