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Info non-talk.png Voluntary exposure to this article may damage your childhood. Proceed with caution.
Poor timon, he is calling for halp
Have you ever wondered about the reason behind her suicidal tendencies after Internet snarking?
It's quite easy to get along with her. Have some guidelines.

Atimon is a 26 year-old furry attention whore from Germany who has a disgusting obsession with Timon, the meerkat character from Disney's The Lion King. Her shitty art is mainly based on this movie (which speaks for itself), and it's posted in two galleries, on, as well as her own crappy website, soaked in Timon porn and self-pity.

She's very well known in the Internet for starting bitchy rants, cultivating drama and tl;dr whining about how much she loves Timon, how Timon is "her" property despite the fact Disney made him, and why everybody should "leave Timon alone", in a kind of "Timon-secution" that only exists in her mind, even though he's a cartoon and we cannot "do" anything "to" him ever.

This insane Lion King fangirl considers the fugly meerkat her friend and seems to think it's her duty to defend him as if he were real. No, really, she does. Don't you dare remind her that he's a cartoon, it will cause her to become depressed and suicidal! Actually, please do remind her that he's a cartoon at every opportunity. It's the easiest way to troll her and the results are hilarious.

Atimon likes pina coladas, getting caught out in the rain, and fapping to her self-drawn gay bestiality pics.

The Whiny Bitch

Run away, meerkat. Run for your life.

Atimon is a little sad lonely creature whose life is so empty that she likes to believe she developed a close friendship with her favorite Disney movies characters, which she sees as “more than just cartoons”, failing to accept that no one else does and often getting butthurt because of that.

Her single hobby, interest, source of motivation and goal in life is thinking about (and fapping to) Timon, meerkats, and how cruel Disney, or whoever hurts a meerkat, is, be it real or fictional. But only meerkats, she doesn't give a flying fuck about any other animal, or of course about people.

Feeling lonely, disappointed, depressed and not accepted in every imaginable way. May it be because of 'friends', the future, problems at home or my fucking life in general. I've so often got the feeling that i am always 'just there', not meaning anything special to anyone, I'm just present, nothing more, but when it comes to priorities, meetings, whatever, I am always left over. I feel left alone. -.-


—Atimon, whining about not being your priority.

Atimon: *Chirr!*

Soti: *Cheee!* “… I can’t do it…”
Me: *Chirr!*
Atimon: “It’s a meerkat thing.”



—LOL, furries

Wow...I really don't visit many sites on the net - but today I found happy-happy-joy-joy-I-am-so-in-love-pictures/texts on _three_ of them..(!)

I...really don't know where to turn to anymore. This fucking spring feaver/ Valentine's Day shit is just _everywhere_ - does anyone give a fucking damn about those idiots out there, who have got _no one_,too? No one to cuddle with, no one to fall asleep in his/her arms? Screw you, screw you and your perfect lives, your boy/girlfriends, whatever, but leave me alone –because I give a DAMN about this Valentine's CRAP!


Atimon, on hyooman love.

The Never-Ending Timon Butthurt

Timon and meerkats are her obsession, as well as her only interest. She's created so much drama in various Lion King sites and forums over the past years that most Lion King fans are scared at making any kind of joke involving her favorite character these days, leaving a potential goldmine of lulz untapped, just waiting for the trolls. Many stood the truth against her however, and the butthurt from Atimon was so much that she's now "expressing her love for Timon", although you couldn't tell that from her ongoing shenanigans.
Better yet, Atimon refuses to accept that Timon is a motherfucking cartoon character, as she has expressed many times.

He's moar than a toon, you fags ([email protected] Timon fans not wanting being related to her)

Atimon has also expressed that she would love to take away the copyright on Disney characters. Sure, then she'd own Timon... OH WAIT. You should then hurry, furfag, you wouldn't like any other fantard re-copyrighting him before you, wouldn't you?

It's not Timon, it's what Disney did to him!

