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FoundationMay 2006
Major BoardsTeens No Rules, Scene V3, Stickam Girls and Cam Sluts, bookchan,tinylotuscult
Epic Winsboard hosting, great porn not anymore, lol

AnonIB, established in May 2006 by boy genius Alphabet, became one of the leading "new /b/'s" following the original /b/'s downfall on August 23, 2006. It quickly rose to become one of the interweb's leading image dumps, specializing in furry, yiff, CP and wall to wall fail. Despite its questionable content and mentally handicapped userbase, the site ran smoothly for nearly two years, until The Supreme Fucktard Mindpoop took over administration and decided to buttfuck its userbase for the lulz.

On April 1st 2008, AnonIB was blackbagged by the party van, largely due to Mindshit's unbelievable faggotry. The original site vanished into the ether, resulting in the tragic loss of over 9,000 child pr0n boards. Millions of pedophiles were left homeless in ensuing chaos, which is now known to be linked to the economic recession currently gripping the world. The New Improved AnonIB finally returned around July 2008, with perverts and furfags scrambling to recreate their pedo-boards before The man could assrape them again.

Fully updated with computer-destroying pop-ups and batshit crazy moderators, AnonIB now functions as the final cesspool for all of the shit generated by 4chan and its rivals. Every gross, disgusting, tired old meme to ever grace the tubes eventually finds its way to AnonIB (along with the masturbating fucktards who originally posted them). Individual boards cater to a wide range of interests relating to naked children and barnyard animals. By far the most popular board is Mindshits's very own Teens No Rules (TNR) which manages to combine the two areas in ways never before imagined, even in Your mum's sickest fantasies.

Historical overview

AnonIB: hands down the SHITTIEST chan on the entire fucking interwebs.

Some time ago in the dim, dark recesses of last thursday, a promising young genius named Alphabet envisioned a scheme under which every single furfag in the universe could create his very own 4Chan with a minimum of trouble. Unaware of the horror he was about to unleash on the unsuspecting world, Alphabet named his new site AnonIB; Anonymous Image Board. The new system was viewed as a godsend by furries and pedofags (mostly because they couldn't post their sick-ass shit anywhere else), and was an immediate success with basement dwellers across the globe. Before long, AnonIBs were erupting forth like cum over a camwhore's face, and every pathetic loser in the States had an imageboard to call his own - even the dimmest morons too fucking stupid to learn basic php.

AnonIB flourished well under Alphabet's administration; so well, in fact, that the bandwidth soon outstripped AB's limited resources, leading to intermittent downtime and major BAAAAWWWING from the furries (not that anyone cared about them, of course). Alphabet himself was reduced to begging donations on several occasions, but AnonIB's userbase proved amazingly loyal, sometimes contributing as much as five dollars to help keep the site running. The show limped along like this for almost two years, and though money was always tighter than a Republican's asshole, the kiddie pr0n continued growing at an exponential rate and everybody was happy.

(Except maybe The Partyvan, but we'll get into that later.)

The real problems began when Alphabet handed AnonIB over to online pornographer Mindpoop. A pathological liar in every sense of the word, Mindshit has often claimed to have bought the site from Alphabet for several hundred thousand dollars, but this is complete bullshit, like everything else he says. Internet detectives have conclusively proven that Alphabet gave the site to this Jew because he simply couldn't afford to run it any more. Some argue nothing, because this is the truth, and Mindshit has since proven himself to be the biggest cunt on the interwebs.

Working in collaboration with his ghey fuckbuddy GOA, Mindshit immediately set about raping the site with banners ads, pop ups, pop overs, pop unders, interstitials and every other kind of shit imaginable. User complaints were either ignored or met with open contempt; in some cases, posters were told to bend over the table and spread their cheeks for penetrative buttsecks. Anyone who objected to the changes was flamed into submission by Mindshit's hired trolls, and all mention of Alphabet's "Golden Age" was forbidden on pain of immense butthurt.

