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Azer Red has left the building. If a tree falls in the forrest...etc, etc, etc.

Azer Red, formerly Rouge Rosado is a butthurt Wikipedophile who has made it her goal to shut down Encyclopedia Dramatica. A fangirl of famous Wikimediots Zoe and Sceptre, she would like everyone to know that she does not approve of the lulz, in full accordance with official Wikipedia policy.

Alkivar fails to make her happy. [1]. Obviously, she needs moar friends. [2]. Here was the ED attack page she started and this was the evidence page on a crappy Neverwinter Nights Wiki until the admins there deleted it as Wikipedia spam!

Azer is writing an heroic letter, and nobody can hardly wait to add it to the lolcow article as example. [3]

Big fat Cyde tried to send her an sekkrit "shut up fgt" email, but noone at TOW can figure out how teh internets tubes works. [4] Meanwhile, TOW has forbidden links to ED via Red's ghey "evidence page"--LOL!

And now the attack page on TOW has been ED'd! Oh, the irony.

UPDATE: now it's been speedy deleted. LOL! ED wins.

Plus, fags apologize--trolling wins again! [5]

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