She's all kinds of fucking nuts.

Atimon spends her life BAAAAWing about how Disney supposedly raped Timon in other Lion King franchise pieces, such as The Lion King 1 1/2, the Timon and Pumbaa TV series or the "behind the legends" special featured in TLK 1 1/2. According to her, his personality was corrupted in those, even though he basically behaved the same way he normally does. Oddly enough, and ignoring that Timon BELONGS to Disney (and it obviously has the last word about the damn meerkat's personality), her representations of the character, with a grub stuck in his anus, enjoying being raped, as a romantic uke, and even as an EMO are far from loyal to the character we see in the movie.

I can rape him for he's mine and only mine!!!111!!

She also loves to complain when other fans create mates for Timon, even though she draws tons of romantic and porn pictures about Timon and her character Res, her self-insert gay Egyptian meerkat who also happens to be a messenger of the god Anubis. But only she has the right to do it, and don't you dare question it, unless you want to be eaten alive by rabid meerkats infected with her AIDS.

Use scrollbar to see the full image

Also, it might appear that Timon swings both ways, because she's also drawn herself having Timon's children.

And you thought this shit is old?

Still "hers" in 2011

Apparently, by January 2011 some furfag was pairing Timon with her personal Mary Sue. This pissed off Atimon and lead her to write a butthurt journal entry where she dares to state that she has more right to ship Timon with her personal Stu as she's been a fantartd for a longer time, as if she had some actual proof of that. Even other furries called out on her stupidity, and Atimon threw a bitchfit as usual. But we don't blame it on her this time. We blame it on all the furry retards who give her asspats, supporting the wrong cause of a mentally unstable furry.

It's either that, or some fucktards just never grow up.

Is Timon an Emo?

Atimon loves to represent the unfunny sidekick as an EMO. She used to have over 9,000 pictures showing this, but most of them are lost now that she bawwleeted her gallery. But the remaining pictures are worth the lulz. Indeed quite interesting interpretations on the character whose motto was HAKUNA MATATA aka "No worries".


Gotta love how she made J.T. a stickman.

The drama about Timon is now playing on Broadway: Atimon's butthurt over Julie Taymor, the creator of The Lion King on Broadway, a musical in which Timon falls from a waterfall. She has over nine thousand old and new pictures dedicated to this in her gallery, and draws one every time she goes to see it. As you may imagine, there were lots of them since she's seen the play at least 100 times, in spite of the fact that she hates it. In December 2007, a new comic in her "funny" folder (which is mostly composed of unfunny butthurt comics, anyway) tells us that the butthurt towards Julie is still damn alive. She wrote a very interesting note under the comic:

Well, four days ago, so Dec 2nd, TLKoB had its 5-year-anniversary here in Hamburg, Germany - and i tought it might me a chance to show Julie Taymor how much i appreciate her work on this broadway show, specially the additional scenes :p

Well, yeah, to sum up your so_touching scene, Julie, all i've got to say is 'poor Simba', of course.. e.e


Atimon appreciates your hard work

Remember: drawing a cartoon being almost eaten by crocs is OMG bashing, but when it's about a real person it's fine, amirite?

And here's a compilation of the last commemorative artworks:

Meerkat Manor

Since Meerkat Manor isn't worthy of its own article - it's a docu-drama about the lives of meerkats in Africa. It's not a cartoon, or a written show, it just documents their lives. The animals just live normally with little human interference. A few years ago one of the main characters - Flower - died after being bitten in the head by a snake.

Atimon (of course) is a fantard of the popular Discovery Channel's series Meerkat Manor. But as with everything and everybody, she managed to find more than one reason to get angry at the team that's filming it. Yet another prime example of how much she appreciates the effort others put into a hard work. She of course spent her energy on something totally productive and helpful: drawing yet moar shitty tribute pictures for a motherfucking dead meerkat.