The Party Van

Partyvan strikes again and another imageboard site bites the dust.

By the end of March 2008, Mindshit's faggotry had reached levels that even the FBI couldn't ignore, and the Partyvan turned its attention to AnonIB's writhing cesspool of pedo-flavored crap. Absolutely no warning was given: the first sign of the approaching lollercaust came when the entire site vanished without a trace in April 2008. Chaos spread through the intertubes like a torrent of liquid shit: yiffers and pedofags alike were left jerking off to empty computer screens, while millions of dimwitted basement-dwellers were forced to return to 12chan in search of tender young loli flesh. It was the biggest online Bawwwwfest since the Borg invasion of 2007, only with infinitely more fail for everyone concerned.

As usual, the blame could only be placed on the site's new administration. Spending most of his free time fucking Krazyfag in the ass, Mindshit somehow failed to notice the vast amounts of kiddie porn being exchanged hand-over-dick on Teens No Rules and other child-friendly boards. In retrospect, the result was as predictable as it was unavoidable: The Man confiscated the entire fucking intertubes and AnonIB disappeared faster than a camslut's hymen on her twelfth birthday.

Eventually the butthurt cleared long enough for someone to ask WTF was going on. Needless to say, answers were not immediately forthcoming: Mindshit was too busy trying to evade the complimentary cavity search at Partyvan Central. Knowing that thousands of angry /b/tards were now howling for his blood ("WHAT HAPPENED TO MY BOARD YOU FUCKING SHITBAG??!!!"), Mindshit did what he always does best: he lied through his fucking teeth to shift the blame onto someone else. And as usual, the userbase swallowed it with as much relish as Sarah Palin gorging on John McCain's diseased, yellow pecker-snot.

Global Moderators

Business as usual: Mindshit and Krazyfag discuss policy at AnonIB.

Once the site was back online, Mindshit proceeded to mobilize his own personal army to patrol the network. Composed entirely of Mindshit's ghey fuckbuddies, the Global Moderators are a band of inbred neo-Nazi faggots whose sole purpose is to ban anyone they don't like. Potential drama hovers around defcon 4: hardly a day goes by without one of these bleeding cunts pitching a childish BAAAAWWWfest over some trivial user complaint.

Popular popular mods include Fromstf and JD, whose job it is to hunt down and delete any board lacking homosexual content. The remainder of the staff are a coalition of world-class assholes who spend most of their time ruining the internets and jacking off to pictures of Bill O'Reilly. They can usually be found hanging out on the New Suggestions Board when they aren't out playing Internet Tough Guy or encouraging little boys to suck their lollipops.

This is where the majority of AnonIB drama actually takes place, largely due to everyone knowing that the mods are a bunch of sick fuck pedo-fags. Basically, anyone who objects to the vast number of CP boards gets raped up the ass and banned until the end of time; the only ones who escape summary judgment are those willing to kiss Krazypro's puckery asshole at least 100 times.

Please note that while the New Suggestions Board says "post your complaints/issues/suggestions here", ordinary users are forbidden to voice their grievances on pain of death. Mindpoop actually set up the board to give the Global Mods somewhere to whine like the butthurt little bitches they truly are. Consequently, the slightest hint of criticism will get your ass b& for the next sixty years, so just watch your fucking step, faggot!!!

The Pop-under virus saga

AnonIB malware warning: Posting this to the New Suggestions Board will win you an instant banhammer.

Amongst the many crapshit changes introduced by the new administration were literally thousands of pop-unders, each one capable of evading even the most sophisticated ad-blocker. In spite of the admin's official explanation, these pop-unders were not added to increase the site's revenue, but rather out of a malicious desire to seriously fuck up your computer. This was accomplished through the use of drive-by downloads and numerous viruses (including the dreaded MicrosoftEXE), leading to the destruction of over 9,000 hardrives and the economic collapse of Iceland.

