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AskFmb (pronounced "cunt") (aka. Tyra) is a Hetalia Weeaboo, Furry and attention whore, who through use of baaawing, has enough e-fans to make her ego the size of Texas. She cries on DeviantArt with her furry-tastic "artwork", and human versions of Flying Mint Bunny from,Hetalia; like any butthurt bitch out there if you try to talk to her, she will go apeshit on you and try to rip your eyes out.. she is well known for being a troll on deviantart, especially the askhetalia community, and causing a lot of butthurt. No wait...she still does. She and *Deviantart-favicon.png cherrypomegranate are always at each other's throats, and Tyra even framed *Deviantart-favicon.png cherrypomegranate for making the racist account *Deviantart-favicon.png askkawaiitexas

Currently Tyra is hiding on the account, *Deviantart-favicon.png aristocratictyranny aka aristocratictranny

Edit: it is now "djyapster" because her old name was too "hipster"

Most of her journals.jpg


On several occasions, due to being butthurt for no reason at all, she had deactivated her account. As of now, she has deactivated thrice, not twice. All of her deactivations were, supposedly, for no reason.

Even her journals are full of irrational butthurt and emo


God, I feel like the epitome of shit. I'm so fucking freezing and my mom apparently doesn't give a shit. I had to sit out in the cold for literally five hours. I'm so pissed. The nerves in my limbs, and especially my feet are just numb. FIVE HOURS. This isn't helping my cold at all. I won't be surprised if I get a fever of some sort. Ugh, I'm going to be the grumpiest bitch in the world tomorrow. I can't even do my homework because my hands keep shaking so bad.


Excuse all grammar and spelling mistakes and the constant repetition of certain words. I'm a sick bitch and I have no care to being a grammar-nazi at this time. Isn't that amazing?

Maybe I'll finally stop being a sad douche and lighten up for once. It isn't worth the time, and I can continue doing other stuff, which includes improving my drawing skillswhichdoesn'treallylookwellrightnow. Why continue to fret over one thing when I can just.. I don't know, do something .. I usually do. Roll on the concr-- I mean, troll my neighbors. They're fun.

I still don't know what this business is about the.. Acting and lying to look nice, but oh well. I'm either a clueless fool, or I'm just a firm-believer of not believing the belief that I'm an actor. Why, I'm a terrible actor. I can't even lie properly, you can ask a couple of school friends. With my newfound ability to draw with a touchpad, maybe I'll start answering questions with deviations instead of words and dAmuro. Sure, I have a scanner, but it takes too long, and I think I lost my SD card. Besides, I never get questions and yet I have three questions in queue. Better get on those now.

I miss you guys a lot. All my devices have lack of internet except for this dingy computer I'm using. The internet cuts out every few.. Random instances. Even my PS3 and PSP lost internet. Sob. I'm only trying to.. Hold up here and not become another annoying depressing chick that you'd find somewhere on FurAffinity. DO NOT TAKE NOTE OF THAT.

I've found that some of my problems is my high gullibility. I believe a lot of stuff easily if it makes sense in that strange way. I'm not sure if this is the place to be saying that, but eh. I'm influenced a lot by society, and I act like society if it's not doing great. That doesn't seem to be a problem as my peers are pretty trustworthy, hah. I can't help but listen to what other people have to say to me. It's difficult to ignore. I'm terribly stubborn and changing my opinion isn't the easiest thing to do in the world. Depends on who you are, actually.

Anyway, I'm trying not to wander to those other pages and journals that'll only make me feel worse than I already am. I don't wish for pity, or sympathy. Not even apologetic instances of appreciation. Don't know what it means, but I hope you do. I'm attempting to pick myself back up, and not to be as irritating as I'm being now. Please don't give me words of encouragement. I'll only go back to what I've been doing in the past few journals. Been trying my best to suck in all the words though. Really.


I feel like all I do is cause trouble. Nothing but bad things come out of me, and I don't see why people think it's nice to be around me. No one shares my horrible opinions and ideas because they're nothing but shit. Not only that, there's the fact that I keep throwing out journals with me being a depressed fag just because I have no other release when there's lack of communication.

Just unwatch me, okay?



I feel like shit and I want to go melt somewhere. Perhaps the Sun. I must be bipolar or something. One minute I'm happy, the next, it's as though the world hates me. I'm not used to acting so rude to my friends.. Much less purposely ignoring them. God, oh how guilty I am.


"Hetalia is an unfunny show with lack of good characters." They said

"It makes absolutely no sense and the fandom should be ashamed of themselves." They said. "What are you doing with that lawn mower?" They said.


Well, I don't see the point of this journal, so don't bother reading it!

