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As we all know, the internet is full of all manners of troll bait. These range to but aren't limited to idiots, furfags, internet tough guys, those who are desperate for attention, and just plain old faggots in general. But what happens when you combine all of these into one? Ladies and gents, you get Asher2500. Odds are he wouldn't even have this page were it not for his massive bitch fit over the use of the picture on the left.

The good, the bad and the furfag

Asher is a Narutard,gangsta, fudge packing Mary Jane smoking furfag that thinks lolcats and Ytmnd are the funniest fucking thing on the planet. He scuttles around the state of Oregon, giving blowjobs for cash so he can go to Canada. He even wrote a wikifur article about himself! When he was a child, he had problems with his father so he moved out to live with his mommy. Eventually she got sick of his shit(who wouldn't?) and told him to GTFO, which ended up causing him to get kicked out of high school. At one point, he lived in a house with three other furfags including his ex, kazumafox. YIFF YIFF YIFF~<3. He brags about having an unhealthy obsession with his Xbawx yet constantly tells everyone to get a life. Asher claims he has anxiety, OCD and insomnia but everyone knows he's just looking for a reason to smoke pot all day and yiff with his buddies. I mean, who wouldn't want to do that? He's known on FA for spending a shit ton of money on drawings of dog cocks, writing emo "poetry", spamming and failing at old memes, and ranting about how he's much more mature than whoever just called him out on being a total fucktard. He was even banned for screaming his ass off once and was blocked from seeing furry porn for a while due to the fact he was 17 at the time. He claims to hate people who RP with a passion yet boasts about starting a relationship with a woman in canada through roleplaying.

As of late, Asher has revealed that he had been cheating on his fat fuck of a boyfriend for months with some canuck furfag....and then thought he could play the role of the victim. In a lulzy turn of events, Kazumafox got drunk off his ass and tried to fuck up Asher with some weeaboo sword after trying to punch holes in the walls and talking shit about him. He leaves but promptly returns with a bowie knife and threatens Asher several times before leaving like a little bitch. Asher cries and goes on to talk about his big wuff in shining armor and some shit about flying to milkbagland with a fire cracker up his ass. To this day, he still writes journals every three hours about how he jacked off to his canadian girlfriend or how Kazuma keeps beating his ass and breaking his shit. Don't forget the obligitory "GIVE ME ATTENTION, I HAS NOE FRIENZ!!" journals. .

ED Drama

Travel back to June 6, 2010. All is well in the land of furfags. The birds were singing, the foxes were yiffing and every thing was peaceful and quiet. That is, until one Asher2500 make a shocking discovery. Someone was making fun of him on the internet. He finally found out that this fugly picture of him had been up on the FA article for MONTHS. Asher, being the fucktard he is, decided to remove the picture from the article and declare victory. However, the changes he made were quickly undone by one of ED's caretakers. Pent up with fury after seeing the image resurface onto the page, he removed it again. Then after being told several times to stop vandalizing the article, he continued removing the photo only to have his edits quickly reverted. Then, he was promptly told to get in IRC if he wanted it to be pulled so badly. He said no. After an hour long edit war, a sysop got sick of his shit and smacked his ass with the ban hammer. This could have all ended here but he decided to be the bigger man by posting a butthurt journal on FA about how he doesn't care, that we're all basement dwellers and how his mom got him kicked out of high school. Afterwards, he went after a troll/ED user that was on FA; posting many threats of violence, beatings with the unrealistic expectations and lolsuits. However, because of the fact he was trolled on ED instead of Furaffinity, the mods couldn't ban anyone. Ironically, by posting those threats, Asher violated the TOS, and got his ass chewed out by the mods for harassment. It's a really bad sign when a TROLL USES THE ADMINS TO TROLL YOU. After dealing with the shocking realization that the mods don't give a shit about him, he posted another journal, this time about how the mods didn't care about his "furry brotherhood" mentality and that he's still much more mature than everyone. He now claims that he did this all to get a page written about him and that he doesn't care about it, yet he keeps bringing it up.

He even wrote a nice little rap about us. HE REALLY DOESN'T FUCKING CARE YOU GUYS!!!!11!1!

He only really wanted an article!

The fact that Asher and his friends like to vandalize this article by changing some of the words so they aren't so zomg mean and breaking the wikimarkup in process - they can't even get it right if it's done for them, and even more, was done over a period of four hours. Shit like this makes the entire statement void.

The faggot white knight that vandalized this article.

Hacked or Attention Whoring? You decide.

Info non-talk.png This section is incomplete. A certain faggot is to finish it later.

On August 22, 2010, Asher and Kazumafox were apparently hacked. Two journals announcing that both accounts were under someone else's control were posted. The writer of said journals identified himself as Mr Anonymous and proceeded to wipe both of their galleries clean. Both accounts were apparently recovered within the next few hours and their gay furry porn was re-uploaded. However, there are a few things that REALLY don't fall into place and suggest this as blatant attention whoring from at least one of the furfags.


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