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Anti-Encyclopedia Dramatica is SpleeNfat's attempt to produce an anti-trolling wiki. Because one article alone could not contain his sheer faggotry:

Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: SpleeNfat.

SpleeNfat is a goat-fucking towel-head who declared e-jihad on ED after reading the cruel and inaccurate articles about Islam. He has decided that the best way to deal with trolls is to insult and harass them. Sadly he doesn't realize that no member of ED or any experienced troll will give a mouse-sized shit about what anyone says about them on the internet.

In short, think of him as Insane-Reynard v. 2.0!

>Welcome to Anti Encyclopedia Dramatica! You can post articles about trolls, politics, or anything that pisses you off. I hope you can make ED look like a complete retard!

The Administrator doesn't like trolls. If you are one and actually stupid enough to act like a complete asshole, you will be humiliated with an article posted on this site. Also, don't vandalize the articles as well. It's a wiki, not a video game. Think about what are you editing, how did you edit it, and your purpose for it. If you vandalize an article, you too will be humiliated and get banned from Anti Encyclopedia Dramatica. Then the final rule...NO RACISM!!! EVER!!! It's fine that you can be funny in your article, but you can't be racist on this site. Remember, we are the OPPOSITE of ED. We don't want to be racist. If the administrator sees ANY racist remarks in an article WHATSOEVER, you will be asked to edit, take down your article, or would be banned from Anti ED.
Encyclopedia Dramatica was founded by lifeless nerds who went emo over Blacks, Jewish people, Asians etc. They tried to post a wiki about blacks, but they failed. So they made a Wiki of their own called Encyclopedia Dramatica. Being the morons that they are today, they made bullshit statements that no one cares to listen to. Unfortunately, more morons find that site funny and started to praise them like Jesus. Soon, they started to bring these ideas to the web. unfortunately, they can only reach YouTube and devaintART. Today, these dumbasses keep posting articles about people and try to bash users. This will change because there will be articles about trolls.



But did it?


Retards are at it again! Encyclopedia Dramatica posted an article about THIS site! It's really hilarious. They cry because the "Precious" site was threatened by Anti Encyclopedia Dramatica! How cool is that? They don't realize is that without ED, I wouldn't have created this web site in the first place! Thank you for setting an example of making yourselves look like fucking retards! Anyway, ED is scared. Scared of being humiliated by Anti Encyclopedia Dramatica. It's really ironic that Encyclopedia Dramatica talks shit about other people, but at the same time, they don't like to be dissed. Don't worry, we have plenty of articles planned for you, ED.
This proves that there are ED crybabies. The user will have an article written about him!



—If you will provide drama then we shall document it.

Spleenfag's wiki

Wannabe DA Dictator

Pedobear recently stated his approval of SpleeN's e-jihad.

SpleeNfat tries to get most of his recruits from devianTART but often fails because even these teenage shitty artists realize that ED and anonymous cannot be taken down - as well as the few TARTlets who find ED funny. In the same manner as Suede Bear, SpleeNfat uses his fursona to prove how hardcore he is because an imaginary furry is more threatening than he is:


How is racism and death threats to innocent people funny? Ive seen bad things my whole life, but this is just cowardly. I am not a coward and I will stand up to anonymous. The WOLF never cowers into the den if they met a formidable opponent. Anonymous attacks nuisances in a cowardly way that even a person would take Anonymous out if met face- to- face.


—Another reincarnation of Ebon Lupus.

Recently SpleeNfat had claimed he has the powers of the dA mods behind him and is currently hunting trolls.


SpleeNfat has recently decided to pull a DivineAngel stunt and claims that his BAAWWWW-ing was a successful attempt to generate lulz.

SpleeNfat's legendary computer skills make trolling anti-ED impossible.
I don't try to destroy them, I just try to humiliate them! :D


Oh ok.

Even DA does not support his antics.
you're sooo into it though...

yeah, I don't always agree with them either. but they have a right to do what they do and they have enough fans and funds that some Pokemon obsessed kid isn't going to do anything. I mean, they made an article about you which is actually pretty funny. After reading the article and looking at your page I realize why they made fun of you. you act like Sonichu.


This guy actually fell for it.

No...It's actually fake. All of this is fake just to gain the most epic lulz I could get! :D


—In which case why doesn't he have an ED account?

