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Encyclopedia Dramatica:BLANKING IN PROGRESS

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The phrase "BLANKING IN PROGRESS" is commonly used by people who have newly registered for the sole intent of blanking an article that they got all butthurt over for making. They find the article, hit the edit button, delete all text, and put the words BLANKING IN PROGRESS into the "edit summary" field, even though -technically- the blanking is no longer in progress but is BLANKING COMPLETE.

Mission Accomplished.

Unfortunately for them, the wiki saves all previous revisions, meaning that vandalism is completely pointless because it can be reverted with ease, by using the Undo button, or other heroic methods. In fact, by putting BLANKING IN PROGRESS into the "edit summary" field they have made it even easier for users and sysops to spot vandalism in recent changes, resulting in a faster revert or rollback. Often enough, the user will see that their blanking has been reverted, and will try again and again. It is unknown how someone could be so stupid as to try the same thing again to get the article removed, but then again one should never underestimate the persistent stupidity of teenagers. It has been commented on that to do the same thing repeatedly and expect the results to be different is the very definition of insanity.

On the other hand, a great many articles written in ED are created for the sole purpose of trying to "get back" at someone. The best way to gauge this is by blanking or creating a new article to replace the old one. The number of times a user tries to revert the blank one will show how important their "revenge article" is to them. Also, the speed at which they revert the article is a good gauging factor. While most lulz worthy articles can be blanked for months at a time before restoring, those created for revenge MUST be changed back IMMEDIATELY...otherwise there will be crying and banning and all sorts of e-drama.

Fear not though! If you are seeking revenge and you get your attempt at retribution blanked you can always throw a tard fit and scream BUTT HURTZ! This of course automatically nullifies any suspicion that you're a dirty little ass goblin and you can give us all a proud-tard smile, knowing how easily you fooled all of us.

On and off repeated blanking will ensure being hit with the banhammer as well as having your userpage being raped with rainbow blinkies, faggotry templates, and if you're persistent enough, the dongs template, kittens, HUGE FAGGOT, or pain series.

For an example, see Blank Article.



  1. Find article that makes you butthurt
  3. Watch as the blanked article gets reverted back to normal without anyone having seen it.
  4. Get Banhammered
  5. ????
  6. PROFIT!
Not really.

How to Use This to Great Effect on Wikipedia

  1. Find article
  2. Make a normal edit
  3. Use summary "BLANKING IN PROGRESS"
  4. Watch as Wikipedos shit bricks due to contradictions
  5. Go to Step 1 and repeat

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