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Kayleigh Simon of Scotland aka Furaffinity-favicon.png Aquagirlwhitefox is a 20 year old attention whoring furry who always asks users for donations, usually for her "cancer" or her "dying grandpa", neither of which exist because like most furries, she or he is a lying cunt.

Donations for Cancer

Miss Whitefox posted a journal (now deleted) in which she claimed that she had cancer and that unless she could get enough money for an operation, she would die. Since all furries are lonely 30 year old men who long to help a damsel in distress in hopes of getting laid...or at least yiffed by miss whitefox, all of her friends rushed to donate their hard earned money to help AquaGirlWhiteFox live. So Miss Whitefox had her operation....or so everybody thought. Soon after the supposed "operation", Aquagirlwhitefox received dozens of commissions of her fursona from various artists. Considering how much commissions usually cost, some users got suspicious about where she got that money, but she claimed it was "spare change from her sister and aunt. In the mean time, Miss Whitefox kept "updating" her watchers about her condition in various journals. (now deleted) She kept whining about how she was in so much pain and how it sucked to be in a wheel chair despite being alive.


Wait? Yeah, she's not drunk just an attention whore. I mean what kind of a person pretends to be suffering from 2 different types of cancer, fakes being pregnant, and suffers from a heart problem? Oh, that would be our dear lying furfag, AquaWhoreFuckGirl. Guess her fans and friends forgot about her terrible illnesses.
Cervical Cancer and being preggars doesn't mix together.

Every faggot journal she posts is always going to be about her begging for money because she's to stupid and lazy to go out into the real world and get a fucking job! So, saying she suffers from shit like Leukemia, Stomach Cancer, Cervical Cancer, some Heart Problem. How the fuck can she be suffering from severe illnesses and still be able to get online is beyond anyone with logic. I mean, really? Da fuq?!? That and the treatments for just one of these is in the hundreds of thousands of dollars and posting journals asking for 20-40 GBP isn't going to cover this shit! The most expensive thing you could ever fix would be yourself both medically and dental wise. Obvious liar is a obvious furfag whoring liar. How she manages to fool her watchers and friends with this fuckery is far from amazing but then again stupid people do exist as Furaffinity-favicon.png aquagirlwhitefox leads by example.

Y U SUCH A LIAR About missing Pics

Of course, she really does suffer from an illness but it's not the ones she claims. What this type of behavior is called.

Caught in the act

Another fake photo of a teenage couple she snagged online somewhere. Just a matter of time before the origins are discovered.

Aquagirlwhitefox posted a journal asking users for more donations because apparently the doctors "didn't remove all the cancer". Likely story right? Zeku, a scalefag, asked Aquagirlwhitefox to show a picture of her cast with his username written on it so that he knew she was being legit. A reasonable request. So Aquagirlwhitefox agreed and uploaded her picture in this journal:

Faking her identity by using some poor chicka's photo.

Unfortunately for her, a simple search on google for "hot injured chicks" brought up the same image revealing that she's nothing but a faggot liar.

When confronted with this news, Miss Whitefox's journal quickly vanished. In her PM to Zeku, she claimed the reason she lied was because she didn't want people to see her suffering in real life....despite the fact that she was complaining about her suffering in her journals. Aquagirlwhitefox expects users to believe she was dying from cancer unless she gets enough donations. SHE WAS DYING....and yet she has a problem showing her pictures to prove she is legit? What sense does that make? One can only assume that she is so ugly that if anybody saw her, they'd wish for her death.

Of course like most lolcows, aqua blocked Zeku for "torturing" her.

I'm curious, who was poisonousvixen to you?

But you know what, Zekula? You've blown your last chance with me, and I want absolutely nothing to do with you from here on. You promised me that you would stop bothering Aqua, make her life even worse than it is and attempt to destroy her reputation. And the most ridicolous thing is, I actually trusted you. But no, now people have shown me evidence of you doing the exact same again, which convinces me that you haven't improved at all. I tried to explain the situation, and make you empathise with how Aqua feels, but you just wouldn't listen. Every action has a consequence, Zekula. You've screwed up so many chances, that I have completely lost faith in you. And by by dishnoring Aqua, my spiritual sister, you dishonor me too. You've chosen to be an enemy of my sister... and by doing that, you've also gotten yourself an enemy in me. That was the last straw, Zekula - You're hereby blocked. This will be our last words shared. And you may as well expect, that Aqua's many other loved ones are bound to become quite hostile towards you as well.



So a question here, why would Furaffinity-favicon.png sinqus be defending poisonousvixen and aquagirlwhitefox at the same time against Zekula? Answer: PoisonousVixen and Aquagirlwhitefox are one in the same. You know you've been found out when your so-called 'spiritual sister' just ratted you in defending your sorry ass.

