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Anne Wheaton = infected with GOTIS
You can help by not giving her any attention.

The nerdiest thing she's ever done is Wil Wheaton

There is only one thing more lulzworthy than being a washed up 80s child actor and that's being married to one. Anne Wheaton is the wife of notorious cuckoldry enthusiast Wil Wheaton AKA that kid from 'Stand by Me' AKA the Jar Jar Binks of Star Trek. She is also a retired hairdresser and currently runs a blog. She has two children from a man who is not Wil Wheaton, who Wil helped raise and eventually adopted one of them. The non-adopted son probably once teased him with the phrase "shut up, Wesley" and refused to denounce his white privilege, so Wil likely blocked him on Twitter and from his life.

Anne Wheaton is also a self-proclaimed nerd who wears shirts labeling her as such and her twitter bio used to read "Accepting that I'm more of a nerd than I thought, one piece of technology at a time."

Anne and Gamergate

Anne gained attention from Twitter when she tweeted a photo of a poster at the Calgary Expo that read "Cosplay does not equal consent" which led to a flurry of tweets she considered "threats" (one included Navy Seal Copypasta). Because a few of these accounts had "Gamergate" hashtagged in their Twitter bio and because she takes advice from her SJW cuck husband, Anne made the blanket assertion that everyone associated with Gamergate is verbally abusive internet bully. Soon after, Anne made a tweet declaring that she would donate $1 to Feminist Frequency for every negative comment she received. She capped the donation at $1000, because the funds were severely cutting into their Ramen Noodle budget. In her blog she mentions the worst of the tweets which "was a series of 4 tweets from one person claiming to be a sniper who planned to “wipe [me] the fuck out with precision.” Not recognizing the popular copypasta meme, she took it seriously and filed a harassment report to her local police. Later, she quit Twitter forever for a few days and stated in a lengthy blog post called The Long Goodbye that it was because "it just isn’t fun anymore, so I need to walk away from it and that’s okay."

Cucked Crusher

Anne Wheaton has probably cucked Will many times in the past but was confirmed for cucking Will in 2013. In a photo op with Nathan Fillion, Anne had given him her number and like any real man, Nathan did not bother remembering the name of the cheap whore. Bored, Nathan realized the whore he met from earlier was also bad at writing. This intrigued him, not because a whore wouldn't be bad at writing but because this particular whore could not properly write a 6 or 8. He had to meet this whore in order to investigate further. And so he asked on twitter:

Nathan 6 or 8.png

His gambit paid off. Like most sluts, she was actively monitoring him on twitter waiting for any sign of acknowledgement. Finally he could arrange a meeting with her and discuss her writing problems, probe her for answers and find out how could she mess up writing the number 8. No doubt Wil had absolutely no problems with this meeting occurring. As can be seen almost a week later, he wrote about their meeting on his blog:

Only true cuckolds cement their cuckoldry with a professional photo op
Yes this is real

With the big picture in mind and with the cuckold's own testimony, one can see that Wil may have had this photo arrangement planned behind her back, but it was her that covertly gave Nathan her number. Demonstrating his further cuckoldedness, he lives out his fantasy of being dominated by a real man through her and by becoming friends with him. In his own words, "he's really good people," which is probably cuckspeak and what most cucks say about the bulls they're privileged to meet. Nathan can probably see that Anne and Wil are made for each other. Both are loathsome beings who can't write properly.

Some would say that this actually happened differently and Wil planned the entire thing. Like any true cuckold, Wil would take great joy in arranging the entire thing as well as being there to watch. Thus, it's possible that Wil either wrote the note and had her give it to him or she wrote it, wanted Nathan's filling, and Wil obliged by telling him to sweep her off her feet. We may never know the true story.

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