To cope with my ridiculous issues as of late, not that you care.. I've decided to ignore all my problems head-on no matter what they are! I mean, I could ignore everyone altogether and not even bother to give a shit. That I would not do, but it was just a simple thought that came to mind. Instead of living with my problems, I can start anew. Perhaps make a new name for myself and degrade my personality for the best of everyone. I mean, I'm too serious for my own well-being, correct? I've been thinking about it for the past couple of days. It couldn't hurt to try out a new personality. It would most likely help ease stress if I let loose that anger into doing nice things instead of correcting and criticizing and suggesting and all the shit no one cares about. Haha.

Yeaaaaah, none of that is a great idea, but I'm considering it so expect a nice and perhaps even quieter me in more weeks to come. It's for the best of everyone, right? Oh, God, I'm so tired.. I'm just an irritating fiend with not a single whim to hold onto therefore, I only cause misunderstandings. Haha. Hah. I'm overly immature and annoying and bitchy and whiny and blahblahblah. You can't convince me otherwise. Now that I sit here and stare at this writing, I realize I sound like a drunken fool who had been let loose to drive a monster truck. Agh. I should not be allowed to use a laptop after not sleeping for twenty hours. I will gradually change though. It's better that way. I mean, you have to agree that I'm immature and stupid most of the time. Going to sleep now and regret this in the afternoon.



Her bitchcraft

Kami Wars

P by screencaps-d4gaxo4.png
You won t understand without explanations by screencaps-d4g7dwv.png

She had a brief conflict with fellow attention-whore, KamptonLeader (who at the time was AskChina) over hacked accounts, or something along those lines. However, both failed to realize that nobody outside the Autistic spectrum cared about their e-feuds.

I apologize for the morbid title, but I wish to seek comfort in posting a journal entry to relieve some pain. That's how pitiful I am. I'll regret ever writing this and submitting it, but it seems better to make my life worse than it is because I know it's only deserving. It's only full of sad drabble that no one cares about, but read anyway, I guess

Anyway, I always thought of myself as one wouldn't actually prefer to be among the crowd. Until a couple years later, it seemed unfavorable to do as such. To continue to dish out myself to teasings and cruel taunts as I accelerated through elementary. I'm a weird child, I admit, and I cannot deny any of it. Being an only child, it's hard to keep yourself occupied without feeling some emptiness. To share secrets with. Memories. Fun games as I watch my friends all the time. I've always thought, what would it be to ever have a close family member in your life who saw you every single day? Told you they love you despite your problems. Refused to scold you harshly for the smallest mistake. I've always wanted to know the experience. If only my mother hadn't had me at a young age and decided to ditch me because she found herself as unable to care for me as any other mother would.

I'm really not sure why I'm typing this to the public, but I felt it brill to just share it with the world. What hurt can it do with a little information of my life? Perhaps I'm only making it worse for myself than it already is. I only want good out of everything, so why is there always someone at the top of the ladder to take it away? I reach the end of the tunnel glad to be out of the sewage, then as soon as I enter out, there's more sewage. More obstacles. More troubling moments of the day that I could care less about.

What's the point of it all? I bother with the little things and it only begins to spark into a full-out explosion. What have I done wrong? I've done everything I could do. Been truthful, loving, caring, sharing experiences, even given out rare embraces. Am I a bad person? Is that why no one can seem to listen to my words? They say that telling the truth will only work out better for you in the long-run. It does not. It only gives you ridiculous bragging rights that no one gives a shit about. I tell the truth. I do my work independently. I try to make as many correct actions as I can. Why does it not work? The world doesn't want those good people who will really put forth effort into being that good Samaritan. I don't want to look like those people who think that lying will slide them through all their issues. Most of them do anyway.

Is it worth attempting to be a great person when it'll only be worse than lying and not letting anyone else find out about it? Is it really all that well? I've never found out the answer to that concept. Fake. Faux. All a hoax. Telling the truth does not get me out of things better than other people who cheat and lie. I let people know how I feel about them. Continuing to have them think that I have no problem with their little tinks isn't what a real friend is. Where is the truth? People have claimed that I'm sort of a goodie-two-shoes, a troll, a person with absolutely no-life that no one actually cares about. Do I listen? Yes, I foolishly listen to those and I take them into consideration even though I know it isn't true. I'm not a liar. I do not try to be a liar, and I don't understand why people continue to think that. I'm the bluntest person you'll ever meet besides Simon Cowell!

Hate is an evil thing, and I have admittingly said that more times than I wish. I don't want to hate. I just want to be atleast acquaintances with everyone, but only a miracle will let that happen. I find myself loathing Kami everyday she does something offending, but a thought in me always stops it. Is it pity? Sympathy? Hints of comparisons I find in myself? No, it's none of that. It's that really, none of it is ultimately her fault. Sure, she doesn't listen to advice and chooses to be two-faced. Sure, she's untruthful when it comes to most things, but is it really ALL of her thoughts? There's always something that triggers those bad deeds. Tempting. Lying is the easiest thing to do in the world, but do I do it? No.