Once again, the bitch is caught stealing pictures of other girls in this case it's an Emo girl with blue hair. For someone who's dying all the time and lives in a homeless shelter how the hell is it possible for her to dress up as an emo girl. Doesn't she need money for that?

Wow, she certainly has a way with faking shit over and over.

Art Fraud

Wow, the people she did actually pay were very lucky unlike these two.
Sugar proving the shit she had to deal with from Aqua.
Don't be an idiot and commission a person who has nothing in their gallery but art drawn by other people or that's traced from other works.

So aside from posing as hot injured chicks to emo goths she also as the terrible habit of buying art and calling her commission-ees assholes. In once instance she commissioned Furaffinity-favicon.png sugarcat for an art piece but asked for a refund because she was in a shit hole for money despite the fact that she went around buying more art from other users then turning around and selling the pieces elsewhere. Lying furfag much? Furaffinity-favicon.png dakarai tells that when Furaffinity-favicon.png aquagirlwhitefox, was still Furaffinity-favicon.png poisonousvixen, commissioned him for an art piece the payment went off without a hitch. No problem, right? No, the bitch noted him back saying how butthurt she was because he fucked up her precious art and of course then he fixed everything to the best of his ability to which she responded with 'PERFECT'. Now most artists that get their shitty art they pay for the next step for them is to post it wherever to receive all the ass-patting in the world on. When the greedy cunt was confronted about this she removed the art and posted it elsewhere to receive more ass-pats because the bad thing to do is to give credit to the artist that did the work for you.

The silly excuse she uses to pull her blue-waffled vagina out of fire.

Of course, these aren't the only people she scams by sicking her huge vagina on for art.

Shit Behavior

Only nasty whores develop something called The Blue Waffle.

Furaffinity-favicon.png aquagirlwhitefox has a nasty tendency to treat anyone like a turd because she is able to. Despite saying 'Oh I'm a nice, loving, caring and kind person. You can ask my friends Furaffinity-favicon.png Divashi, Furaffinity-favicon.png RedRose, Furaffinity-favicon.png fuzzywazzy, Furaffinity-favicon.png Sinqus', she is nothing more then an emo with plastic D+ tits who should slit her wrists and drop off the face of the planet. One way she likes to get attention is pretending she's preggers with her imaginary boyfriend then blabs to everyone how she doesn't want the little ugly shit because she can barely feed her own fat ass due to spending money on art. Of course, it's your own fucking decision but really,

If I can't have him or her. NO ONE CAN!!!



. Selfish bi--oops I mean selfish whore much? Most people would ask if you're in such the financial shit hole as you say you are why the fuck did you spread your legs like the typical bimbo? Greatest troll or stupidest fuck that ever lived. You decide.

Looks like Furaffinity-favicon.png RedRose hates Aqua too.
Y U SUCH A CUNT About missing Pics
Only reason why anyone would befriend a cunt like her is because she puts her tits and ass.
Only a bimbo-headed bitch would ask why people consider her a whore.


Nah, she just lives off of Mommy and Daddy.

So among lying about her commissionees, illnesses, medication, and her identity by posting pictures she finds off Google she now blabs about being a homeless furfag with no money. Okay, how can you not have money and pay people to make art that you turn around and sell? Shit doesn't make sense, even moar so when you need that money for your medical bills. And if she's ever drawn anything, because all she has in her galleries is art done by other people that she paid for, it's just traced shit.

Temporarily Suspended

Latest suspension occurred all because she told some furfag to go kill herself, anything else is bullshit.

So as of late Aquawhorefag is unbanned but was only banned for 2 weeks while Furaffinity-favicon.png acorn remains banned. Why? Simply because she called Aqua out on her lies while being polite. So, Aqua wrote a post as to why she was banned and says 'it was just a misunderstanding'. Orly? Oddly enough, one has to wonder how someone who constantly lies, begs for money, and commits numerous T.O.S. violations on the site is still allowed on while someone who just tells the truth is still banned.

Is she sucking the clit of Furaffinity-favicon.png sciggles? Is she giving Furaffinity-favicon.png dragoneer head? Probably doing both considering they're both incompetent and will fuck an innocent user over if they should call Aqua out for what she really is. Incompetence much?

Goodbye Candyflossvixen

Can't get a whole lot of money for more commissions so now it's for freeee.
You too can now own this pink fox infested stds bitch! But hurry as the bidding starts at $150.00 USD. Pffft people aren't going to waste their money on that when they have to use it for bills.