Eventually, some brave soul ventured to point out that it did not make good business sense to fuck with your userbase and drive them away by the millions; unfortunately, he was immediately assraped with the banhammer and forced to suck Krazypro's cock for six months. Despite intensive buttfucking by the Global mods, the complaints continued to mount up as countless users had their systems infected. The Admin immediately reacted to the problem by adding more pop-unders and instructing the Global Mods to kill anyone who complained. Fromstf and several nerds from the TechHelp board suggested using Firefox plug-ins such as greasemonkey, but most people thought he was discussing his sexual fantasies again. A few users actually appealed directly to Mindshit himself; however, he was too busy buttfucking Krazyfag to bother answering his emails. And so things stood for at least one hundred years, with users BAAAWWWING that the pop-unders were destroying their computers and the Globals screaming "STFU you faggots, we don't fucking care!!!"

A typical example from the New Suggestions board:


I think my computer got a virus from one of the pop-unders. The admin really needs to do something about this.




Jeez, things were never like this under Alphabet.



ANONYMOUS: Surely you don't want malware on the site.



The malware continued raping AnonIB like Hitler in Poland until Mindpoop took a break from his cocksucking and noticed the drop in revenue as users abandoned the crap-infested site by the droves. Instantly shitting his pants, MP realized that fucking over his user-base wasn't, in fact, good for business, and set about rectifying the oversite. This consisted mainly of posting one message admitting there may be a problem; claiming that the administration has no control over which pop-unders contain malware; and to report it to your friendly Global Mods if an infection occurs. Mindshit presumably returned to his beloved buttsecks soon afterwords, as no one has heard from him since.

As of this writing, AnonIB is still flooded with viruses, pop-ups and assorted faggotry. Practically nothing has changed, except that the entire site has been blacklisted by Internet Explorer, leading to a MASSIVE downturn in web traffic. AnonIB is now teetering on the brink of bankruptcy due its computer-destroying viruses, and the admin stubbornly refuses to purge the malware from its network. In addition, board creation was disabled for two months, multiple boards have been fragged, thousands of potential users locked out by the malware - and the Globals STILL claim there's nothing wrong with the fucking site.

Memorable Quotes

AnonIB's highly trained staff handle user requests.

Posting a legitimate complaint on New Suggestions will result in prompt action from AnonIB's extremely mature and highly trained moderation staff:

You expect us to act professionally? this is a free image board, not a fortune 500 company. You don't pay us and we don't get paid so piss off.


Fuck I hate these idiots why doesn't anyone read board rules.


We are not your friend, we are not your family. We are the mods we enforce the rules and deal with your bullshit. we can say what ever we want and troll you all we want.


We have to put up with your bullshit, being snippy a cunt comes with the job.


You have no idea how this site works, do you? Learn the hierarchy of AnonIB because I highly doubt God of Anon, Mindpoop, or the Global Moderators give a shit.


Go fuck yourself.


There are no rights expressed or implied on anonib. You are subject to the whims of others. Nothing irks me more than people claiming to have rights on websites they do not own.


Adminyous and various global fucktards responding to user requests on the New Suggestions Board.

In recent weeks, the problems have accelerated as AnonIB inches steadily towards the brink of bankruptcy. Malware, trolling and piracy have become the norm; threads vanish, codewords are phished and - as always - assholes reign supreme on Anonymous ImageBoard. Not that any of that will matter once the admin finishes circumcising the site: with board creation disabled and traffic down the single digits, there won't be anything left to hijack by the end of the year. WTG, Mindshit.

The Peon Revolution of 2009

AnonIB's homepage as it appears to the average user.

By the beginning of January 2009, AnonIB's mentally deficient user-base was on the verge of outright rebellion. Mindshit and his ghey fuckbuddies had assraped the site for close on twelve months and literally everyone was sick of the constant shit flooding the system. Trolls had overrun New Suggestions, SFW boards were inundated with child pr0n and servers were crashing faster than a /b/tard cums over his monitor. Requests for technical support were met with the familiar refrain of "fuck you" from the Globals, while GodOfAnon made it his business to personally buttfuck anyone who dared criticize the admin's handling of the situation. In short, AnonIB was descending into a whirling cesspool of fail - and the best part was that absolutely nobody gave a shit.