I guess that some people are unable to turn back to doing the rights things, seeking comfort in doing the things they are used to instead of listening. Practically deaf. Hard-headed. Mindscarred. Everything negative you can think of. Eh, I don't know where I'm going with this anymore.

I wanted to be Kami's friend. I wanted to be more than just that person I see at school everyday. I mean, there wasn't much to ask for from her. The only thing I wanted was the truth. Even now, I beg for that. I beg for a reply to my request, and she continues to shove me away. Deny the lying. Deny that she ever hurt me in anyway. I can't help it. I can't help trying to atleast teach people not to do wrong, but that's just me barging into other's lives. I cannot deny that I have done wrong. I've done many wrong things, but I made up for it. I made up for it by continuing to move straight through life doing the right things. There's not much to do when the person you are conflicted with the most does not even care about you. Hates you in every way, and would just want you out of their life forever. What am I supposed to do when someone states that?

I do not hate, I've said it before, but I change my mind. It's not hate that circulates for Kami, it's really just irritation. Irritation that I cannot tell her to do what I want. A cruel thing to say, but I only want the best of her. She's lost the AskHetalia groups and she has no one to blame but herself. I'm being purely blunt right now. I've warned her many times. Stop this. Stop that. Do this and it will help, and yet she claims that I did the same thing to her. But look at where I am now. I've made new friends. Made friends out of enemies. Strengthened ties of old ones, and I'm welcomed with open arms to everyone. Kami continually wonders why lying isn't helping her.

Really, I'm just being rude and ranting about being nothing. I am a dumbass afterall. Who cares about me? Who really cares? I'm selfish and greedy, and Kami would agree with just about all of that. Maybe even add more. I'm rude. Evil. A grudging bitch. Maybe instead of pointing out her flaws, I should fix mine. The thing is, I'm too retarded to even find a flaw because I'm so fucking self-centered. I can't do anything because nothing matters about me. Nothing. I eat too much. I'm messy. I take people's stuff. Do I even deserve what I have? Forget it. I'm surprised I'm not a fatass like everyone else in America.

Well, reply to this journal of truth all you want. Nothing seems to be moving my opinions now. You know it's all true. I should be crying right now, but I'm too sad to even do that. Isn't that pitiful?

Kami wars round two -or three-

After getting control over the account *Deviantart-favicon.png askchina Tyra went on by raping the account, by posting fail art work, and giving the character pointy rudolph noses. But like every other [toy|dildo] Tyra had, she threw it away when she got bored, and then made the account *Deviantart-favicon.png askkawaiitexas She pretended to be a bystander, and all the while she was telling people that kami was the real troll behind the account. While Tyra gets to sit pretty on her new account and draw kiddie porn, people have trolled Kami off of deviantart.

Other wars she has raged

  1. Fighting over a character: In the early beginning of AskHetalia, FMB got into a bitch fight with other potential Hetaliafags, all wanting to be the same character to fap over. She got into a fight with people such as, *Deviantart-favicon.png AskAlfred, but due to the others being lolzcows, and her army of asspatters, the other ask accounts were soon made to feel like idiots.
  2. Deactivations and bans galore: In October of 2011, AskFMB was accused of causing the deactivation of *Deviantart-favicon.png AskAlfred, and the banning of *Deviantart-favicon.png AskFrancis, and was heavily trolled because of it, even reported by *Deviantart-favicon.png AskDenmark. Again, her asspat brigade went to her defense, even leaving angry messages for those who wished to flame her on the page. As of now, a majority of people were told *Deviantart-favicon.png AskFrancis was reported by *Deviantart-favicon.png AskSeychelles, and *{{dauser|AskAlfred} deactivated because of AskFMB.
  3. Hurt over article: On December 20th, she found out about having an ED article and, like any smart sensible young woman, wrote two journals about it, causing the equivalent of an explosion on Deviantart, which was mainly people threatening to kill the author. In her new journals she criticizes the author, saying how inaccurate it is.
  4. butt puppet attack It appears that "kami" and tyra are back to being bffls, and recently have decided to gang together to do some trolling because nothing says friendship more than using a "common enemy" to combine what wonderful things they say together. They're giving Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie a run for their money.

What is loosely called "her work"

Like any Hetafag out there, she draws Desu hetalia characters with animal parts, and is often complaining about how her work sucks, and that she shouldn't bother anymore. Another possible reason for her several deactivations of her account.
Her "gallery", note all of the furfaggotry that appears in this.

she's also an art thief

warning: you will throw up ...

Why she won't give away the account

Question: "If you're not going to use the account, why not give it to someone else.. ?"

