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One of the many problems with TOW. Encyclopedia Dramatica doesn't suffer such problems because there is only need for lulz, not verifiability.
How you should approach BLP when you edit Wikipedia.
It ain't ræp if they're dead, yet BLP still applies!

BLP, short for biographies of living persons, is an official policy on Wikipedia. It was introduced by Jimbo in early 2006 after he was suffering butthurt due to the fact that his wiki had been manipulated by a vandal which led him to believe he could have been in legal trouble for his website saying that John Seigenthaler killed JFK.

The policy basically states that Wikipedia must always be ultra-conservative when it comes to publishing information about people's lives (ironic considering that Conservapedia stated that Wikipedia was "six times more liberal than the American public"). This means that despite the fact that pictures of Amy Winehouse appearing on the front page of British tabloids being coked up, confused and drunk are a daily occurrence, their article about her only mentions her personal trauma for a couple of sentences. This is "speedily endorsed" by deletionists such as Sceptre.

The entire policy is merely based around Jimbo's need to avoid being sued for libellious information, so that he can keep that money donated to the Wikimedia Foundation to pay for the services of Russian hookers and stays in expensive hotels with Rachel Marsden.

What the Wikipedia hivemind and its critics have to say

BLP is a problem - just one of many problems that Wikipedia faces. Some Bureaucratic Fucks have made plans either to delete all BLPs not included in a paper encyclopedia; others have been less extreme and suggested semi-protecting all BLPs so that newfags cannot interfere with something which could potentially be very costly to Wikipedia. There is currently a discussion underway about whether borderline non-notable people should be allowed to have their articles deleted at their request, called "biographical optout", just one further sign that if Wikipedia was ever good, it's succumbed to pressure from the real world and the progressive dreams of the internet geeks who were there in its early stages have now been shattered.

The Wikipedia Review and Daniel Brandt have been very vocal in making their opposition to BLP known. This is a good thing because it means that TOW admins get a taste of their own medicine when Brandt collects info about their real-life identities to prove a point about how intrusive BLPs are on the lives of ordinary people with successful careers that warrant a few mentions here and a few mentions there (in reliable sources), leading to a Wikipedia article being created about them.

BLP deletion

The Australian party boy Corey Delaney had his article deleted by a special process known as WP:BLPUNDEL, despite massive media coverage over a period of a few weeks, perfectly meeting verifiability standards by any normal person's judgement. David Motari suffered the same fate, and Angela Beesley temporarily did. This shows yet more abuse of power by Wikipedia sysops, who are free to make a decision about such cases at their own discretion.

Encyclopedia Dramatica is the antithesis of BLP. All ED articles must adhere to the extreme lulzing of living persons at all times. The pleasure of writing for ED is over 9000 times more than that of writing for Wikipedia. You can make personal attacks. You don't have to follow an arbitrary set of rules. You're allowed to write with original research - hell, you can say whatever you fucking want. You don't have to cite sources to provide facts that were already fucking obvious in the first place to anyone who is not a retard. You don't have to suck cock. You don't have to live in fear, paranoid that someone from the cabal is going to say something bad about your actions.

Gemma Anscomb is an example of an ED article which falls afoul of BLP, yet it is in the first page of Google results when searching for her name. The BLPfags repeatedly say that articles about people famous for one event, who've had their 15 minutes of fame, should not have Wikipedia articles because that is not an accurate summary of that person's whole life, and due to Wikipedia's current Internet prominence, these articles could affect the subject's life in a negative way permanently by staying up. Some extremist Wikipedophiles have even gone to the extent of blanking AFD debates in such cases because they believe that even these are potentially legally problematic, despite the fact that it's much easier to find information about these people on blogs and forums everywhere, so that Wikipedia's standards are taken to the extent of pedantry.

Hell, if the Brian Peppers TOW article was a BLP landmine, then Encyclopedia Dramatica is a highly dangerous and vast BLP minefield, and Wikipedos typically fear it more than they would treading in Cambodia under Pol Pot's regime, or Bosnia and Herzegovina circa 1995.

BLP and death

Since Wikipedos love BLP, they also want all notable people to die. If someone dies, they don't enforce BLP, unless it is a "recent death". For some strange fucking reason, they enforce BLP on people who have recently died. No explanation has been given for this bullshit. Wikipedos are also known to love Death List because it means that moar notable people become dead, which is exactly what they want because their cult celebrates death.

If you are notable, you can also troll Wikipedia by pretending to become an hero, but not actually, and escaping to South America like the epic IRL troll Nazi Aribert Heim (FUCK YEAH AUSTRIA), who did it for the lulz. You will then end up in the category possibly living people, and if you've contributed to Wikipedia, there will then be an edit war over whether you can be included on Deceased Wikipedians.


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