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Ashleymariel is actually a man IRL.

Enjoy your cock!   8====D (_(__)


Ashleymariel is a twitch whore who thinks that people love to watch her fail at counter strike and other games she fails at.

I'm not riding a dick on my twitter avatar!


—ah. ok..

4chan Raid

One fine day out of the blue when she was streaming with only 3 fappers watchers and getting people yelling at her to fucking play right, she decided to publish her phone number so that Dan from buffalo would call her, a bored troll from 4chan found it and made a thread about this awesome lolcow, in less than an hour, she got doxed and her twitch was nuked with propaganda.

Noone fucking knows who dan is..
From her twitter

Although the raid was going well and lulzy, the thread was baleeted for some reason and not a single trace of it can be found, still thought the amount of bullshit gained from the raid is good enough.


For some reason, whenever the trolls overwhelm her, she plays a song about KFC McDonalds which the trolls just made fun of and kept spamming swastikas and cocks.


The servers she joins always kick her for some reason, causing her to activate her nice voice and try to seduce them to stop keking her, needless to say, after she was exposed as being a shemale, the admins there didn't fall for it and kept kicking her, causing her to find more servers and get kicked from them too. Then she cries about how such unfair niggers the admins are on all the CS GO servers.

Those are guys btw
Yes. I played CS GO 1.6 and 1.5!


—Ashly, not knowing that 1.6 and GO are separate games and that there is no 1.5.


After she refused to show her tits in public. People started demanding to at least see her vagina, which she nervously refused. Making the fact that she is a dickgirl obvious, the people then demanded her to prove she isn't a man and she still refused. And as usual it ended up in her playing her McDonalds song for some reason

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