Answer: I've received this question several times, and altogether it's becoming really annoying. I refuse.

First, because that mentioned someone else can create their own as many have done. I was not a good AskChina. I did not provide the appropriated amount of answered questions as I had promised - Therefore, I'm not sure why you guys said I was great. Is it because my art was partially decent? : (

Second, because this is not actually my account and I did not create it. If I did, I'd like the current person using my account to ask permission from me. I didn't need to ask anyway because I know the first admin doesn't want it given away. I'm not being selfish, but I think it would be better just to leave it vacant. No strangers for me, please. Besides, I've lots of stuff on this account I want to keep.

Third, imagine the drama that would lead along with it alike to the first time. One person threatened suicide only because they didn't get the account. How foolish is that? What's so special about this? Watchers, pageviews, supposed popularity. C'mon guys, get out sometime. There's actual life out there other than AskAccounts and it's very fun. That's the only reason why I've barely touched this thing. I have friends I want to hang out with, places to go. No time to come check on the newest admin to see if they've dealt trouble with AskChina. I don't know any of you people and neither do you to me - So as far as my trusting status goes. . No.

The end. Comment if you wish, I'm really not in the mood for arguing over a measly deviantART account. I'll deactivate it if it frustrates you that much.

To be even better, listen to gangster!China:

You heard him by askchina-d4skvo3.png

Translation: fuck you all, go make your own, I'm not giving my old toy away. I took this from someone, so you can't take it from me, and to the girl who threatened suicide, I don't know the full story, but I am going to assume you're a dumb cunt and will make people laugh at you. so fuck you too and thanks for bringing lulz to this journal. now end of story, bitch all you want, but I don't give a fuck because I have a life and don't need your bitching to add to my already full list of annoyances. so fuck you all and goodbye assholes. *inserts racist picture*

Quotes from her asspat brigade




I understand and I have had people tell me that you talk about me in a rude way, but thats fine. I'm used to it honestly. Teasing, hatred, and guilt, Tyra you are just human and thats all there is to say. You have a heart. Listen, I know I'm the last person you ever want to talk to but if you ever stop drawing I will just die. You stopping your art is like your favorite artist dying right before your eyes. God knows how long I even have right now but every time I do something horrid I would hurt myself because crying is like a sin to me. Crying will get you nowhere all it does is make your mom take more drugs then hurt you and lock you in a--- never mind. You're not selfesh because if you are than I am as well. I regret getting mad and pretty much trolling you and I see how immature and stupid that was. Haters gonna hate! JUST LEAVE IT TO THE CABINET! HES GOTZ DIS


—Her frenemy Kami (see kami wars)

If you ask someone how they solved a problem, chances are they won't say, "I bitched about it until it fixed itself."

Think about that. I love you, please get better soon. I want to see you happy again. I care about you too much to give up on that. <3


You're a wonderful, talented, amazing friend and artist. Seeing you upset makes me feel like I've failed as a friend. Don't let yourself be determined by your tiny flaws. Focus on your strong points and don't forget you do have friends who will be with you.


If you ever mess with this girl again, I will flip the fuck out. I don't like it when people mess with my friends.


Inugget no

no just come to my bosom


(( Remember that there are people who love you, and I hope that your depression will get better Q A Q I LOVE YOU BRO, STAY STRONG. *huggle* ))


((*hugs* I know it's hard, but you have to try to keep your chin up. It's so hypocritical for me to say that, though... since I've got clinical depression and all, but there are people who love you. We want you to be happy. Just... just remember that okay? We don't want you getting really depressed and doing things you'll regret... I should know.))


(( FMB, the only flaw you hold over your head is bringing yourself down. You are not a bitch, you were trying to help her. There's a difference.

You are still young, and you need to stay strong. You know a lot but yet you know so little, it's the same with all of us. You know pain, but you want to blame yourself for it. It's not your fault Kami is a lier. Not your fault everyone now sees who she is and what she has done. It was a matter of time.

You saved so many from being hurt and targeted for all the wrong reasons. You remember her language journal? I have a feeling if you had not come along, and started to reveal her true nature, no one would have dared to say other wise. You inspired us, and so many.

It stll shocks me that you want to be her friend, but at the same time, it doesn't. You're a loving person. And people don't see that sometimes. You don't see that sometimes. But I see it. And I love you for who you are. For what you have done for so many yet they don't even know.

And I'm not just talking about the Kami incident when I say that. Your words of wisdom can help many. And oh so many.

I would say more, but I got to go to school... OTL. I LOVE YOU. And don't you dare ever self doubt yourself again. It's your only flaw. ))



(( I am so sorry. I want to give you so many hugs right now. I kind of wish that were enough, and at the same time, I wish I weren't pitying you, because I know that's not what you want. Nobody wants to be pitied. I wish I could make it better. ))




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