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AnokChan (pronounced "an-okay" chan, but most dandys pronounce it "an-knock" chan) is an anarchist imageboard created in 2010 to give space for anarchist trolls that were flaming Anarchist News with images and memes. The administrator, worker, had enough of images in the comments of the articles, so shut them down and pointed the trolls to AnokChan. While the trolls never stopped lurking, some with a small understanding of image manipulation took up worker on their offer.

Since then, AnokChan has become the launching grounds for trolling its mother site and its users. Considered the Avant-Garde of the anarchist movement, AnokChan rightfully claims the crown of the Situationist International, which only posers like Adbusters and Crimethinc could only dream of placing on their recuperating heads. However, the dandys (these cocksuckers really like to be called "dandys") lack the force of will to strike at the real enemy, Infoshop News. They know once this left anarchist haven has collapsed, the whole of society will crumble to dust and they will have AN-AR-KEYS!!!111one

AnokChan are known collaborators with several terrorist groups, such as the Informal Anarchist Federation (FAI), Deep Green Resistance Resistance (DGRR), the Red and Anarchist Action Network (RAAN) and the Black Bloc Society (BBS). These groups are known for their violence and mayhem worldwide, making AnokChan the most powerful force influencing IRL trolling into the serious business of destroying all the things! They aim to destroy all laws for lulz! If not that, then perhaps they will get everyone thrown in prison, which is also pretty funny.

AnokChan users are known to promote: the destruction of everything, political prisoner nude calendars, black baby adoption, throwing newspaper boxes into the streets and attacking women from behind. While some dandys like to consider themselves egoists or nihilists, other anarchists consider them to be manarchists, butt fuck them.


A long time user of AnokChan DDoS'd Anarchist News early in 2013, just because they could. This totally undermined the threat anarchists pose on the dominant order (because it also shut down AnokChan), so the long time user stopped so others could marvel at their (anarchists don't have genders, because it is authoritarian and they have no balls) hacker skillz! The trolls silently applauded their power, striking terror into their ally's hearts. Some day, they will take down their enemy, Infoshop News!

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