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This article is perfect. Don't fuck with it.

Include image here. Please not to be including an image unless it is hilarious.

This is the first sentence of an article. This is in the first paragraph. This is the text of an article. This is the explanation of the text of the article. This is the end of the first paragraph.

This is the second paragraph. This is further explanation of the subject at hand. This may or may not include dates, names and places relating to the subject. This may bring up another subjects relating the aforementioned subject "article".

This is a one line joke about the aforementioned sentences and facts.

This article's introduction should not be under a level 2 header, as to make it appear above the Table of Contents.


When you get a redlinked article, discussion and no create this page tab, that means Jimbo disapproves, and doubtless Sceptre does too.

This will be a very wordy paragraph that will possibly go into detail about words in either paragraph one or two. This may explain why the word is what the word is. Will most likely suffer from TL;DR.


This is where the ideas expressed get explained in gut-wrenching detail. This is the hardest part of the article to read because it is getting too heady for anyone to understand. This is probably where I should stop writing the article. This, however, is only the end of the fifth paragraph.


This is where the various views on the subject "article" are expressed. This is where I tell you the most widely held argument. This is where I explain that argument. This is where I tell you about a diametrically opposed argument. This is where I tell you why that argument cannot be ignored. This is where I try to be NPOV about the entire process. This preceding sentence, if not the entire article, will be taken out and moved into talk where nothing will get done and will eventually get put back into the article because no one will care anymore. This only serves to cause infighting and wiki-flame wars.


This is the edit. This is where i messed up. This is where i fixed it. This is a joke about the article before the edit

Current Status

This is the last paragraph. This is where I am supposed to have the best joke of the entire article. This is where I realize this convoluted idea wasn't really funny. This is where I stop typing and hit the save page button.




You may find many lulzy images related to the topic here, but in this article, you will not.

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