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Desecrative attack

To attack. Kidnapped verb used by "freedom of speech"-advocating cunts on Wikipedia commutatively instead of to criticize, to bash, to identify or to call by name, as a power word to express victimhood and self-pity. The power word is an aspect of what The Wikipedia Review's Jonny Cache calls:

How To Attack Your Enemy From A Position Of Pseudo-Wikness

The butt-hurt makes wikipedophiles not address their emotional problem directly, having to resort to yet another distortion of meaning. The determinant nominalized verb is especially favored in nominal phrases such as attack site, an umbrella for antiwikipedia Web sites discussing individual wikipedophiles, like Encyclopædia Dramatica, Wikipedia Watch, The Wikipedia Review and Wikitruth, and pseudoantiwikipedia Web site Wiki Abuse.

In Wikipedia's thick rulebook, the term attack site came to fruition in a paragraph by SlimVirgin, an attention whore whose drug-addled nervous system and easily irritable intestine get reflected on her anxious, greedy, aggressive writing style, typically including a condescending first-person, plural-number personal pronoun (we need) and vague impersonal pronouns (it means), expressing supposed need or obligation, a way of indirectly shoving her recommendations up people's asses in the form of not be confused with, converting those recommendations into imperatives, then suddenly switching speeds by throwing a you fastball with an emotionally laden "I put words in your mouth" wholeheartedly:

We need to create an environment where regular editors feel supported when they're attacked from outside, not one in which they get attacked even more for trying to defend themselves. That means not kicking up a giant fuss when links are removed, even if you don't wholeheartedly agree with the removal. It means not mocking someone over and over in public because he reacted badly to being outed and asked for a link to an otherwise decent blog to be removed. It means not taking up the cause of the attackers just because you think a policy proposal went too far.


  • we need to = I, the superior Jewess, do
  • regular editors = I, the poor Jewish victim
  • attacked = talked about
  • it/that means not doing = don't do
  • you = you, the asshole

Oh, my God, they're attacking us [= me, the Jewess]! Attacks from everywhere! Attacks!


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