Another member of ED recently e-mailed him in order to delve into the murky mind of a butthurt TARTlet:

I recently emailed him the following out of sheer curiosity as to what he would say:

"I bet you expected me to fill this whole box with JIHAD JIHAD JIHAD and other racist remarks. I'm not going to attack you with ad hominems. I'm not going to make personal attacks. I try to rise above that. However, I think you really need to revise your articles. They really just are as bad as the original ED articles. For instance She turned emo when ED was humiliated and started to cut herself in the process. She masturbate to Mudkips and likes to eat 20 Twinkies a day. She pretty much hates anything that is not associated with Encyclopedia Dramatica, and is a real attention whore. You think posting things like that are really going to get people to respect your cause Do you really respect yourself All you're doing is hurting your own cause. Your cause has been completely discredited. You will lose, guaranteed. I fear no one. Slander me all you want. I'm just saying. You are fighting a losing battle. I have fought ignorance my entire life. You are but another opponent. You will be no harder than the rest to defeat. Anonymous will defeat you and all you stand for. They have much less mercy than I. Just saying."

Interestingly enough, he replied with the following:

"Destroying ED isn't our primary goal. Our goal is to mock ED. It's satire. Nothing is really real."




When ED makes fun of something it's racist, homophobic and sexist too - but when SpleeNfat makes fun of something it's satirical. Clearly a massive two (yes, TWO) articles would bring ED to it's knees and have the entire internet shaking with laughter. You'd think he would learn from history.

Remember, we are the OPPOSITE of ED!


—Of course you are, dear.


Anti-ED logo.png

The Editors

SpleeNfat works under the username Azad Rouhani and so far seems to be the one and only admin on the site. His primary e-mail address is:

(But beware - he may write a scary article on how retarded and fat you are.)

UPDATE: SpleeNfat is now B& from deviantART - hopefully he will actually start paying attention to wiki or, more likely, create yet another dA account. We at ED are on teh lookout for sockpuppets.

  • Hussain-bhai is possibly one of his sockpuppets, as SpleeNfat is not known for his good hiding skills: [email protected]

Actually CityBlues, sucking at being a good spy.


- Who eventually destroyed AntiED ALL GLORY TO T-ELOS789
- The most obvious example of DivineAngel/Lady Hisoka trying to cover shit up, possibly because she doesn't want any more trolls on her page. Bawww. No, apparently this person who has exactly the same skills of literacy and spelign is just a "friend", who, strangely, has never been mentioned before...Note how vehemently this "friend" defends them and their shitty art here


To All New Editors & Writers:

We are a new wiki but we won't back down. We are getting more and more people on our side:

Give it your best shot, really go for it - let's show Encyclopedia Dramatica what we've got!

Articles and How to Get One

Although the site is called Anti-Encyclopedia Dramatica, increasingly the people who make it onto his sad excuse for a wiki are people on deviantART who said mean things about him. Getting a page is incredibly easy, but because he and his followers are lazy-ass motherfuckers it will take fucking ages to get one.

How to Earn a Page on AntiED

  • Suggest (politely) that by mocking troll he is also a troll himself.
  • Point out that one day he will claim to be the greatest troll of all time, followed by being an avid troll-hater the next day.
  • Beg for an article.
  • Beg to him not to write an article.
  • Request access to his wiki (also incredibly easy) and vandalize the shit out of it.
  • LOL At a comment written by one of his non-fans.
  • Say Muslims did 9/11.
The Big Kids Club About missing Pics

The Rules

  • You are NOT ALLOWED to troll.
  • You are NOT ALLOWED to write articles that take the piss out of other users.
  • You are NOT ALLOWED to write homophobic/racist/sexist etc. articles.
  • You are NOT ALLOWED to point out how unfunny an article is.
  • ...Except about ED users.
  • Anyone who breaks these rules will be B& have a vicious article written about them.

Like all Muslims, not only does SpleeNfat have no sense of humor - he has even less sense of logic.


One day, a troll got bored. So, disguised as a weeaboo, Yorichan posted this statement on the website's front page comments, before flooding every article with Rickroll:

YHBT screen.JPG



Screencaps Gallery About missing Pics

Goodnight Sweet Prince

Anti-Encyclopedia Dramatica is no more. It is unknown whether SpleeNfat will return to take his revenge or will be found hanging from his bedroom closet but for now his retarded offspring AntiED has fallen into a coma.

All glory goes to T-elos789. You may now kiss their ass and worship them.

P.S. He is banned

AntiED Dead2.JPG

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