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Ash Hilton

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Ash hilton7.jpg

Ash Hilton is the alias used by a famed girl residing in New Zealand. Created and started a riot over Facebook which hit tv screens all over the world, 12 police cars, including two team policing units, ended up having to deal with around 1200 youths who abused them and pelted them with bottles. The police helicopter was also called to help disperse everyone. She used to be an amateur model but now she mostly sits around smoking all over her life style, known as 'Facebook Famous' and 'Tumblr famous' with over 56k followers, and runs an online clothing store which many people have had complaints about. She is an ignorant person with hoards of fans that defend her and ignore the truth about her and she needs to be exposed.

I imagined Ash putting on her makeup meticulously, fixing her hair and choosing an outfit. Then, sitting down in front of her laptop and taking a large amount of webcam photos of herself. She then whittles them down to a select few that will be easy to work with.

Then she posts the pictures with a suitable, sympathy seeking caption and sits back and waits for the likes, favorites, re tweets, comments, re blogs. Her day’s work is done. Success! As she reads through this praise, deleting any negativity and blocking any non believers, she knows in the back of her mind that those compliments are empty; they aren't really for her. They’re for Ash Hilton. This fragile, perfect entity she has created that will always be fictional and always out of her reach in the reality of her life. She will constantly pursue this persona, much like many of the followers who believe her to be real, but she will go to bed and wake up as sadly, Ash Hilton. It’s really sad, actually and if she wasn’t so self centered and destructive towards many, I’d probably feel sorry for her.


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