By February 2009, daily traffic took a sharp nosedive as the malware reached critical mass. AnonIB was blacklisted by both Google and IE due to trojans, pop-ups and related shit, the final result being that users began deserting the site by the hundreds. The entire network became a ghostown overnight; the only boards seeing the slightest profit were those of the "child friendly" variety. As usual, the admin denied any wrongdoing during this treadmill of faggotry, blatantly denying that any problem even existed. Within days, a full-blown flame war broke out on New Suggestions as users demanded improvements and the Globals defended their god-given right to flush AnonIB down the shit-tube.

The standoff came to a head when Mindshit himself weighed in on the argument, stating that the site probably would do better without all the AIDS-infested popups. This seemed to pacify the peons to some degree: n00bs and oldfags alike rejoiced across the entire web, celebrating AnonIB's impending liberation from the malware tyranny. And so matters stood until word got 'round that Mindpoop no longer actually owned the site - and that subsequently, nothing the lying fuck said was worth jack shit at the best of times.

Unknown to everyone, GodofAnon had been in control of The World's Shittiest Chan since December 2008. Like his predecessor, GOA proved to be an arrogant cunt-wad more concerned with sticking blow up his nose than running an imageboard. His first act was to crush the Peon Revolution by erasing everything on the New Suggestions board and posting a general sticky telling the userbase to go fuck itself: "There will ALWAYS be advertisements on AnonIB, you worthless FAGGOTS. This ISN'T a democracy and you DON'T have any say in how this site is run. If you don't like the pop-ups, then that's TOUGH SHIT, isn't it? Download greasemonkey or piss off somewhere else, you whining assholes!!1!!"

AnonIB went offline the following week.

AnonIB Terms of Service

"We support any Board engaged in, promoting, linking to, or having apparent links to the following:

Children under 18 may be posted on any NSFW board. All images must contain nudity; anything else will result in an instant ban."

Staff tolerance of child pornography

A certain shit-tier troll called Party Shacker who terrorized got buttfucked by Renchan/Flatchan (another den of pedophiles) was banned from Teens No Rules for trolling one thread about a pissed off ex-boyfriend who releases pictures of this skater chick he was fucking, then gets posters remorse and begs to have them taken down acting like a faggot.

Massive butthurt naturally ensued, and the troll - Party shaker by name - confronted Judge Dredd in some gay chatroom. Claiming to have a board exploit, Partyfag demanded to have the ban rescinded, "or he'll squeel (sic) about it in IRC." JD replied with "Meh, whatever" and the two proceeded to discuss the joys of child porn:

(09:06:47 PM) AnonJudgeDredd: Well, two things..
(09:06:49 PM) AnonJudgeDredd: one
(09:06:58 PM) AnonJudgeDredd: Youre comment was incorrect
(09:07:03 PM) AnonJudgeDredd: while in theory
(09:07:06 PM) stink_first: thats a matter of opinion
(09:07:09 PM) AnonJudgeDredd: tnr is for teens
(09:07:09 PM) stink_first: but ok
(09:07:15 PM) AnonJudgeDredd: just wait
(09:07:17 PM) stink_first: ok
(09:07:51 PM) AnonJudgeDredd: the nsfw boards cannot contain anyone KNOWN to be under 18, even if they are clothed
(09:07:57 PM) AnonJudgeDredd: thats not my rule
(09:08:06 PM) AnonJudgeDredd: thats the site owner/admin rule
(09:08:14 PM) AnonJudgeDredd: i agree that
(09:08:34 PM) AnonJudgeDredd: the majority of the girls posted are 15-18
(09:08:41 PM) AnonJudgeDredd: and im fine with that
(09:08:43 PM) AnonJudgeDredd: but
(09:08:58 PM) AnonJudgeDredd: if its KNOWN that they are -18, it has to be removed
(09:09:01 PM) AnonJudgeDredd: second
(09:09:11 PM) stink_first: i'm a troll? lol, thanks.
(09:09:18 PM) AnonJudgeDredd: I'll tell mindpoop about the [[windows|software glitch]]