I finally got a response from the German Animal Planet Team after waiting for a reply for about a month. They've talked to the production team as well. Flower's dead. I hope you bastards enjoyed pointing the camera at Flower while she was dying! F*** you!


—Atimon, thinking that meerkats in documentaries live forever.

The team at Meerkat Manor will be expecting a call from Flower's lawyers.

The Minnesota Zoo incident


In August 4, 2006, five meerkats were destroyed in a Minnesota zoo, after a biting a nine-year-old girl, in order to detect a possible infection with rabies. Needless to say, this caused a drift of butthurt, as well as crappy tribute pictures by Atimon, who went crazy and started threatening the little girl, even when not vaccinating the girl was her parent's decision, not hers. It is speculated that they did it for the lulz, but this needs to be confirmed yet.

The two adult meerkats and their three offspring had been vaccinated for rabies, but the state Department of Health ordered them killed and tested because the girl's parents didn't want her to have to undergo rabies shots if they weren't necessary. "It's unfortunate," said zoo collections manager Tony Fisher. "But we understand we have to do that. We want to make sure that people are safe." He said there was little to no chance that any of the animals carried the disease, but the zoo had to destroy them all because it couldn't determine which one bit the girl.

May those darned parents rot in hell for their irresponsibility!Their stupid child won't have to go through a few vaccinations, but the meerkats are DEAD now and they died for nothing, the tests were negative! Well done!


—Atimon, just being herself.

Of course she was asking for trouble - and those losers that call themselves parents didn't watch their brat! I still cannot believe that those five creatures had to pay for such a stupidity! Little brat! I really hope she'll hold her hand into the Tiger's exhibition the next time! People like these really deserve a ban for zoos, seriously. If they voluntarily cause the deaths of really innocent animals they don't deserve looking at them either. But that's only my opinion.


—Atimon, making a big deal of shit no one gives a damn about, as always

If she ever, although very unlikely as that would imply getting some actual human cock, has children, it is now confirmed that she would rather have her little girl die, to save some rabid wild meerkats.

Epic Snark is epic


In February 2008 Atimon was snarked in a LiveJournal community, TLKFAAsnark (now gone), a community dedicated to laughing at the shit churned out by Lion King fans. This would probably have been just another average snark, if it weren't because of the intervention of her friend Dolphy, who made such a hilarious party of herself by trying to defend the bitch that the snark became epic. It sparked a lollercoaster, as well as butthurt from Atimon, Dolphy, and some of those Timon/Meerkat fans who mill around the internet. Unable to join the community to talk directly with the people who "Offended" her, Atimon just left her fantards to play the heroic role of the White Knight, slinking off by herself to baaaaaawwwwww about it. It would have been healthy for her to learn that hundreds of people get snarked everyday in Livejournal communities, and that such thing ain't so bad and shouldn't be taken so seriously. But no. Atimon kept crawling in her skin, as these wounds, they would never heal.
But then she decided it was time to take action, and proceeded to hide her porn from any visitors, probably fearing trolls or merely due to butthurt. So if you saved any of those disgusting yiff pictures just post them here. They must be shown to the world!

Worth the SNARK

How to build your own "anatomically correct" Timon!
the sad truth is NOT sexay

Here are the pictures that could be saved out of a gallery composed of at least 100 pieces of art, all for your enjoyment. Most of the pictures are here but some are still lacking nevertheless. Interestingly enough, they were available three clicks away from a G-rated site were they could be easily reached by kids on the internet, which was acceptable according to her perverted mind, due to the fact that they were in her "private" site. It hurts to think how many warm childhood memories she's ruined to other fans with those pictures. What a sick fuck.
Most of those pictures show Timon either scared or in pain, but Atimon has stated that they don't represent rape, so don't worry.

OH GOD MY EYES About missing Pics

Galleries and Screenshots

OH THE HORROR About missing Pics

How to troll Atimon

trolling Atimon is incredibly easy! Try it yourself, you won't regret it!
The wise words again as a tasty graphic!

