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Azuzephre (aka Jeff Thomas) is an emo twink whose crappy artwork is featured on DeviantART and giving some four million pageviews. His pictures pollute the tubes of the Internets, showing up incessantly on the MySpace. Thanks to the faggotry of his work, he appears to enjoy an avid following of 16 year old girls.

Pon & Zi

A feeble attempt at guro?

Pon and Zi is the name of this art. This is the art that everyone has seen at some point either on Bebo or MySpace, or being traced by wannabe artists. His most (read: only) popular work, it's a series of pictures featuring two asexual talking dildos named Pon and Zi. Pon and Zi are apparently in love, and are depicted in a variety of unfunny situations, professing their whiny, crybaby, dildo-love for each other. If you shaved two Carebears, cropped their ears, and gave them some meth, you would have Pon and Zi.


Azuzephre's heartwarming cartoons can be just a little corny sometimes.

Another theory explaining the phenomenon of Pon and Zi are that they stem from his hardcore fetus fetish developed possibly through malnourishment in the womb. As of yet it remains unknown why Azuzephre chose deformed simplistic representations of unborn children to offer his sweet, heartening insights into the human condition to the internets. Azuzephre claims his inspiration for Pon and Zi was a pillow with a heart on, and he originally called them the pillowboogers. It is unknown why the name was changed, but it is thought it might be because the term "pillowboogers" sounds fucking stupid.


Azuzephre is constantly paranoid about getting his precious fetuses stolen on the internet. So much so that he at one point deleted all of his Pon and Zi comics from his Deviantart page and website, despite them being the only reason anyone gives a shit about him. After bitching about it like a gigantic crybaby, his decision caused thousands of loyal fantards to promptly kill themselves, promptly after which he eventually caved in and posted them once again.

Sadly, however, they returned with his signature splattered all over their hideous faces, so as to prevent the ever more tragic possibility that an ART THIEF may steal his work for their Myspace (even though the most retarded of MySpace users could probably just redraw it in a few minutes anyway.) A sausage with eyes, how fucking hard is it?

These comics are not to be made available for download in any profile customization sites or private galleries. I have copyright ownership over the entire series, so to avoid being sent a court-issued cease-and-desist order, please just don't try to pull anything.


—Azuzephre, demonstrating a clear understanding of Internet Law.

As of this day Azuzephre offers a stern warning to all that may violate his Draconian rules stating that if Pon and Zi are ever stolen a second time, he'll take them away and never show them ever ever again. For this reason, a Pon and Zi drawing on his site is never too long for this world due to the high probability of his becoming Butthurt due to the fact that he is a Fag and Homo.[1]'s mission is to troll Jeff as effectively as possible at all times. It was set up when he took all his Pon and Zi cartoons off of the internets. This pissed him off a lot, and he got his friend to pretend to be a lawyer, and send them fake lawsuits. Clearly Azuzephre has very little understanding of Internet Law as trying to remove something from the internet so no one can see it, always makes it more popular. In the end he had to put Pon and Zi back on internets to try and win some popularity back off of However he has failed due to the fact that he has put massive watermarks accross the middle of the images on his website, meaning is at least 100 times more popular.

the problem i have with your site is that youve taken control over work that *i've* done, and in my opinion, you have no right to be doing as you please with it. whether you see it or not, youre basically making my life a living hell right now. i'm trying to catch up in classes at night school to be able to graduate, i just fell out of a relationship, i'm having friend and family problems, and on top of everything, i was barely able to handle all the online problems before. the existence of your site is multiplying the problem significantly.


—Azuzephre, discovering that the internets is serious business

Azuzephere often gets his army of 16 year old girl's to help out by sending lulzy comments to the website telling them about the wrongs of their evil copyright infringing ways. has comment moderation now though so lolowned.

"Who do you think you are?! Posting something in the internet without asking the owner! If you are so update with the life of Jerff, you must know that he don't want people posting the pics of Pon and Zi! THAT'S WHY HE WON'T DO MORE PICS!"

"Hey guys, I just want you to know that you are a bunch of bastards for printing azu's work w/o permission. You deserve any lawsuit he throws at you. I hope you get sucked dry."

"YOU HAD BETTER PRAY TO EVERY GOD THAT YOU ARE NOT THE BASTARD SITE WHO IS USING PON AND ZI PICTURES AGAINST JEFF'S WILL. He has been instructed on teh proper actions to take in order to get a cease and desist order."

Jeff gets very pissed off if you mistake as his own website, so this is probably a good idea.

All of this is made especially lulzy by the fact that at this time, he has stolen actual money from his army of fantards. Buying prints and items from him, his army of 16-year-old girls hoped to finally win the heart of the creator of the livejournal icons they use when they're crushing on the captain of the team, several users paid actual money up front for items from their beloved leader. As of this time, none of them have gotten the items they paid for, making him not just a thief, but one that could get in actual legal trouble. A dissatisfied customer!

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