NB: This poorly written section was posted by Party shaker, a self-promoting faggot who will never have sex with a real woman. Party shaker is indisputably one of the biggest homos on the web and suffered a severe case of nerd rage after reading this paragraph. Be sure to drop by the little cocksmoker's article to read up on his epic Bawwwwwfests.

How to Troll AnonIB

Trolling AnonIB's Global Moderators is was almost ridiculously simple. Just go to the New Suggestions Board and do any of the following:

  • Claim that you are an underage girl whose nude photos have been plastered all over one of AnonIB's numerous child pr0n boards. Be very careful not to mention which board or provide any otherwise 'useful' information.
  • Pretend to be Chris L. Hanssen and write a long, childish message complaining that someone is harassing you. Utter chaos will ensue for at least six hours, because everyone absolutely hates this guy (Note: this particular Chris Hanssen is NOT the man with the seat).
  • Post a batshit crazy message threatening legal action if Teens No Rules isn't shut down by last Thursday. Follow up with some samefag replies supporting the idea.
  • Tell Krazypyro he's an illiterate cunt.
  • Announce to the world that the Global Mods are a bunch of lazy, incompetent faggots, then apply for KrazyPyro's job on the grounds that at least you can read English.
  • Complain that the NSFW sites don't load in IE. This will get you banned until the next Ice Age, for some reason.
  • BAAAAWWWWW that you were unfairly banned from some any board. This will generate a lulzfest of titanic proportions.
  • Pretend to be some crapshit DA fan artist whose work has been posted to AnonIB without permission. For extra lulz, say that your copyright notice has been deliberately removed, and that you'll be taking legal action if the pics aren't taken down immediately (NB: be sure to mention that your uncle is a big city lawyer, this is practically mandatory on AnonIB).
  • Report a site bug or have a general question, which will then result in a ban from a neckbeard moderator.