Trolling Atimon is quite easy, as you may realize, and her reaction as well as her fans are always hilarious. You may try:

  • Posting in any online community that you hate Timon and that you wish he'd be dead. Yes, we all know that fictional characters can't be killed and none of us gives a shit anyway, but there will be lulz. Guaranteed.
  • Remind her that he's a cartoon. Never fails.
  • Remind her Timon is actually gay for Pumba.
  • Saying you hate meerkats.
  • Post in any community she frequents how much you love your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife or lover. Even if you're alone, do it for the lulz.
  • Put your hand into a meerkat exhibition in a zoo, get bitten and then explain that you don't want to be vaccinated against rabies.
  • Design a mate for Timon. Make her your fursona, if it is possible.
  • Leave nature take its course instead of running to defend a hurt wild meerkat, if you are filming a documentary.
  • Disagree with her in any point concerning Timon and meerkats.
  • Telling her that her meerkat porn is disgusting


Reaction to this article

This lovely gif will likely piss her off, use it as your avatar.

OH NOES! now that she's found this article, she'll be no longer emailing her Yiff art to whoever asks her! What a loss for the world.

She wrote a whiny note complaining about our "lack of lives", and about our goal. Truly a furfag that only lives for Timon and meerkats has a position of authority from which to speak. She must be right, you stupid EDiots.

Here you can see some lulzy screencaps of her reaction, as well as that of her fans:

Her fans gave us some Delicious quotes as well:

Well, I never did like how she talked about Disney (though I hated that Behind the Legend thing too) and I also didn't like her complaining about fanfiction authors creating mates for him. Particularly since I'm one of those authors.

But those things aside, I think she's a great artist and they shouldn't have had any right to make that article. I think it should be ripped off the internet, and the person who put it up should be banned from the website and beaten to the point of near death.


some fag on Jewtube, thinking we have a point but still butthurt

the trolls and haters don't know the real Ati, they only know the stereotype. this is how people get destroyed by internet rumors! it's gotten so big now it's almost too late! I'm thinking of making another video showing the REAL Ati


— O RLY? i thought stereotypes were applied over niggers

Blanking is Pointless

Where's your God now?

On April 23, 2008, Atimon brilliantly registered on ED ,as "User:Antimon", and replaced her article with “meep!o.o;”. Of course, our EDiots were on the lookout, and the article was quickly reverted by User:SecurityBot. She was so smart about her stealth-delete that she used the same username: User:Atimon. Go have fun vandalizing her userpage. Later, there were several attempts of vandalizing it committed by her retarded fanbase (or most likely by her), which caused the intervention of the SysOps, and resulted on the article being locked.

She then returned on June 19th, 2008 and blanked the page again. It stayed blank for about 19 seconds. She is obviously a fast learner. She lerned ze Engrish ver, ver vell alzo. Her new userpage is User:Sexy mama. Yes, you should also go and vandalize that page too. Seems like FATimon wants to become an hero because of this article, and send us to Internet jail. Serious business indeed!

Yes. We will all be in lots of trouble if YOU kill yourself. Lots and lots. PS: I can do five years inside in my fahkin' sleep, innit guv?

But seems like it wasn't enough, there’s still moar!!!1111. In August 28, 2008, she returned yet again under the name User:Auz meerkat. And pretended to make us believe it was a retarded fan:

Nice try, furfag. It's not like we give a fuck anyway. And for the record, if it actually was one of Atimon's fans, then you should go and talk to him, since he used your screen name for EDiting, therefore resulting on us blaming you. Fail.

Baaaawwwwleet fucking everything

On May 7, the bitch got apparently spammed by some Ediots, which caused her to delete her main website. Also, her gallery is from that incident only visible for logged in members, which does not represent any impediment when visiting her page for lulz, since any faggot can create a troll account in that website.

"Fanart" for her

Ati inspired many!


Prime examples of her retarded fanbase. Believe us: they're ALL like this.

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