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Armed Blowfish

From Encyclopedia Dramatica
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Armed Blowfish being raped.

Armed Blowfish is an incredibly hot Scottish woman, currently living in Torpark, China, who enjoys getting raped.[1] Men rape her again and again and each time she screams with pleasure. However, she is embarrassed of her enjoyment, and tries to cover it up with accusations of victim-blaming.[2][3]

Almost an admin

Armed Blowfish ran for adminship on Wikipedia and lots of men voted for her because she is so hot, but some still opposed because she is a bad bad girl who uses TOR. Hey, thanks for letting me know about TOR! [4] [5]

Playing hard to get

Blowfish may lock the door and put up a barricade to make it hard to get her. A man who surmounts those obstacles will make her feel all warm and fuzzy and loved.

By the time you know the danger you are

in, it is often too late. You hear the sound of someone entering downstairs...door opening and closing...footsteps...and then the voice of the man you fear. You don't believe you could run out past him. There are no ladders to escape out the window. You could scream, but there's no one around to hear you...and even if there was, he's a friend of the neighbors. All of your friends are busy at this time of day, and you know the police won't be sympathetic...and even if they did come, they wouldn't come in time. Instead, you check to make sure the door is locked. It is, but you are afraid that won't be enough. There's no bolt. All the time you hear footsteps. He arrives, demands entry, starts proclaiming how hurt he feels. You tell him to go away. He starts picking the lock, all the time screaming about how hurtful your refusal to see him he has a right to see you, touch much he loves you. You try to barricade the door, but you aren't strong enough to move any of the heavy furniture. Eventually, he successfully picks the lock and knocks down the barricade. He blocks the doorway with his body, perhaps around 300 lbs heavier than you. He continues his insane banter, even as you yell at him to go away. Adrenaline has been surging through you bloodstream for some time, making you more energetic, stronger. Perhaps you can fight your way past. You have no self defense training, but you manage to jam you knee into his groin. He bends over a bit, but remains firmly blocking the doorway...and in a moment he pushes you hard onto the floor, onto the toppled remains of your barricade, calling you a "sick puppy". Before you can get to your feet, he drags you onto the bed and pins you down there, only a bit of thin cloth between his groin and your chest. He keeps up his hurt he cruel and evil you much he loves you...and even starts to cry, all while

keeping you pinned, all while you keep telling him to go away. [6]

Now offering FREE BLOWJOBS


Blowfish loves to suck cock and will beg strong men to let her give them blowjobs. She loves cock so much she will give a blowjob to anyone, even weak men, just so long as they have cocks. She does full deep throat and swallows the cum. Her ultimate dream is to be enslaved by a powerful man who will rape her every day and sell her body to other strong men.

The Second Rape

Armed Blowfish describes what she called The Second Rape. This happened while she was playing StarCraft and got an early Zerg rush. She wasn't happy losing so early in the game so she disconnected her modem so her opponent would get a "draw" instead of a win and she would get a disconnect instead of a loss.

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