  • May, 2006: AnonIB is founded by Alphabet, in the corner of his dorm room. Site is immediately overwhelmed with pedos and furfags, resulting in intermittent downtime and assorted faggotry.
  • March, 2008: No longer capable of sustaining bandwidth costs, Alphabet hands AnonIB over to online pornographers Mindshit and GOA, who immediately assrape the network with popups and malware.
  • April, 2008: Mindshit makes the stupendous error of changing servers. The new host demands $20,000 a month for bandwidth bills to keep quiet about the child porn. Negotiations fall through, and the hard drives are handed over to the Feds.
  • May 1st, 2008: The New Improved AnonIB returns without backups. Mindshit stated that they got v& and the FBI has their hard drives. Furries, pedofags and everyone else runs for cover, fearing this will spell certain doom for all those who downloaded CP from the site (ie, everybody).
  • May 1st, 2009: Almost one year to the day since the New Improved AnonIB returned under Mindshit, the entire network goes offline once more. A veritable shitstorm erupts across the interweb as furries and pedofags alike bemoan the loss of their sick fuck porno boards. Rumors instantly begin circlating that the Van has blackbagged AnonIB for the second time. GodOfAnon eventually claims that they're simply changing servers to improve quality of service ruin the site beyond all hope of repair.
  • May 5th, 2009: Mindshit has completely killed the site, redirecting all AnonIB addresses to and stated that there will be "no more user created boards" and that "Teens No Rules will not be remade". This means that, effective as of May 5th 2009, AnonIB as it was known is dead and gone. DISREGARD THAT!!! THEY'RE BACK (TEMPORARILY)!!!
  • May 8th, 2009: According to information posted at, AnonIB's daily traffic has been falling steadily since December 2008, took a sharp nosedive around February 2009, and is now at an all-time low with the site completely offline. Appears that that GodofAnon and The Butthurt Squad are determined to drive the entire site into the sewer by the end of the year. Well, that's only to be anticipated: what else can one expect from an admin composed entirely of trolls and faggots?
  • May 14th, 2009: More AnonIB faggotry: the transfer is finally complete, the boards are back up - and site is STILL complete and utter SHIT. Despite GOA's assurances of a MASSIVE IMPROVEMENT under the new servers, absolutely nothing has changed. In fact, things seem even worse than before: boards are twice as slow, images aren't uploading and the whole fucking site has been vanishing for hours at a time! Fighting a losing battle here, guise. This has to be one of the most spectacular examples of EPIC FAIL ever seen on the intertubez.
  • August 16th, 2009: Unnamed scriptkiddies mounted a successful raid against AnonIB; hacked in via an exploit and deleted fucking everything!! Literally thousands of boards were fragged in a matter of hours leaving millions of furries and pedofags homeless in the ensuing chaos. The hackers originally claimed they were from 420chan, but the most likely suspect is Ebaums. GOA immediately reacted to the encroaching lollercaust by sticking blow up his nose for the next 48 hours. In the meantime, hundreds of desperate furfags tried to set up new boards, but the hackers continued raeping the site into oblivion. The final result of this online clusterfuck was fail of almost indescribable proportions. To quote the invaders: "Although everything was deleted, nothing of value was lost."
  • December 10th, 2009: After BAWWWWWING an ocean of tears it appears the moralfags have won. Global admins have stated that any more questionable content will result in the server being fragged. Sounds like someone is going to need new hosting, AMIRITE?
  • March 11th, 2010: Site is "down for maintenance".
  • March 13th, 2010: brings up a 404 error.
  • March 16th, 2010: All boards can be viewed but attempting to reply to any thread results in a 403 forbidden error.
  • March 21st, 2010: Looks like the place is fucked.
  • March 27th, 2010: Attempts to access the site resault in a failed connection, much BAWWWINGG by pedofags and furries ensues.
  • Evening of March 27th, 2010: Above's attempts to access site are fail. It seems to be up. Also, people who complain about Linkbucks obviously don't know how to use GreaseMonkey and the Linkbucks Skipper Script.
  • November 8th, 2010, The site is down yet again, this time, kicked off yet another host because of CP complaints.
  • August 1st, 2011: Holy shit it's back up. Time to fill it up once again with some good pr0n.
  • October 8th, 2011: Gone without any explanation.
  • October 13th, 2011: Back again, all images intact. Yay!
  • December 5th, 2011: Down. After AnonIB disk space became full, they migrated servers. While doing so, the host saw nudes and suspected they were CP rather than legal camwhores. It's unknown if the owner is changing host or closing doors.
  • December 12th, 2011: They are working on it. Had problems with backups, DDOS and hackers. Have posted a poll regarding the direction AnonIB should take.
  • December 18th, 2011: They´re almost finished with moving to their new host. To stay tuned is advised.
  • January 1st, 2012: After a few days of not-working, visitors are greeted with the message "We´re almost finished with moving to our new host! Stay tuned!"
  • January 2nd, 2012: "Default Web Site Page", whatever that is.
  • January 4th, 2012: Front page can't be accessed, but the boards can be directly accessed. However, new posts can't be made and all content past December 23rd, 2011 is gone.
  • January 14th, 2012: Unsurprisingly, the site has died again.
  • January 23rd, 2012: Whoever is running the site now really has no idea what they're doing.
  • January 24th, 2012: Turns out AnonIB is run by an aspies-ridden retard who speaks broken aspies-ridden Engrish. Also noteworthy, partial dox on AnonIB owner discovered: AnonIB Matt [email protected], Amsterdam, Ilica, 0000, AL,Phone: +355.996664777
  • May 8th, 2012: Aaaaaand it's down again.
  • March 1st, 2014: It's gone for good, now redirects to a celeb foot fetish site.

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