As of November 29th 2012 Aquagirlwhorefag is selling her latest in shit bag filled creations Furaffinity-favicon.png candyflossvixen. Why? Because as usual she needs the money u gais!!!! She needs it to spend on more art and not to help pay for her "grandmother's party, vet bills for her sister's cats, rent, tax payment, food and christmas". So who wants to bet there's going to be new commissioned art popping up in her main gallery, Furaffinity-favicon.png aquagirlwhitefox? Lawl.

Bitch failed to make a profit from selling her fugly pink std-infested whore furry so now she's selling her other furry slut for a profit that is destined for the same result. Fail. You know there's something seriously wrong with you when you deny being said furfag communicating with yourself.

November 30th 2012, she baaawleted everything about selling her pink fox std infested character. Lawl, guess she realized she wasn't going to get what she was wanting or she decided to keep the character. Only time will tell now. A fan asked when she broke her little leg and Aqua got pissed at the simple question. What a bitch! She says, "4 days" ago she did this. Really? Interesting how from the journal dated November 26 all the way through the 30th she was online begging for more asspats and not one mention of her breaking her leg during the 26th or before the 30th. After all, our dear Aquagirlwhorefag likes to keep us up-to-date on her lively events. Even on the more controversial. Notice how Aqua didn't respond to Furaffinity-favicon.png Kwolf13 kiss-ass comment.

Only a day before did she post twice in her journals that she was sick and stuck in the hospital. Guess they must've let her out early, as in within a few short hours considering the dates of those three posts. Oh Aqua, you're so pathetic.


On November 29th 2012 Furaffinity-favicon.png aquagirlwhitefox stated in a response on her now baaawleted journal that she needed dat money for, 'vet bills for my sister's cats, I need the money for rent, tax payment, food and christmasT_Tand paying for a party for my Grandmother who has lung cancer I want her to have one hell of a party...' But on February 2nd of 2012 she stated in a journal 'P.S.- My Granma just died and left me a lot in her will. I've yet to go see what she left behind for me and my sister. R.I.P. Gran >: I will miss you.'

More bullshit from your little fox slut.

The Furfag whore has returned to open her legs

As of November 12, 2012 she thought it was safe to start up her old bullshit ways again begging for moar asspats and money because her Granny is once again, dying of lung cancer u gais. Apparently the furry slut just couldn't learn from her past mistakes due to being fucked in the brain as her vajayjay was as loose as a cave.

And now, the final nail in the coffin that Furaffinity-favicon.png Aquagirlwhitefox aka Furaffinity-favicon.png Candyflossvixen is in fact Furaffinity-favicon.png aldrnarigren.


So, the question is why would Furaffinity-favicon.png TheUnborn post it was a commission for Furaffinity-favicon.png aldrnarigren when Furaffinity-favicon.png Candyflossvixen boasts how much she enjoys it and Furaffinity-favicon.png TheUnborn responds to only her with "^o^ Glad you like it :D."? The answer, because Furaffinity-favicon.png candyflossvixen and Furaffinity-favicon.png aldrnarigren are one in the same person.

So after our dear furfag, Furaffinity-favicon.png Aquagirlwhitefox, was slammed with grades of trufax she moved to another account, Furaffinity-favicon.png candyflossvixen, where she thought was safe and to profit from her horribly infested aids furry only to fail she made another account pretending to be a new person. Fail much.

Fur Affinity stirkes back

On May 24, 2013 the attention scamming whore logged into her latest FurAffinity account to check for more asspats and give more bullshit then she can handle out to her retarded furfag friends only to realize that she was banned. All hell broke loose out of this furfag's home and decided to check her other account, including her three other accounts that she long since abandoned. Low and behold, they were banned as well.

For years, ever since the first encounter people have been trying to get this cunt removed from their community but to no avail she remained to continue scammming fellow retarded furfags. One can only assume she pissed off a bunch of poopular furfags at which point when their cries were heard by the noble Administrator, swift justice arrived.

Nowadays, the bitch continues her shitty ways of screwing people over on her new Ink Bunny account, Azuregren.

Behold! I give you the attention whore's woeful baaawing.

Also note I am not Aqua whatever her name is. Whoever believes that stupid troll wiki site has the IQ the size of a lice. If you want to believe a site that HATES FURRIES, then go ahead. but don't come to my page and acuse me of being someone i'm not without PROOF that is not that site, thanks. I even have people who can confirm that I am not Aqua. :) if you don't believe them or me just leave me alone and don't cause drama, it's not my fault you're so easy to mislead.



Bullshitting to the masses once more because if she wasn't then how would one explain the banning of all her FurAffinity accounts at the same time? Answer. She is Aqua.

Contact the cunt


[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

Her Paypal

[email protected]







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Yeah, she doesn't have a fiancee like she says she does. Really? You'd think he'd be the one operating behind that account instead of her.

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