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Info non-talk.png Please Note: This Article is About a Great Anonymous Radio Website. For Hot and Horny Older Women: See Cougar or MILF.
They really are awesome.

Awesome Cougars is the home of Anonymous Free Radio. In layman's terms this means that anyone with the time and the inclination is able to push their shitty taste in music on those faggoty enough to listen to it; however in reality this was the birthplace of many of the best DJs of the modern age, including Moby and Fatman Slim. The previous statement is the truth, and in fact lots of good stuff came from Awesome Cougars. The awesome thing about Awesome Cougars is that absolutely anyone can be a part of it. Shockingly, this has led to the service being abused.

The site is currently undergoing some heavy construction stagnation. The radio streams are once again up and running, so now everyone can hear your shitty 12 year old taste in music.

Cool macro bro!.

The Technical Shit

Both servers support MPEG encoded streams up to 320kbps and have a maximum of 999 listener slots which are often might one day be filled. If you have any idea whatsoever about this stuff and care to expand, please do.

True story

Current DJ Pass: testing

DJ Help and Tutorial:

A technical point of contention between many (as in, all 4) users of the site is the prevalence of mixing tools such as Virtual DJ, as this is considered fake DJing, as it takes what nonexistant skill exists in choosing, then playing music in a proficient manner and makes a further mockery of them.


Dubstep seems used to be the single incessant droning mass of ear rape that has proved most popular on the board, mostly because this is what basement dwellers think real live DJs play and by making a feeble attempt on's retarded cousin they think that they may too get pussy and bro love from the homiez. This would be incredibly tragic, were there a whole cabal of internet dwelling music retards who thought that this was the way to go. The truth of the matter, however, is that the entire "DJ" population of Awesome Cougars consists of the same 3 two people droning away with all the time in the world. Incidentally, it has been known that the occasional awesome person will stumble upon the site, thus giving some respite from the gut wrenching monotony. These people do not generally last long.

None of that matters now, anymore, because our site went down for over 9000 years. Now that it is being rehabilitated, and the radios are back up the most commonly played music is Hip-hop and faggoty Indie smooch-tunes. This has been a marked improvement over the Dubstep and G.R.I.D.S. which used to be beaten quite often.


Where there's shit, there's a board.

SFW Boards

  • /gen/ — Really, since most things that get posted on the boards are NSFW anyways, this is simply a formality. Users under 18 years of age generally cannot figure out what Shoutcast is, and leave the site within a day or two.
  • /cook/ — Recipes for neckbeards and neckbeards.
  • /draw/ — A board for the drawfags. Features Shi-Painter. This board bit it when VickyBit ascended.
  • /rad/ — Discussion about music, virtual DJ, and other radio related subjects. Also this is the place to discuss the quality of the DJ's you heard on the stream.
  • /ava/ — DJ's upload their totally awesome pictures so that everyone can see their lolcat/ganja leaf whilst they're streaming their totally awesome and relevant music!.
  • /up/ - Faggots hear a song they like, then they beg the DJ to upload it for them. Also a depository for bumps.


Like every other *chan , non-worksafe boards are mandatory. Unlike every awesome chan with a seperate board for every fetish you can think of, Awesome Cougars keeps it simple with just two NSFW boards. /pron/ was removed because of admins being tired of people posting too much spam on the board, basically making it a second /b/. It was replaced with the SFW board /c/ooking.

  • /b/ — The leading board in traffic, winning the race at 1 post per day. Possibly due to those who are new at the internet confusing it for being attached to a certain imageboard which shall remain nameless.
  • Drugs — It is a mystery ┐(゚∀゚)┌ R.I.P. straightedge fags murdered it.
  • /f/ — Post not very good flashy loops, games, and other shit here.


A list of people, not(very good) DJs, just people who play songs on some website.

ZIGGY Concarne Von Stratunberg R.I.P. ZlGGY 1982-2010. He lived as he died: drunk in a ditch in Red Deer, Alberta. Some say they can still see him in IRC, but it's just a bot. We're pretty sure.

  • phuL R.I.P.
  • Chocobro
  • puppi — some guy who idles all the time
  • [oC]Sruh
  • F40PH --ALL HAIL OUR GREAT LEADER He fucked off to go school himself.
  • Melpomene
  • Hammertime
  • Slowking_s_thompson
  • NinjaBeast — An actual dj Passed away late 2012, he couldn't hack the DJ life. RIP in Peace, brother.
  • violet — Never heard of her
  • Zorg — Grade A Danish bro, came to visit the states and disappeared into the NYC Metro.
  • Mitchy
  • Halfcat(actually mixed, wasn't terrible shit) died a homeless gaggot
  • Nowai
  • eBonnie
  • Cptcarrot (famous for having sex with kangaroos and drop bears - is also a giant dong) Our Australian pilot bro. I think he's MIA.
  • Kha (Faggy Indie shit)
  • [wtf]eric (faggy duqstep)
  • Triex (famous for cheating on a girl who he was using to cheat on another girl etc and being overly awesome) RIP BROTHER WE MISS YOU
  • GPS (faggot who got his streaming rights revoked) GPS left us to become popular under the pseudonym 'Justin_Bieber'.
  • Wedfard — An ex-owner of the site.
  • vluhd Missing
  • GreenCarrot Missing
  • Cunty — Also known as Pidgin, he's a member of the Maize Clan.
  • VickyBit (this fag can also be found at his shitty website [1]) Abandoned us
  • skoobadoop (lovable and has great taste in music) Missing

All cool people, all with shitmediocre taste. You should check their shit out.

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