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Audiosurf is a game that simulates the effects of the drug, LSD. The main point of Audiosurf is to basically "ride" the music that you listen to. The game automatically graphs out how the song will be and calculates how hard it will be. Then, after the level is completed, the score will be posted on the scoreboards. This causes much drama due to the amount of cheaters that mess up the scores for everyone. The top songs that have been played to recently are by the Jewness Brothers and Dragonforce.

The developers of the game were so arrogant about the game that they named their team of developers "BestGameEver". This is misleading though due to the amount of fail the game has.


Everyone has to show off their insecurity.
Lol, seizures.

The game includes songs from all of the games created by Valve (Half-Life 2, Team Fortress 2, Portal, etc). These songs all suck though, and most of the players cheated in order to get a high score.

Many songs are played that do not come with the game because of this. The most popular songs are:

  • "Through Fire and Flames" - Dragonforce
  • "SOS" - Jonas Brothers
  • "Chocolate Rain" - Tay Zonday


The main point of the game is to show off how much of a life you don't have. This is done by getting the highest score possible for the most popular songs played. Once this score is achieved, people will most likely congratulate on forums and think you are the biggest winnar ever.

Seizure Warning

Due to the intense amount of flying colors and flashy, blinky shit, the game has been known to cause seizures. The game was so bad that they had to put up a very obnoxious warning every time the player started the game in order to not get a lolsuit on their ass.

Videos of the Madness

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